Interview: #RichKids of Beverly Hills talk season 3 (Hoff’s daughter joins the gang)

#RichKids of Beverely HIlls stars Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick engaged Barb Oates

The sexy, sassy and oh-so-selfie obsessed #RichKids of Beverly Hills return for a new season on E! beginning Sunday, May 24 at 10pm ET/PT. As expected, Season 3 promises plenty more drama – so much so that the series has been expanded to one-hour episodes. Joining Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, Roxy Sowlaty, Jonny Drubel, EJ Johnson and Brendan Fitzpatrick is reality newbie Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff — yes, it’s Baywatch star David Hasselhoff’s daughter. We caught up with the majority of the group (less Dorothy, who was in China visiting family) for a quick chat on what we can expect from these fun-loving, globetrotting socialites. According to Morgan this season is a bit more “adult” (Wait, is that even possible? Maybe with the engagement and all?) but then there’s Jonny and some raunchy (or not raunchy) dating thing, and Roxy originally hating on Tay,  and Sashi’s bad etiquette. You’ll just have to see for yourself come Sunday, but for now you can hear it from them …

#RichKids of Beverly HIlls Season 3I wanted to start with your newest cast member, Taylor-Ann, and hear from her how she got roped into this wild group and how it’s going so far.
Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff:
How did I get roped into this wild group? When I was little, EJ and I, were friends [EJ is Magic Johnson’s son and celebrity parents’ kids often hang out] and I actually ran into him at fashion week. He invited me to the Bahamas and that’s kind of how it all came to be. He’s friends with everyone of the group. It’s definitely been an interesting ride, to say the least, and a new experience. They’ve been doing it for two seasons so it’s my first time. Getting used to cameras, and getting used to people being in your face — once we were halfway through you start to really open up and be yourself.

Roxy, I read on the E! site that you weren’t exactly great buddies with Taylor-Ann back in your high school days. Can you tell me the story behind that?
My sister and Taylor were best friends and they had a falling out and I kind of became the protective older sister. My memory is different than Tay’s memory about what happened because we were also two years apart and two grades apart in high school, so obviously that’s a big difference. I was just you know, family first. I was my sister’s protector. Tay took it harshly and now it comes back to haunt me. It’s pretty ironic.

What was your initial reaction to learning that she was coming on board?
I was not that worried. My memory again, is very different than hers about the events that happened when we were young. I wasn’t worried until I found out how her memory was. It was kind of like a shock to me, and different than my experience of it. It’s been a work in progress, I think.

Speaking of past friction, Morgan, the press materials also hyped a little bit of a blow out between you and Roxy this season. What happened?
Oooh! We just got into a little bit of a tiff; you’ll have to watch the season. It’s dramatic and real and I’m going to say very adult. It’s just something we have to go through and find our way. It’s kind of like a maze. We’re just finding our way out of it.

#RichKids of Beverely HIlls stars Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick engagedWell, congrats again on your engagement [Morgan and Brendan got engaged earlier this year]. How much of the wedding planning comes into this season?
There’s no wedding planning that makes it’s presence on this season. We kind of just stick to the engagement and being happy about that. I just got my boyfriend cupcakes, it’s his birthday, but I didn’t get red velvet so he’s upset about it. No we do engagement and engagement party and that’s kind of where we stop with the wedding stuff.

Have you guys set a date? What’s your guest list count out at? What’s the talk?
We’re kind of just really figuring out location right now before we get into how many people are going to be there. We have a couple of dates in mind but we haven’t really narrowed one down.

How much of that ginormous ring will we be seeing?
Quite a bit of it. I’m really excited to wear it. Yeah, it’s beautiful. I’m really, really happy. You will see a lot of it this season for sure.

For the cast members, who is counting on being in the wedding party?
I don’t know if we’re going to do that. Is that weird? It might just be me and my parentals and Brendan and his parentals. That’s still TBD, which is my favorite word of the day.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Season 3Jonny, give us a tease for this season as it pertains to your life. Any luck on the dating scene? How’s your music going? What can we expect from Jonny?
It’s interesting, music was kind of stalled until I met Taylor and Taylor’s a musician so I helped her a lot with her music. I was there for a lot of her rehearsals and a lot of performances. That was cool. My love life is actually … I’m in a really good place right now. I think you’ll have to see … I do have a love interest from the show. It’s very, very …
Morgan: Raunchy.
Jonny: It’s not raunchy, Morgan. It’s interesting because it goes from a friendship to being more and it was very awkward but we’ll see what happens.

What’s going on with Dorothy and this rumored attitude problem?
On the show? I think honestly there is a little … Dorothy has her moments. You have to accept the good and the bad in people and I think that you’ll see that more than in other seasons.
Roxy: The show’s now an hour long so Dorothy doesn’t have as much time to kind of glaze over … have her little rude comments be glazed over. They finally kind of catch up with her.

Tay, is your dad going to make any appearances? Are you all planning on going to the Sharknado premiere [the film debuts at the end of July on Syfy]?
I don’t even know when it is. I know he was shooting it the other day because he told me about it but … yeah! He is part of my family so … it’s reality so I’m sure you’ll see something. Or maybe you won’t, maybe he’s just never in my life. You never know.

It looked like in a picture that I saw that you guys are all donning these different hats. Can you tell anything about the places you visit or travel to this season?
We went on a trip with Morgan and Brendan for their engagement and we were in London hat shopping. You have to do as the Brits do when you travel.
Brendan: We took an etiquette class and there was a lot of fun stuff. We decided to go to London to visit the place Morgan and I hadn’t been to together. When you travel with a lot of people there tends to be a lot of drama and unexpected stuff comes up and it just … A lot of alcohol … Shit just happens when you travel. I guess it’s just the nature of the beast.

Tell me about this etiquette class. What did you learn?
I actually have pretty good etiquette … There wasn’t that much to learn but it was nice that you saw how formal things can really get.
Jonny: We have got to give the trophy to Dorothy for that one. She was definitely the most etiquette person.

Who was the least?
Who’s the least? Should we say Sachi?
Brendan: Yeah, Sachi was the worst.
Jonny: Brendan’s friend Shashi came along and was definitely the worst.

What else can you tease us about the new season? Anything else you’re able to share?
I obviously propose to Morgan and you see the whole road to that time and that moment. I think that that’s a much longer and harder process and more complex process than anybody really can anticipate. You see that this season. Morgan hasn’t seen it so I think that it will be kind of cool for her to see what went into planning that moment.

How much do we get to see? Give me a little bit more specific … Are you like ring shopping?
Yep. You see A to Z, pretty much.

What’s she going to be surprised about?
I think that she’s going to be surprised and so is everybody else. You really see every detail of that entire process and it’s really not an easy process. I realize that I give guys a lot of credit now. Because it’s deep and it’s not an easy process. It takes time and thought and a lot of stress.

Morgan, how excited are you to see that?
I’m really, really excited. I was actually given the opportunity to watch it and I opted not to because I wanted to get the same experience as the audience and kind of watch it live. I’m really, really excited. I think it’s definitely going to be very emotional.

You are nuts! I’d be all over that!
No, I don’t love watching myself back at all. I just wanted to see it whenever everyone else sees it and be able to live tweet because I’m good at marketing.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Season 3 airs on E! Sundays at 10pm ET.