Who Won Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars? Recap: The Results!

Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, we crown a new champion. The golden mirror ball trophy will finally be awarded and we will start our wistful look back at what has been a fantastic season. And we can bid a fond adieu to the image of the Golden Mirror Ball trophy that I’ve been using all season long.


ABC in it’s infinite wisdom, has chocked this two-hour finale will as much programming as possible, so let’s get to it and enjoy the prancing and pageantry that makes me love DWTS more and more each season.

Of course, we’ve got a massive and spectacular opening number no doubt choreographed by superstar choreographer, Mandy Moore. During the opening number, we see this season’s pros, troupe dancers and all of this season’s contestants dancing their booties off. I love when the show employs its outside stage, they used it in the season 19 finale and it adds such a special element to an already-special night.

Riker and Allison were selected by America’s tweets to re-perform last night’s freestyle routine.

RedFoo performed “Juicy Wiggle”, I wish her would have gotten to stay on he show a little longer, I think he’s got great rhythm and I would have loved to see how he did in a traditional ballroom dance. But he’s a little too hyper-sexualized for the conservative DWTS fan base.

Season 19 contestants Alfonso Ribeiro and his partner Witney Carson and Sadie Robertson her partner Mark Ballas danced together and then Alfonso and Sadie partnered with each other. I adore them! They were both so cute last season on Dancing With The Stars. After their dance, Tom Bergeron introduced Alfonso Ribeiro as the new host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Yay!!

“I couldn’t be happier,” said Bergeron.
“Tom, you’ve given me so much love and support in doing this, and I couldn’t be prouder for taking over for you on America’s Funniest Home Videos,” gushed Ribeiro.

Dancing With the Stars, "Latin Night"
Yup, this hat happened.

Suzanne Somers did her routine where she was Carmen Miranda and Big Bird’s baby. It was not as good as last time, but Suzanne is a joyful woman.

OMG, then DWTS did a hilarious segment based on youtube channel, “Terrible Lip Reading.” LOL. It makes no sense, and that’s why it’s funny. Find it online.

Robert and Kym delighted the crowd with an encore of their routine to “Bills, Bills.” I would have loved to see something a bit sexier, but they’re sweet as pie.

Then Jason DeRulo performed his hot single. “Want You to Want Me.” He opened season 18 with his sexxxxxy song “Talk Dirty” and will next be seen on FOX’s summer dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance, where he and Paula Abdul are joining Nigel Lythgoe on the judging panel.

After a break, Noah Galloway & Sharna and last season’s runner-up Amy Purdy and her partner Derek Hough danced and then Noah and Amy partnered with each other. It was a pretty incredible sight to see the two dancers without their pros; while Derek and Sharna gave and give their partners incredible support, Noah and Amy can stand — and dance! — on their own.

The former Bachelor Chris Soules and his partner Witney Carson performed and encore of their Footloose dance from Week 1.

Who Won Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars?
Honey, they’re good. So, so good.

The next encore from Season 20 was Nastia and Sasha (for the injured Derek Hough) dancing their Modern Charleston to “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer. Once again, Andy performed the energetic song live.

Then the DWTS cheese continued with the faux-trailer for Dance Hard.

Rumer Willis & Val danced an encore of their Disco salsa to “Turn the Beat Around.” No one’s crotch bones smashed anyone else’s face bones, which is good.

And we got another peek at Willow Shields and Mark Ballas’ foxtrot to “Alice’s Theme” from Disney Week. Mark is such a creative visionary; every dance is like a mini-movie.

Next, girl-group Fifth Harmony sang their new hit “Worth It” while the female dancers performed on the outdoor stage. Then Fifth harmony strutted their heels outdoors and the performance got steamy! And Left Shark and the dancing crabs made another appearance. Because. why not?!?

And just so the ladies at home didn’t get too jealous, the men stripped down and danced to “Going down for Real” by Flo Rida. MMMmmm, shirtless body rolls.

Next, Sia returned to DWTS (She performed during season 19) to perform he new single, “Elastic Heart.” Derek and Julianne Hough performed mirrored by two outstanding young dancers Emma York and Joey German. Derek and Julianne possess such talent and passion and their summer tour, Move Live On Tour should be amazing.

When I interviewed Derek in April, he said, “If you wanna really get to know us, or really experience what’s coming from our souls and our hearts, see our show on tour. This is an absolute passion project. We don’t want people to go, sit in the seats and watch a show. We want people standing, dancing and moving. Our slogan for this show is ‘motion = emption.’ The way you move directly affects the way you feel. That’s what we convey in the message of the tour. We want people leaving there feeling like they can do anything and be inspired and we want people to move. It’s going to be entertaining, fun, interactive and jam-packed.” He continued, “We did a tour last summer and it was sold out; and this year we’re going bigger and better. Julianne and I partner in some dances and we have 10 dancers of all different styles from hip hop, contemporary and jazz. We’ll be tapping, we’ll be singing. It’s full-throttle, it’s nonstop, it’s an exciting show and a show that we’re very, very proud of … It’s going to be an exciting summer.”

Who Won Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars?
Patti LaBelle told me that her week 2 performance of “In Da Club” was her favorite DWTS memory.

Patti LaBelle danced an encore of her favorite song of the season, 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” from #MyJamMonday (Week 2). When I interviewed her a few weeks ago, she told me, “I loved the fox trot. That was very … that was elegant. But I loved dancing to the 50 cent … ‘In Da Club.’ Child, I went total gangster on that.”

After what seemed like a million ours of remembering, we’re on to the last round of competition — the 24-hour fusion challenge. Each couple has combined two different styles into a new dance and the judge’s scores will count equally to their scores from last night.

Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess
Dancing a fusion of the Cha Cha and Argentine Tango to “Surrender” by Cash Cash.
Len: You’re not always the judge’s favorite, but — constantly and consistently — you’ve been America’s favorite. You’ve given so much to America, so why can’t America give you the mirror ball?
Julianne: You’ve taken the hearts of America and brought it to this ballroom. You are a warrior, you are our champion, so that you for that.
Bruno: You’re one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever shared a stage with. You are legend.
Carrie Ann: You’ve done more than dance, you’ve changed people’s lives forever; and I think you for that.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 9, Len: 9, Julianne: 9, Bruno: 9, total 36 out of 40.

Riker Lynch & Allison Holker
Dancing a fusion of Salsa and Quickstep to “Classic” by MKTO.
Julianne: I cannot believe that you had 24 hours! IT was sharp, it was clean, it was everything you’d want in a week. That was incredible.
Bruno: Riker you are a unique and outstanding talent. You have incredible range. You are a multi-talented powerhouse of a performer
Carrie Ann: You’re something so special, and I love every minute of watching you dance.
Len: You’re the boy that brings joy. You really are, it’s joyful experience. I love watching you.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 40 out of 40.

Rumer Willis & Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Dancing a fusion of the Foxtrot and Paso Doble to “Big Jet Plane” by Angus & Julia Stone
Bruno: This girl is on top of the game. It’s amazing to see how dance has transformed you. You have become an utterly irresistible, big star!
Carrie Ann: In my opinion, they saved the best for last.
Len: I am honest, you’ve as good as anyone whose ever been on DWTS< and if you don’t win, it’s a travesty.
Julianne: We’ve been the toughest on you … when there’s talent there, you push talent. I am a fan. You make me want to be a better dancer. I can’t wait to see where your career goes.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 40 out of 40.

Before Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews eliminate one of the contestants in third place, Patti Labelle performs her song, “Two Steps Away.” And damn, her voice is a national treasure; even at the age of 70, she’s still big, bold and powerful.

After Patti takes out breaths away, Noah and Sharna are announced as this season’s third place finishers. Phew! I love Noah, and while I didn’t think he deserves to win, I hope his participation inspires generations and floods charities that support wounded veterans with support. He is an amazing man.

We are forced to sit through an anxiety-filled commercial break. I wonder if Rumer and Riker are as nervous as I am?!?

Dancing With The Stars, The FinalsSo, Who Won Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars? The winners of Season 20 of Dancing with the Stars are Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy! With the announcement, Ru and Val are mobbed and hoisted high atop shoulders. Riker and Allison stand alone on the side of the ballroom with Erin Andrews. Riker is a gracious loser and I hope he is able to take this experience and launch his career into the stratosphere!

Rumer and Val are obviously thrilled. And I hope that she also uses the love, support and encouragement she received to launch her career. She is no longer living in the shadow of her parents, she is her own star.

So is anyone already thinking about who’d they like to see in Season 21?

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