CBS “The Briefcase”: How much money would you keep? How much would you give away?

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If you suddenly came into a large sum of money, how much would you keep and how much would you share with complete strangers? That’s the premise of The Briefcase (premiering Wednesday, May 27, at 8pm ET/PT) on CBS. In this new reality series, hardworking American families experiencing financial setbacks are presented with a briefcase full of money. They can keep all of the money for themselves, or give all or part of it to another family in need. Each week, two families have 72 hours to learn details about each other’s challenging circumstances and decide what to do with $101,000. But what they don’t know is that the other family received an identical briefcase with the same instructions.

The May 27 premiere episode presents briefcases to the Bergin family from Matthews, N.C., and the Bronson family from Manchester, N.H. The Bergins are owners of a struggling ice cream vending business. Dave Bronson is an injured Iraq War veteran, and he and his wife are expecting their second child.  

In the June 3 episode, the Scott family from Mechanicsville, Md., must decide between keeping the $101,000 to pay for a child adoption and helping the Musolinos. The Musolino family from Fuquay-Varina, N.C., spends most of the year in different states due to John’s fishing job. They see this an opportunity to secure their children’s future and bring the family together, but they also want to help the Scotts realize their dream of becoming parents.

CBS The Briefcase

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  1. CBS is not exploiting the poor ,they are helping people,the details on the show is called life. The critics should be a shamed of themselves.That’s exactly what’s wrong with this country,people are to busy being envious of one another instead of helping each other.PLEASE CBS,KEEP THIS SHOW ON AND KEEP CHANGING LIVES FOR THE BETTER!!!!!!If you don’t like it ,don’t watch it!!!!!

  2. I would love to be on the show ,my wife and have been living with my mother for the last five years since I lost my job after 16 years.My wife broke her back in two places back in 2010 so she is unable to work. Like I said we would love to help another family but I know my family need I lifting up too. Prays God!!!! Amen to you all!!!!

  3. Well I would give Ten percent, which that is what God tells me but once I found out the details about the other family and the struggles it would wind up being way than ten thousand!!! I just love the show “The Briefcase” ,what a blessed show.Best show I have seen come a long since touched by an angel.

  4. I dont know where to begin.i been married to my husband for 22yrs he my world.he does construction & he hard worker.they say if u marry someone that does construction that he wont work on your own & that is the truth.we have. never been on a vaction.i have two grown children & 5 grandchildren.i would love to set up a trust fund for them all.cause when i pass i have nothing to give them.i was a waitress & a one on one aide with a mentally challenge girl until she passed.i am q animal lover.i shattered my foot so its hard to stand long hours.i would live to just fix my home so i can say i have a home, go vaction,pay bills & back taxes and set up a fund for kids & my dream is to have a animal sanctuary to where challenge kids can come & visit them.please im begging help us.thank you so much shelly

  5. If were was any way please can I get on the show briefcase I need to very much my Adam Adkison I live in Sparta tn 38583 cell 931-XXX-4400 I am need to get my house paid off I draw Social Security disability and I am barely making it so please help me

  6. On Alaska’s Bush family or whatever the hell the name of that is to those members of the Brown family that are on camera today get paid ? If so do you know how much?

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