Dance Moms Australia special Part 2 recap: Abby whines and Nia shines

dance-moms-nia-glows Lori Acken

Why didn’t any of you warn me that Dance Moms is already back June 9, Dance Moms nation? I know you knew before I did, because you always know things before I do, even I get paid to know the things. And here I was looking forward to at least a handful of relaxing summer Tuesdays after we wrap up our Australian adventures and head off to further torment in L.A. But noooooo.

Speaking of noooooo, that’s about how much fun Abby wants the girls to have before getting back down to business. A little snuggling koalas and that is enough.


A little snuggling and trying to steal their hold-still bribery food.

The reason we’re too busy to snuggle any further is because we must learn a group number for a big exhibition dealie in which The Chosen Ones — Kalani, Kendall, Mack and Maddie — will perform and Nia and JoJo will not. Because Abby does not want to spend her vacation with people she thinks are icky.

To salute their host country, Abby has worked up a dance that honors something Australian that she and all of America hold dear: Mad Max movies. Yes, those. The ones in which Mel Gibson runs down a variety of post-apocalyptic bad guys and girls in epically bloody fashion. Most assuredly a staple of all preteen girls’ sleepovers, right along with Carrie and The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.


So anyway. Where’d those koalas go?

And Kalani, Melissa wants to know. Abby says she was excused to spend the day with her mom. The usual exception-taking happens by the usual exception-taking people and Holly reiterates that they will be doing Nia’s concert thing with Mikey Minden just in case any one wants to take exception to that.

The Chosen Ones mothers say they will be too busy to attend. Jess chimes in that she’s appreciative that no further mean-girl videos have transpired. Jill says that’s just how the girls included JoJo in the event.

JoJo says she was all “Wait.”




“I thought you were my friend.”


But then she got over it. She knows how life goes.
And also this happened …




We’re all bros now.
Learn from the children, mothers.

Melissa just wants to be normal. Good luck with that, dear. No, I’m not picking on you. That’s how I include you.

Since she’s got nothing to lose, Jess decides to call Abby out about whose mistakes she punishes and whose mistakes she does not. A wildlife sanctuary seems like a perfectly reasonable place to have this conversation. Jill says Jess needs to get used to it — Maddie is untouchable.

The next day we’re at a “dance facility” in Adelaide — Mikey Minden and the Fraziers in one room, Abby and the Chosen Ones in another. Wait. Where does JoJo get to go? JoJo goes with Nia. She’ll do a special dance breakdown in Nia’s concert.



Or not.


Holly tries to make introductions between Mikey and Abby and Abby brushes him off, mentioning their mutual friend Robin (I’m guessing Antin, who did time on Abby’s Ultimate) and moving right along.

When Holly and Mikey are safely out of the room, Abby sniggers that there must not be much work in L.A. if the Mindenmeister carted his butt all the way over here for Nia. Jill’s mad that Holly and JoJo didn’t invite their kids to take part in their thing that they’re doing because they weren’t invited to take part in the other thing. Abby says it’s because their girls would show Nia and JoJo up. Jill persists. Why couldn’t Holly make the event to which she and Nia were not invited take precedent over the higher-profile dealie she whipped up in its place so the Chosen Ones were not made to feel left out? You’re laughing at me right now, Jeff Collins. I. Just. Know. It.



It just gets worse for Jill. Noticing that Kalani is not there again, she asks Abby for some ‘splainin’ and gets back that Kalani is the star of the dance and not doing this part that they’re rehearsing, so just shut up. Jill says that is not fair, either. Australia is hard, Jill. It just is.

But not for all of us. Let’s werk. In nothing-but-positive fashion.


Jess notes that Mikey is never on his phone during rehearsal. Cut to Abby banging away on her phone, while Melissa and Holly talk about how unlike Holly it is to be blatantly left out of something an, instead of taking it like a left out champ, just all striking out on her own. And not just that, doing something bigger and better. Without their permission. What a monster.

Also doesn’t she know this affects the team, because when we get to L.A., we have to be a united team and how is that going to happen if Jess and Holly aren’t at the event they aren’t invited to and also that Melissa warned them not to even come near?

Excuse me one moment. (Fills wine glass. Empties it in one gulp.)
OK, I’m back.

As if on cue, Holly and Jess show up in the ALDChosen room to get themselves some grief. Abby asks if Mikey Minden is going to send her a gift, because if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be in Australia. Holly says his working with one of her students is his gift to her, and a big one at that. So nyah.

Abby counters with this: “Your kids just flew around the world and held a koala today because you are piggybacking on my event. You are here because I am here.” They are here and holding a koala because the show is here. Abby herself wanted them to stay home. Said so herself.

Next day, Kira and Kalani are back at practice. Jill says Kira “allowed Kalani to come to practice” and she does appear to be doing the self-same moves the others are doing, so who knows the truth about why Kalani wasn’t there early. But I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of opinions.

Outside, Captain Potstirrer brings Kira up to speed on the “how dare Holly divide the ALDC team that excluded them in the first place” discussion and we get our most interesting editing of the day thus far. When Melissa says she doesn’t know if they’ll make it to Nia’s concert, Kira — who appeared to be on Jill and Melissa’s side — suddenly blurts, “Poor me, poor me, go whine to somebody else because I don’t give a sh*t. Ya did it to yourself! “ I think she was supposed to be hypothesizing about Holly’s feelings if they didn’t showup, but it ended up looking like she was telling Jill and Melissa to suck it up and lie in the bed they made with Abby. Which makes far more sense. But if you don’t care, JC Executive Producer Superstar, then neither do I.

At Mikey’s studio, Mikey introduces the girls to his team and tells them it’s time to get serious because you only get one chance to make a first impression and show time looms.

At Abby’s practice, she tells the girls they need to dance like manly men. Then she says that Maddie, Mack and Kendall already got to hold the koalas last year, so she gave Kira and Kalani a little more time to catch up on their Australia tourism.

Jill says, well, they should have done it on their own time.
I Dream Of Gisoni says Kira really just wanted to hang with her boyfriend, so there. Er, that is where you got the inspiration for this ‘do, isn’t it?


Taking a break, Nia and JoJo talk about the infamous Ireland video. JoJo says she sorta believes the girls are sorry for what they said and sorta not. But she knows Nia is a true friend.

In the ALDC practice room, Abby is unraveling, ranting about hair thingies and street clothes and other incidentals. She takes a moment for herself, then comes back and tells the girls that even though this isn’t a competition, they have to act like it is. Jill says if they biff the dance, it’s all Kalani’s fault. Wait, I thought it was Holly’s. I thought everything was Holly’s fault.

Well, anyway. At Federation Square, Mikey gives Nia and Holly their first look at the stage and a giant billboard over it that is flashing Nia’s face and name.



Good on ya, kid. And mother.

Nia and JoJo run through a super-fun-looking practice and they and their moms get a look at the ins and outs of putting on a real show. It’s a lot.

Jill keeps right on bitching.
Abby says Holly is shooting herself in her foot. Hollywood wants kids to look like kids.



At the exhibition, Abby and the girls pose for photos and sell swag and then Jill gets her extra-special wish. Jess and Holly come strolling in and the team is united once more when. Let’s try something new and pick on Kira’s “Us Day” instead. That should unite us. Kira says that Nia and Holly took a Them Day, too. … … Well that was fun. Leave now, Jess and Holly.

Holly says she hopes the goodwill gesture is enough to make the rest of the ALDC team show up for Nia’s concert.

As Nia gets ready for her performance, Holly tells her to use this day to rise above Abby’s attempts to keep her from achieving her true potential and become Nia Sioux, an artist in her own right. Then we call up Aubrey O’Day Recording Artist for a pep talk. Aubrey pretty much nails it.



Even though we’ve touted the exhibition as being “all eyes in Australia on the ALDC,” the unspecified venue hall looks about 8 rows deep with people sitting shoulder to shoulder in folding chairs, most of them not old enough to know who Mad Max is either.

The dance itself is a mix of leaping and power poses and Abby is happy with it. She says she can’t wait to get home to go Mad Max on L.A.

JoJo and Nia talk about whether they want the others to show up. JoJo thinks they want to, but they’re too scared of Abby to do it.

Abby is not going to like these outfits, little children.


In the Fountain Square audience, a sea of girls are screaming and crying and waiting to snap photos of their heroines. Holly says it sure would be nice to share this experience with friends.

Oh lookie. No one saw this coming … not a one of us, no sir.


The gang’s all here. The girls aren’t here — too busy signing autographs and posing for photos. But the moms are. Holly says she’s verklempt at the gesture. We’re all bros now.

Onstage, Nia looks like a veritable baby Janet Jackson and performs with confidence and panache. JoJo jojos the bejesus out of her guest-starring role. A couple audience members get their ten seconds of fame, boogying up the aisle and into the camera.

And BAM!


Nia has something to say to her fans real quick: Be yourself. Star in your life. Walk it out. JoJo wants to know who has a bow in.

Mikey Minden says his mind is blown. Nia rocked it like stars with multiple times her experience. Nia positively glows.


And that is as good a place to end as I can think of.

Next on Dance Moms, everyone is frowning, Abby plays guess-what’s-in-my-purse, Kendall’s video premieres at Universal Studios and Nia is working with Coco Jones.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Mad Max as group number? Is it cool to take an Us Day or is there no us in, uh, team? Do you think Jill even knows what Jill is talking about any more? Would you play a dollar to see Abby actually eat a eucalyptus leaf? And most importantly, did Nia’s triumphant ending make up for 4.5 seasons of woe? Sound off in the comments section below.



  1. It’s actually funny how jealous Jill and Melissa are of Nia. Melissa is just jealous because Maddie isn’t the center of attention. Heaven forbid one of the other girls get to be in the spotlight for a hot minute, and that includes Mackenzie. Jill’s rant about how it wasn’t fair that Holly scheduled Nia’s show the same day as the ALDC event and how she didn’t invite the other ALDC girls to be apart of it literally made me laugh out loud. Does she not realize how stupid, not to mention hypocritical she looks? Abby has made Jill (and Kendall) all of these false promises that she can’t keep. If Jill thinks that Abby is the “music producer” that will get Kendall to superstar status, she’s even more stupid than I originally thought. When Holly saw that Abby wasn’t going to do anything to benefit Nia, she went out and found someone who has already succeeded in the business. Aside from the professional dancers Abby says she has produced who are on Broadway and whatnot, can anyone name any celebrity that she has produced anything for that has been successful? Jill is so worried about pissing Abby off because she doesn’t want her to turn on Kendall, but I don’t understand why. Abby has no clout in show business and from what I’ve observed, she has made a lot of enemies and burnt a lot of bridges. Jill just can’t stand that she stuck by Abby and took all of her crap for nothing. I won’t even get into the double standard…or should I say the Maddie standard. If Maddie does it, it’s fine. She can dance half naked with a grown man who is also half naked, but it’s ok y’all, it’s art. Yes Abby, Maddie really looked like a little girl in all of those Sia videos. They weren’t too grown up for her at all.

    Oh, and I also loved when Jill had her spiel about how Holly will obviously do whatever it takes to get Nia to the top or whatever…excuse me, but multiple times Jill has said something along the lines of “I will do whatever I have to, to make sure my little girl is on top.” Her and Melissa are perfect for each other and their kids are turning out the same way their mothers are. At least Kendall made it seem like her apology was sincere even if it wasn’t. Maybe it was the editing, but Maddie’s apology was basically non-existent. So proud of Nia and Jojo. Never thought I’d say this, but I’ve become very fond of Jojo and Jess.

    One last thing, to the person who said everyone has forgotten about Chloe, Brooke and Paige since they left the show…please count how many times just within these comments alone people have said they would love a show with those three girls, or just mention how much they miss them in general. But yeah, you’re right, everyone has forgotten about them because Dance Moms is the be all, end all.

  2. Bravo Lori, Bravo! Another fine recap. I missed the actual show, oh yeah….I don’t watch the actual show anymore, I just read your hilarious recaps. Though I might try it with a bottle of wine and try it “on demand”. Now if they would just enable fast forwarding again I’d be much happier.

    • Thanks, Kerry! Drinksies with the Lorsies! Everyone’s invited. Like invited-invited. Like, really.

      • Drinksies with Lorsies….

        I thought you said you weren’t sharin the wine….

        Wait…What (Jojo hair flip) I thought you were my friend….(Sits Maddie-esque crumpled heap on the floor style)

        • I take back what I said. Here’s your own bottle and a straw. *stalks off stage without looking back*

          • You guys can share the wine. I’m not sharing my giant pink & white cookie with anyone. *Gloats from atop the pyramid*

  3. I was actually stunned that Abby, Melissa, Jill and Kira stood around wondering why Nia didn’t include their girls in her performance. I mean..DUH! Remember, Abby? You excluded them. You made it well known in both episode 1 and 2 of this Australia fiasco, that Holly, Nia, Jess and JoJo were NOT invited and just tagged along (like Lifetime didn’t plan the trip and pay for all the tickets). I mean do they really think that we are all that dumb? Abby is so desperate to make Nia look like a bad person that she stood there and sniped at her like she was 13 (junior high age) too and hadn’t been invited to Nia’s birthday party. I mean…SHEESH! Jill…they didn’t include Kendall because she was busy with Abby’s business. Melissa…same thing! Kira…who cares…she doesn’t care about any of this. She is along just because she wants Kilani on the show so her talent can be showcased. That Abby would actually stand there and say that Nia’s video was bad and that her choreographer was bad. Jill asking that stupid question about ‘Who flies their choreographer across the world?’ Jill…every performer out there. Jill has become a joke. A tattler. Nyaa Nyaa…Holly and Nia are mean cuz they weren’t supposed to have fun or do anything good since we left them out. Boohoo…now they are doing something better. Gah!

    I was so happy for Nia. It went really well. I think that she was basically singing along with the recording of her song when she could. There was that moment when she and JoJo were dancing together that she didn’t even pretend to be singing, yet her voice was still going on. It’s OK, though. That is what all dancing performers to. Even Madonna. It is just too difficult to have a good sound while you are out of breath from dancing full out. It’s been an industry standard since dancing became a requirement for most singers.

    In the previews of the ‘summer season’ we see Abby calling Nia a traitor in front of an audience while standing next to Nia. I wonder if that really happened or if it was a sound bite designed to make people watch. Like her saying that Nia’s video should have never been released. Saw it many times leading up to the show, but not during the show.

    Not sure if I’m going to tune in for the ‘summer season’ but will probably end up watching just because of the train wreck aspect. I hope that Nia keeps ticking Abby off. It is really a great way of her getting her own back. I squinched a little bit when Nia said that she wanted Abby to see that she was a superstar now. She is doing well, but I wouldn’t go quite to ‘superstar’ yet. Holly needs to be supportive but not to overdo it. I think Nia has the best shot of having a singing career after all of this is said and done. I don’t see Kendall or Mackenzie going much farther with their stuff. I hope that Nia keeps working with all the people that make Abby mad. The people that won’t work with her anymore. It is poetic justice.

  4. I am for anything that has Abby totally falling apart and the world starting to treat her like she treats her students. She is not a nice person and deserves to be made to look at herself. I still don’t understand why the Moms let their kids be treated like this. I forsee years and years of counseling ahead for these girls. GO NIA GO!

  5. I love abby… she is over protective over her girls…

    children that are exposed to this kind of media desperation exposure at such an early age… is really sad…

    Over exposure is not good for our young children, they have to be role models to our younger generation…

    I feel sorry for Nia… Her mom Holly is desperate for recognition…

    and they may result in over exposure at an early age… which most people in holy wood don’t know how to handle it…

    Holly is living through her daug. Her daug. Nia is living Hollys Life, not her own…

    a 13 YEAR old on a video with having men in underwear showing how big their bundle is… is super sad…

    Her father should have an active say in his daughter carrier clearly poor Holly… with her intelligence ranting and raging is screaming for attention and she sounds desperate keep it classy, holly… you May know a lot of famous people…

    Most famous people don’t know how to handle their famous lives they wind out suicidal, easy target or super depressed…

    be careful what you wish fore… Holly

    Nia is beautiful, Very talented, She has a lot to live for…

    I love abby, she knows what she is doing… Every one hates her because she has a natural gift for talent…
    Don’t hate on abby… I feel sorry for the haters… compassion and love for their ignorance…

    Don’t hate the competition if abbey is better than you all handle it in a classy manner…

    Women are so disgusting I should feel embarrassed for this kind of negative behavior… being exposed on tv.

    WE all should be able to use Gods given intelligence for constructive conflict resolution other coaches are so trashy…

    Go abby keep up the good work.

    • Why is “Dance Moms” being used to promote Nia’s dream, or should we say Holly’s fantasy. I watch Dance Moms to see the ALDS girls dance and compete. True and natural talent. It’s a shame Nia couldn’t shine using that, instead Holly had to pay for her moment in the spot light, all made up and “sexed” up to get her daughter noticed. What happened to the respected classy Holly we saw in previous seasons? I thought Christy and Kelly were bad, nothing compared to the new Holly. After watching this episode it doesn’t even seem like Nia is half as excited or wanting this as Holly. Kick them off the team Abby, they are clearly no longer a part of the team and are only being tolerated because of people’s loyalty to you. Brooke, Paige and Chloe outshined Nia with their dancing and other talents and where are they now?!?! Without your shirt tail to leech on to they are all forgotten. Enjoy your minute in the Spotlight Holly.

      • You could make the same comment about all the girls. Why is Dance Mom’s being used to promote MackZ or Kendall’s singing dream or Jill and Melissa’s fantasy???? I find it interesting that you single out Holly but fail to mention the other girls.
        I don’t see the problem with the show being used to promote the girls dreams…if it was not for the show Maddie would not have been in the Sia videos and everything that came with that. With everything that these girls put up with on this show….letting them showcase their dreams within it is the least the producers can do for them.

        • “Olga” and “Ingo” are personal friends of Abby’s (or Abby herself)pretending to be unbiased viewers. It’s not only obvious, it’s pathetic.

    • I don’t understand all the love for Abby. Did you see that episode in which Abby tells Jess to crawl up her ass. Then she continues to say show your daughter how to do it and at the same time kiss it. If we are going to bring God into this, I don’t think God he would approve of this. The majority of the people highly dislike Abby, not because she trains well, but for her filthy disgusting mouth. It is not the first time she speaks this way. Abby also likes to make fun of these little girls looks and speech impediments. I don’t think its her job to say that anyone has big ears or long skinny ugly arms. I don’t think Abby looks in the mirror

  6. I wish there was a spinoff show with Nia, JoJo, Chloe, Paige and Brooke with a better instructor than Abby . I think she would literally blow a fuse and go postal on someone if she was to see them have any kind of success and recognition for there hard work

  7. My favorite part in the last two episodes was when Abby ate twelve pastries and when she stole the koala bear food. On the other hand :#1 those girls didn’t mean their apology. #2 nia and JoJo were great. #3 Abby is still disgusting because of her behavior, last weeks ass comment, her jealousy etc. #4 Jill is such a two face hypocrite. # 4 Kira is such a low class idiot. And #5 mellisa was married when she left with her boyfriend. According to the other dance moms comments. #5 I’m getting tired of the two lap dogs ( mellisa and Jill). What comes out of their stupid mouth doesn’t make sense. Their hypocrisy and jealousy Is so transparent. I guess Melissa is upset because maddie is not getting all the attention. It is obvious why Jill is upset ex: video.# 6 why does holly want them present at Nia’s performance? Why did holly hug them and said I love? What is wrong with holly? Was it a brain fart?. #7 I saw a U-tube video that shows Jill and mellisa with a microphone right before Nia’s performance. They were talking to the audience like it was their show. Jill also pushed one of the teenagers. The video is called ” Jill pushed me”. # 8 all I learned from this episode was not to eat in front of Abby. #9 excuse my grammar and mistakes, I have a one year old pulling on my leg.LOL

  8. Let’s have some fun and do a review of where all of the adults are coming from. Of course we will start with the negative moms.

    Melissa – The production crew has made her into the town idiot. Her appearance has gone downhill and the connection between her mind and her face is done. It’s all about the team but doesn’t react to things Abby says that is clearly dividing the team in half. (And I don’t think I need to remind people of Christi and Kelly!) She is just along for the ride!!!

    Jill – In the back of my mind I always think of Jill as not being an ‘original’ Dance Mom, but she sure wants to be the queen mother and set the rules for others. Her logic was not good to start with and has just dropped off the deep end when Kendall got her video. She wants Kendall in Nia’s outside events, but has not included any of the girls in Kendall’s events. Again, she is all about the team and how it is divided, but does nothing to unite them. She blames Holly for seeking other opportunities that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH Dance Moms. The production crew has made her into miss negative Nellie.

    Kira – She has been used to start some conversations and to comment here and there. I like that she is confident in Kalani’s talent and does not seek out conflict. I am VERY worried about the direction the show is headed regarding her parenting and relationship with her boyfriend. As long as Kalani is doing her job let Kira alone!
    Jess – A little crazy when we first saw her on AUDC with Jojo. She is actually the quickest mind and is fact based in her responses. A great mom who has achieved a good balance between pushing her child and letting Abby (and other choreographers) mold Jojo. She does well not to get overly emotional when in an argument.

    Holly – I have noticed that Holly cannot hold a grudge with anyone. She is always seeking a solution for everyone. A passionate fighter when needed (we seen a little too much of this in the past several shows) but someone who always sees the positive in every situation. Her and Nia are committed to the ALDC but are expanding their opportunities with other projects.

    Abby – Abby is playing her role in front of the camera. A lot of one liners for effect and the ‘you would not be here if I hadn’t chosen you’ line. (I think that this is the retread of the Christi/Kelly discussions.) Behind the senses the girls let the comments rolls off their backs and focus on how Abby/Gianna are preparing them to be professional dancers. If it takes some controversy to keep Dance Moms on TV than you go Abby!!!

    Some quick comments on the girls. MackZ – bored, tired?, blah Maddie – its’ all about the dance, glad to see her getting more time to comment during the show Kendall – always looks like a deer in the headlights, the show is setting her up as the target, don’t listen to mom but say focused on you and not Nia Kalani – just having fun, enjoys dancing with other talented kids, not a clear direction in her career Jojo – is maturing, has the IT factor, just fun to watch Nia – grounded, gifted with a vision of what she wants to be

  9. Ok Lori, so let me get this straight….

    So Jill and Mellissa and Abby and Kira are mad at Holly for not asking their girls to perform an event that they had to orchestrate in the first place because they originally excluded from the other event and told not to come near it so it won’t cause a scene?


    (side note) Have we or have we not reached the top level of Abby trying to make Holly and Nia feel like jerks for doing this video, and then the is Mikey going to give her a gift basket, and the reason the other girls shouldn’t be in the Nia performance was because they’d be too good? I mean…just…pass it Lori..pass the wine because all the moms sans Holly and Jess were startin to make your girl over here twitch with uneasiness and haterism!

  10. While I can appreciate the hard work that went into preparing for Nia’s show, again, the same focus should have been put into the sound as the dancing. I could barely hear her vocals at all. If you’ve ever been to a live concert, you would know that the microphones have to be turned on in order to be able to hear the person/people performing. Now I can hear what’s coming next “Nia can’t sing so they didn’t turn her mic on very loud and focused on the dancing”….and if that’s true, that her vocals weren’t strong enough, then they could have had her lip synch (yup, lots of artists do it in live performances) to her original track. I’ve heard the track as well and again, you can’t hear the vocals. I want for Nia to be successful as a performer/singer, but if her “team” is going to be serious about this, they need to make sure her product is marketable, and right now I don’t think it is. Too bad, she busts her tail in every single thing she does, and is an amazing performer, but I don’t think she’s ready to go the next level.

    • I agree. She is a nice girl, and a good preformer but her voice is nothing special, not yet anyway. Even though I think Nia and kendall have equal okay voices I actual like Kendall’s song more, because at least you can hear her voice, it annoys me that I cant hear what Nia is singing. I also believe she was lip syncing at the concert (which is understandable) because it didn’t sound “live” to me, but just like the soundtrack.
      All that aside I’m so happy for Nia, for finally getting some spotlight. I really wish the mothers would have brought their kids with them, because I think it would have meant a lot for Nia.

      • Kendall’s song is too bubble-gum-ish, the little girls out there will like it, and the pre-pubescent boys will love her, but that’s about it, she has no staying power. From what I heard of Nia in other videos, her voice is very strong and mature, she just needs a little training and fine-tuning…notice I said FINE-tuning, not auto-tuning LOL.

      • Nia did sing live, but they dubbed over it for the show. There was too much screaming to hear the live sound. If you look up her performance on YouTube you’ll hear the loud screaming…but there’s also a rehearsal video of it where you can actually hear her.

        • I’ve seen the youtube performance, that was nothing that a good soundcheck technician couldn’t fix. If they’re going to spend that type of money on a show of that calibre, at least make it technically correct. And even if they did dub it for the show, you still couldn’t hear the vocals, therein lies the problem.

    • I agree, Abby has separated the team. I commend Holly for taking charge of Nia’s future. Jill and Melissa seem to have the most negative things to say. Melissa flat out let Holly and Jess know it was not okay for them to appear at any of their events. Holly is being the bigger person and inviting everyone to Nia’s events.

      • thank u Nicole, and any future comments that are good, positive comments for nia and Holly, abbey has been bashing Nia and Holly from day one, I don’t understand why Holly keeps her child in ALDC, I am sure abbey’s comments hurt to the bone, heck they hurt me, I cry for nia. tonight’s episode was great. Good job Holly, abbey wont support her, and demeans her, downgrades her talent and just darn right mean. Abbey if u r upset with Holly, why take it out on Nia? that is between two adults, what does it look like a grown adult, arguing with a child, it is actually borderline abuse..and calling her a traitor? Really abby…I just have one question and I have been feeling this ever since I have been watching dance moms. Are u racist? and lets keep this clear, I am asking, not slandering. Ever since this show has been on air, there has only been one black child on your team, and u give her and her mom hell.. It seems u only have problems with the black moms/dancers and they never get to stay on the team.. hmmm, I think I’ve said to much getting angry, I luv the show, but I just cant see how they can continue to let abbey hurt and downgrade Nia…Holly u should have been left//

        • I maybe would not go as far as to say Abby is a flat out racist because even though Nia is African American, Abby also treated Chole just as mean. So I am not sure that Nia’s race has anything to do with it. I feel like Abby is pissed that Holly and Nia did that video without her and seems to be doing well w/o her help. I also have always felt that Abby was threatened by Holly’s education.

          • Far be it for me to defend Abby, but personally, I don’t think this has to do with race, this is just about Abby bein a jackhole and not wanting her kids to have any success even if she’s shown nothing but contempt and the occasional emotion over years . She TRULY in her warrped mind feels betrayed, and she’s gonna make Holly and Nia suffer, but not cuz she’s black, if Jill and Kendall had done it she would just as much as a madwoman as she was with them as she would be with Holly.

        • I don’t think racism has anything to do with Abby’s behavior towards Nia. I think it has more to do with punishing the kid when Mom does blindly, obediently and quietly fall inline with Abby’s every wish.
          Kelli, Christi and Holly all speak up for their child and find their own opportunities when Abby is consumed with all things Maddie….which seems to be always. It ticks Abby off that the girls want to be more than just Maddie’s backup dancers. The only reason Kendall is getting any type of attention is becuase Jill has taken a page out of Melissa’s play book and blindly gone along with whatever Abby wants and as long as there is no chance that Kendall will actually surpass Maddie in both dance and outside opportunities…Abby is fine throwing a few bones Kendall’s way….and as long as Maddie can be involved in some way. Abby even figured out how to focus Kendall’s music video onto Maddie…apparently Maddie was assistant choreographer for the number.

          • Sorry….that should be “when Mom does NOT blindly, obediently and quietly fall inline with Abby’s every wish.”

        • I don’t think (but only Abby knows) that she is a racist. I dislike Abby very much so don’t think I’m defending the beast. Abbey treated Kelly and her girls badly and they were white. Abbey was down right mean and evil , to Chloe and she was white. There has been many white children that Abby has treated like crap. Abbey is just a down right pig, bully and demon. She only likes Melissa because Melissa is up her ass and kisses it. Recently Jill has been up her ass and kissing it so that Abby gives Kendall more opportunities . Abby is tolerating Jill because she needs more lap dogs on her side.

  11. Lol your a joke Abby. Hollywood wants kids to look like kids. Maddy is dancing with a grown dirty man. What did u expect Nia to do while she was excluded from the group stay in her room and cry. Good for you Nia and if that was not enough she welcomes Jojo to join her. A lot of class for a young lady. Oh jealous Jill how many times did Maddy more as class to pursue her career. How many classes did she miss her mother should shut her jealous mouth too

  12. So proud of Nia for sharing her spotlight with JoJo. I don’t know if the other girls would have done that. Nia is such a beautiful young lady will lots of talent. I wish her much success the show in Melbourne was AWSOME!

    • Agree- that just made me like and respect both Nia and Holly even more because none of the other girls or their mothers would have done that.

      • I just loved the confidence she had on stage. Everything Abby tries to steal from her on full display.

  13. Abby was right when she Implied that it wasn’t all Holly doing big things…. I think the Super Producer sees that everyone loves an underdog story and went with it. I’m so proud of Nia Sioux for killing it after all the dragging Abby did to her and her child. Tell me I can’t do it and it show you DONE!!
    .. And WTG Dr. Holly for showing Abby and the Moms what that PhD is all about!!.. This is a business and I see Holly putting her education and classy disposition to work to take her child to the next level. Kiara looks like she’s pissed that she chose Abby and Nia ended up being the hero.
    … I’ve loved JoJo since she was on Abby’s other show and she would be better to stick with Nia than try to seek Abby’s approval…. Abby’s days are numbered. I did like her because I understand what hard work it takes to become someone but she is inravelling and showing bad character if she can’t control everything and it reads very badly to the viewers..
    ……I so love this episode and look forward to seeing what Nia Sioux and JoJo do next in their careers……

    • Nia just flimed a new song last week with Coco Johnson last week…and who was invited to dance in her video? Jo Jo! Those 2 are sweet together! If there was a spinoff show I would pick these 2 to star in it, Chloe Paige and Brooke are far beyond being involved in any dance show on TV, these 2 are fresh fun and not mean girls.

      • I would love a spin off show with Nia, Jo-Jo, Paige, Brooke and Chole- I think that show would crush Dance Moms- Lifetime should consider it

  14. I’m tired of hearing about Hollywood and L.A. I guess they couldn’t do New York where it REALLY all goes down these days. They’d chew them up and spit them, especially Abby in New York. Though the outskirts of L.A is doing a really good job of it.

    • shoot…let abbey just take her girls down south, where the shoot the dance show bring it…ALDC got nothing on those girls, Dancing dolls, now that’s dance, and their teacher gives constructive criticism, those groups down there would sit ALDC down.

  15. Darn it all, i would have paid to see a kangaroo kick miller. 🙂

    It seemed to be a mishmash of bad editing, and it does make more sense that Kira was meant to be addressing Holly, but i sure enjoyed her tell melissa and jill to shut up, she doesn’t give a shit. 🙂

    To melissa and her crack about “Kira wanted a day with her boyfriend”,,,, excuse me melissa but some of us remember back when you left, two weekends in a row, to be with your newest boyfriend and abandoned your kids to miller. You need to be careful about calling others sluts. I even think you were still married those weekends you went off with the man.

    I loved Nia and Jojo’s show. I just hope Jess has some sort of deal with Collins because I do not like that sweet little girl being treated so badly by that stupid hag.

    As for jill and her “who has their director fly half way around the world”,, umm, you did jill. She was standing right there beside you. You know, the star maker miller. Hahahaha! 🙂

    • Agree with this. Jill is so condescending and hypocritical. She talked junk about Kira to Holly, complained about Holly having the balls to make great things happen for her daughter. Jillousy is too afraid to do so. She talked junk about Kira in front of Kira to Holly and Jess, while Abby Jr aka Kira stood there looking dumb with nothing to say, though she had much to say when Holly wasn’t there. And how dare Killa try to compare Nia cutting a song to her hanging out with her daughter? We won’t even get on “do school” when she had the audacity to speak about JoJo’s impediment. JoJo has an excuse, what’s hers? MeLIESsa irks my nerves. Team divided, team divided omg this team has been divided since Jillousy joined in season 2. It got worst once Christi left, but yeah. Miss Nia gave me Aaliyah vibes! Thankfully Nia’s mentors both like strudel, but I digress. Lol. JoJo’s adorable and gave me sass with that “what(hair flip)…” I got my life. Those apologies were half-assed. They didn’t mean them, weren’t sincere and JoJo caught all the shade. I wish Nia would leave. I’ve only watched the last couple episodes for her.

    • I was thinking the same thing when Melissa made the crack about Kira’s guy, what a hypocrite.

  16. The best part of this episode were the expressions on Melissa’s face and how they seemed to convey the exact opposite of what she was saying.

    I wonder if when they shot this if the producers knew it would air when the current Mad Max movie was in theaters. Bombing in theaters, but hey, they took a chance.

    The beginning of this episode convinced me that the car scene with Maddie telling Melissa that she would apologize to JoJo was shot after the producers knew they had the footage of JoJo and Nia talking about it. Maddie mumbled and couldn’t even make eye contact. Kendall must be a pretty good actress because I think the video showed her true colors.

    I enjoyed the irony of Abby’s criticism that Nia looks too old (and I think it’s a fair point). But that’s exactly what she did with Kendall’s video. And Kendall is only 12. Hollywood also doesn’t want brats who mock people at public events, stomp their feet, refuse to share microphones, cry or do a whole host of things that Mackenzie (and Maddie) does.

    Speaking of Maddie, maybe if Abby called her out in front of her peers for falling out of turns in season 1 and 2 she wouldn’t be doing it in season 5. Another good Melissa expression was captured there.

  17. Nia and Jojo was amaging!!! I’m proud to see how those two young girls
    hold up their head and despite how they been treated and did a fabulous job well done girls you both should be proud. To bad the other dance mom couldn’t be happy for them
    generally happy instead being fake. My grandmother always say never look a gift horse in the mouth just in case Abby have no clue what it means it mean treat all these beautiful girls equally cuz they all work very hard to have your approval. Try and be a person they can respect you maybe surprised what they can accomplishments. Tums up to Nia and Jojo great job.

  18. Melissa, get you head out of Abby’s butt. Wake up, Abby is using Maddie until she ages out. The comments are right she had reached her potential. How she can be friends with these girls and have Abby treat her “so called friends” like she does. The show should be cancelled.
    So Proud of Holly taking things into her own hands with NIA and including JoJo. Thor two have so much potential and I live in LA and will do anything I can to make Abby’s studio fail. She is one ONE BIG ABUSER TO THIS YOUNG GIRLS.

    • 100% agree Kathi that Abby is using Maddie – the fact is that the ONLY reason that Maddie has all this hype now is because of the SIA video- that’s it. This will NOT last, it just wont- sorry (not sorry) and I like Maddie but the fact is that she is becoming unlikeable to me because of her attitude and because of Abby and Melissa.

  19. I enjoyed this episode. Nia was great, and Holly was so proud! Mikey Minion was fabulous. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jo-Jo when she did her thing on the stage with Nia. Jill is really starting to wear on my nerves as Chief Pot-Stirrer, though- no subtlety at all. And the editing is truly a wondrous thing to see! The editors don’t even know what JC Executive Producer Superstar wants them to do with certain clips anymore- just throw in random dramatic clips and don’t bother with any continuity, real or edited. I was confused by the Mad Max number, tho. I feel like those movies were before my time. BTW, I’m 60 yrs old. No chance the little girls understood it, I would think. One last thing- what is this Nia SIOUX thing all about??

      • Sioux appears to be her middle name. Nia Sioux Frazier. I’m assuming the last name is dropped cause it just sounds cooler without. Definitely, a Hollywood thing

        • Yup, Sioux is her middle name and I think it sounds (and looks because of the unique spelling) a lot more marketable than Kendall K or MackZ.

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