1. I think the top 3 should have been Katya, Violet and Pearl.

    Katya has a comedic value that I think the other queens lacked, and she really grew on me as the show went on. Pearl was very under my radar and in the beginning I couldn’t have cared if she had gone home, but now she grown on me and got a voice. Violet, well, I love her, she has had to deal with a lot of snide remarks from the OAP Queens such as jasmine masters, kennedy and ginj (so glad 2 out of three went)

    I’m team violet all the way, she hasn’t been bottom 2 (as I recall) and had to do a lip sync, her looks have been amazing and classy, and she really pushes herself on each challenge. I hope RuRu makes the right choice.

    By the way, much love from England!!! We can’t get enough of it here!!!

    • Welcome! How do you watch the show? Do you get streams off of Reddit? If it’s a pain, the clip show was ok but you don’t really learn anything new. Less than a week we’ll know who wins – and you’ll have to fill us in on RPDR UK!

  2. Hey Ruthie ru…

    Ok, so here’s the deal…you know I’ve kinda been wanting Kennedy to go home for a while…BUT…this wasn’t that time, I mean she got what I shall now be calling the “Darienne decision” in that the person should have been gone home but the challenge they went home on..was the wrong one. Let me further explain…I never thought Darienne was gonna be top 3, I liked her but when it got down to top 5, I was like oh ok, no chance but then she wiped our Bendela and I was like whoa, ok. And then the music video challenge came up and she did good…like better than I thought she would and MUCH better than Courtney Act (sorry but true) so…due to fairness who SHOULD have gone home? Courtney…but they made Darienne go home because they never really saw her in the top 3, BUT it wasn’t fair because she didn’t do the worst , if it was by challenge only then homegirl got shafted. But it’s also like..she shouldn’t have been there to have to worry about that decision anyways but they did it to themselves by not sending her home when they should have now it seems like just sending her home cuz you didn’t want her all along. This is EXACTLY what happened to Kennedy. Was she the best? No…Ginger was, but did she deserve to go home on THIS challenge? no. By fairness, Kennedy should have been in the top 3, and Pearl (and I do like her) should have went home. But because Ru and crew didn’t get rid of Kennedy when they shoul have a few challenges ago, and they knew she wasn’t exactly top 3 material, they let her go for silly reasons and it just seemed unfair. But like I said, in the same breath, she should have never been in top 4 for them to HAVE to decide what to do, but I just wasn’t feelin that.

    What I also wasn’t feelin…Born Naked. Sorry Ru…but after Glamazon, This is the beginning, and Sissy that walk…this was kinda blah.

    I’m Team Ginger…I feel like over the course of the show she’s been the strongest and I could see her in the succession of the line of the other queens…did I particularly want her to win? no. I wanted Katya or Max or even Trixie…but from the top 3 we have to choose from Ginger’s given everything so it really should go to her. Violet’s given me looks, but coasted through and her lip-sync was ok. Pearl is great but I heard someone say she’s ambian embodied, and she wasn’t on top as much as you would expect a winner to be.

    All in all this season was ok…umm I feel kinda spoiled from seasons 1-5 that gave me everything from drama, to taglines, to AMAZING lipsyncs, Fashions…although I did like the season 6 Ru-sical and Season 7 glamazonian airways but yeah, I need them to bring me some more stuff, but I’m still watchin it and still lovin it, I just want more..is that greedy???

    • You’re so greedy Kei!!! Welcome back!

      I totally agree with you on Kennedy – she was just meh for me early on, but she wasn’t the worst so she’s been staying. And to her credit, she’s slayed a lot of challenges – her taking a chance on Little Richard really paid off. I think she’s got the talent to win but some of her defenses got in her way. That final speech she gave throwing Pearl & Violet under the bus? As she would say, no girl. Bye.

      If we were judging just based on the runway looks, I think Pearl should’ve gone simply because we’ve seen that look from her all season. Max got read for the gray hair – why did no one mention that Pearl was always blonde and in cream colored nighties?

      But if we were judging based on the Mathu Anderson acting scene, then yeah, Kennedy should’ve gone tonight. From what I saw, she was the weakest for that challenge. Because as we saw with her Little Richard, we know she can act. She just didn’t demonstrate it in that challenge.

      I’m team Violet & team Ginger. I like Pearl, I just don’t think she’s shown as much as the other two girls. I think Ginger may win because – 1. she slayed most of the season 2. Ru hasn’t crowned a big girl yet & it’s time and 3. Like Violet said, she already considers herself America’s Next Drag Superstar so she doesn’t really NEED the crown in that way. Kinda like Adam Lambert didn’t need to win American Idol – he was going to parlay the experience into a career either way.

      Whoever wins or doesn’t, I hope they all do the BOTS tour & do what they can to keep their careers going. I really liked the more supportive tone to most of this season and I can’t think of any queen of the bunch that I wouldn’t go see.

      • I just hope they do Glamazonian Airways at the awards show…I’ve been tryin to convince my friends for months to do a re-enacted version of it with me! LOL!!! Could you imagine…I obviously want to be on the Ginger team! I do think this was a supportive nature this season…I honestly think it had to do with the untucked and the girls separating and taking a break form THEMSELVES not the show telling them to go this way and go that way it’s like if you wanted to separate yourself, go! if you wanted to smoke or fix your make-up, do it, no filter. Just wasn’t completely happy with the room it was in…kinda gave me hanging out in the garage feel but maybe that’s what helped with the comrade ya know?

        • Yeah, I think they were trying to go gritty with the lack of a set. It didn’t bother me – and you’re right – I liked the more casual flow of this new Untucked format. Even the obvious questions from the producers “So, so-and-so, how did you feel about…” at least got a conversation started & things flowed from there. Now if they could get the show back on Logo so we don’t have to wait until Tuesday morning to watch it, I’d be an even happier camper.

  3. RuPaul’s Jerry curl look from last season was better. Especially Bianca’s reaction to it calling him an extra from Good Times. Can I pick Bianca for the win? No? Oh well.

    Up until now I liked Ginger and my guess is that she’ll win but after her tacky behavior going after Violet and throwing the younger queens under the bus I would love to see Violet win. She did well all season.

    I was surprised by Michelle’s strong reaction to Violet’s runway look. Raja did a Cabaret look for his last Runway look and he won.

    Do you think Ginger will win?

    • I’m torn between Ginger & Violet. I think both have been strong this season. I love Violet’s confidence and Ginger’s humor. Both are stupid talented.

      Pearl has grown on me, but I don’t think she’s shown enough when compared to the other girls. And I’m sick of seeing the blonde hair/pearly white underwear look that she wears ALL THE TIME. I’m hoping Michelle called her on that, but it got cut out.

      Although, from what I’m seeing on Reddit, Pearl had one of the longest meet & greet lines, so you never know.

      I think Ginger has a slight advantage given that she’s gotten a great ‘narrator’ edit over the season, like Katya (whahhhaaaaa!). Ru usually likes a show of vulnerability, and I don’t think we’ve seen that from Violet.

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