1. Who is the guy they show before the video clip??? In the “coming up” part I do not recognize him and he is not further addressed in this episode. Did I miss something? Thank you!

    • Not sure which one you mean – maybe Sasha Belle when she says “I think I missunderstood the assignment?” oooh, or was it the shot of Miss Fame dancing in a rehearsal in the workroom? Yeah, they never showed what that was from, although I would assume it would be the Glamazonian Airways or something.

    • I think it was Sasha Belle. They show him as his boy self for a few seconds and that’s it.

  2. Zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz

    (Wipes drool from face)

    Oh…..hey Ruthie Ru!

    Major yawn on the clip show, usually it’s better but i guess since this batch of queens is kinda like “you gotta pick one!” Then the clip show is a reflection of that. As far as the video went I think it’s like we said, after Glamazon, This is the beginning and Sissy that walk, i am not really impressed, the Get Ready to Clock vid with Violet, Max, and Jaidynn was WAY more entertaining!

    I agree with u of course that the worst winner ever was Tyra Sanchez, no shade on the looks, homegirl was BEAUTIFUL. ..and that was about it for me on the show, her attitude SUCKED. I hear it’s gotten much better now but i would’ve picked Raven over her…or really Juju Bee if we could’ve voted!

    I think Ginger should win, i feel like she edged Violet out just a bit as far as challenges, she might’ve gotten less beauty praise but I feel like Ginger got the better overall critique and kinda gave me everything, quotables, looks, acting and singing and she’s a big girl, plus i really see her in the line of queens, especially after the amazing Bianca, i feel like she’d be the best queen to pass the crown too…although i must admit i wanted Katya to win and had she not got knocked out in final 5, i think she would have won easily!

    • Waky-waky eggs & bacy!

      See I think that Bianca was last year’s winner & a comedy queen puts Ginger at a disadvantage. Does Ru want to crown 2 comedy queens in a row? And while Ginger’s gotten great critiques, she’s also lip synched a couple of times & Violet hasn’t. It’ll be interesting to see who takes it on Monday. It’s not like last year where Bianca was clearly the winner.

  3. I skipped the clip show. Thanks for giving some highlights. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. Now for next week when Violet wins and Miss Congeniality will be…….hard to say. Maybe Katya? Trixie? I say Katya. I even wanted to be her friend. Everyone seemed to like KATYA best and she never read anybody but herself. I still think Pearl is overrated. Funny u said up above she was pretty. I don’t get it. Very handsome man but has too squinty eyes to be a beauty that photographs well.

    • Violet really has to win, never being in the bottom and winning some challenges. Plus Ru is impressed and told her she was “special”. Why didn’t he just hand her the $100,000 and a tic tac right then and there? It would be nice to see an Atlanta queen win. (Ru’s old stomping ground)…..never happened before and Atlanta has more queens than you can shake a stick at.

      • I hadn’t even thought of the Atlanta angle. Regardless, I think Violet is worthy of a win, if we’re talking serving up fashion. If we’re talking acting then Ginger’s got her beat.

    • You didn’t. Always fun to see queens of seasons past reading the current crop of queens, but other than that – meh. And yes, when I talk about Pearl being pretty, I mean as a boy. There’s too much resting bitch face for me to think girl Pearl is pretty. When I said that Pearl is pretty above, that was the 1-word assessment Ru was giving for why each queen was in the top. Not sure if Ru ACTUALLY said pretty, but that was the gist of it. It’s certainly not because she’s a dancer 😉

  4. I’d be good with either Violet or Ginger winning. I would only be disappointed in Pearl winning because I don’t think she’s given as much versatility as the other 2. For a season billed as ‘you have no idea’ I’m pretty meh about the whole thing.

  5. I watched.

    Nothing stood out for me.

    My guess is that Ginger will win but I would like to see Violet win.

    • I will Be EXTREMELY disappointed if Ginger wins. I would prefer Violet to win and Ginger will be the worst winner ever!!!!!!!!! The only reason she might win and this is the only one is so that a plus size wins I say at least let it be a good plus size that wins then!!!!!!!! Didn’t like Ginger from the start will never pay to see her either……..

      • Really Tyra Sanchez? 😉

        I would definitely go see Ginger, especially if she were able to show off her acting chops. While I don’t know how the season will ultimately play out, I’m looking forward to seeing all of these queens on the BOTS tour.

    • I think you’re right – just wish there had been more meat in this clip show. It was truly clips with maybe what, 1 minute of stuff we hadn’t seen before?

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