Nickelodeon Presents “Genie in a Bikini”

Kellie Freeze

UPDATE: Due to the movie’s Memorial Day success, Nickelodeon will re-air Genie in a Bikini Friday (5/29) at 8pm ET & Sunday (5/31) at 3pm ET. 

Tonight on Nickelodeon, the lives of two kids turn magically wacky when they uncover a genie … in a bikini.

This is a movie.

And not with this Genie:

Genie in a Bikini

THIS Genie.


Genie in a Bikini

Also, do not confuse Genie in a Bikini with Genie in a String Bikini. Just don’t.

According to Nickelodeon, “kids Jacob and Cruz want nothing more than to be in with the popular crowd. This quest seems impossible until they discover a genie lamp and now have their own personally Genie, Matt (Joey Richter, the voice of Hong Li, The Legend of Korra). Unfortunately, Matt is not great at granting wishes, but does his best to help Cruz and Jacob throw the most amazing and unforgettable party ever so they can finally be part of the popular crew.”

And my kids (boys, aged 8 and nearly 6) have been looking forward to this flick since they saw the first promo a few weeks ago. Here’s a look:

It clearly won’t be winning any awards (other than perhaps a Razzie or two), but there was a time when my parents looked upon the films of Adam Sandler with equal disdain.

Nickelodeon hasn’t released much about the movie, so clearly Genie in a Bikini isn’t one of their best cinematic efforts. I am a bit confused why this is being released on the Monday night of a 3-day weekend — personally, I would have aired it on Sunday night — but that choice was up to their scheduling department, not me. But I’m sure it will be kid-pleasing fun.

GenieinBIkiniSo if your kids are like mine and are counting down the hours until they watch a man in a bikini (Not to be confused with Man-kini on The Soup), so like I’ll do and watch along with your kids. I’ll be spending one of my three genie wishes on a vast quantity of alcohol.

Genie in a Bikini > Nickelodeon > Monday, May 25 7pm ET

Additional airings
Friday (5/29) at 7:30pm ET
Sunday (5/31) at 3pm ET

Genie in a Bikini images © Nickelodeon.
I Dream of Jeannie image © Screen Gems.


  1. I know some people will have a problem with my thoughts because were supposed to accept and approve of gay cross dress lifestyles and this movie is just planting perverted seeds into innocent children’s minds. It should be a crime. I am really sad this is happening. I know gay/lesbian people and I treat them with the same respect I would treat anyone so don’t hate on me…I would not recommend this movie for your kids or mine. I saw it and was appalled I wish my kids could UN-see it. I changed the channel

  2. You had me somewhat convinced, until you implied that Adam Sandler movies were remotely worth watching.

    • I never said that Adam Sandler movies were good; but every young teen watched them in 1994-1997. It drove my father crazy!

      • I will unabashedly say that I thoroughly enjoy Adam Sandler movies. I think I’ve seen Billy Madison at least 100 times.
        (This is the point where I walk to the lunchroom and Kellie questions aloud, “Why did they hire Andrea, anyway?”)
        In conclusion: Chlorophyll? More like bore-o-phyll.

  3. Can you let me know how I can get this movie? My son missed it a the regular time scheduled time.

    Please advise.

    • Maybe Netflix or Apple Store ?


      You can go Go to a streaming site and watch it or download it from a Torrent Site .

      Other than that,you would need to build a Time Machine which at this stage of Human Technical Ability is not possible and won’t be till August 23rd 2081

      Good Luck


    • Hi Diana,
      According to Nickelodeon, Genie in a Bikini will re-air Friday (5/29) at 8pm ET & Sunday (5/31) at 3pm ET.

  4. I’m surprised someone would be so upset over a guy in a swimsuit. Sounds like a deeper psychological problem. You should get that checked out. Anyway, it’s cute enough, a goofy rookie genie who goes above and beyond to try and do his best. Falls short of being Ace Ventura in a tutu but still cute.

  5. Whats happening to the world??? … I just feel so sad and at the same time really angry that they are doing this kind of shows for kids, it’s very disappointing and frustrating that they are doing this. A man in a bikini??? .. Seriously ??? …. What sick minds, please bring back the inocent cartoons, let the kids be kids !!!

    • Its brain washing to get the kids to be convinced that it is ok for a man to be walking around in a friggin bikini! My kids were NOT allowed to watch this stupidity!

    • My kids have watched the movie twice now. It’s cheesy, and adorkable and perfect for kids. As an adult, my favorite part was the talking banana, and the fact that it was only 60 minutes long. That being said, the three young actors who played Cruz, Jacob and Theresa were pretty great. Bravo to them!

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