Recap: Dancing With The Stars, The Finals

I feel like Season 20 has flown by and now, here we are, Dancing With The Stars, The Finals! Tonight, the three remaining couples performed two dances and tomorrow they’ll have one last performance, the 24-hour fusion challenge.

Dancing With The Stars, The Finals

How are you feeling about the three couples in the finals? I’m sad not to see Derek and Nastia still in competition for the golden Mirrorball trophy. I don’t want to take anything away from the hard work of Noah and Sharna and the emotions that they put into their routines, but Derek and Nastia were better performers.

On to the competition.

In tonight’s one hour episode, the three finalists will competed in two rounds of dance. In the first round, each couple will repeat a dance from earlier this season. In the second round, the couples take on the perennially awesome Freestyle dance featuring special effects, additional dancers and unexpected surprises.

Dancing With The Stars, The Finals Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess
Dancing an Argentine Tango to “Rather Be.”
This is the dance that Noah and Sharna danced to in Week 3 (Latin Week) where they earned a 30 out of 40. This time, their major lift was much better, but Noah had an error doing a kick and his final lift was a bit unstable. But his musicality has improved greatly since we last saw this dance in week 3, and his connection to Sharna is much stronger too.
Len: Overall there is an improvement in your dancing, well done.
Julianne: The thing that’s improved is your attitude and commitment.
Bruno: Your performances have grown since the beginning, on every level.
Carrie Ann: That was hard for me to watch. You’ve come so far, but tonight…the nerves.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 8, Len: 8, Julianne: 8, Bruno: 8, total 33 out of 40.

Dancing With The Stars, The FinalsRiker Lynch & Allison Holker
Dancing a Paso Doble to “He’s A Pirate” from Pirates of the Caribbean.
I loved this dance when Riker and Allison performed it during Disney week. Carrie Ann was a fan too and yelled, “Riker, what the heck was that?!? That was a beast of a paso and you slayed it! My favorite paso ever!” The other judges loved it too, and it earned a 38 out of 40. Will Riker be able to improve on his near-perfection? Yes he can!!! The performance was even more passionate and powerful.
Julianne: I am so glad that you redid this dance. I loved it.
Bruno: I love the way you brought to life of that magnificent eccentricity of the character. You gave us a treasure trove of content.
Carrie Ann: It just got really exciting here. This was the dance that proved to me, in week 5, that you were worthy of the finals.
Len: It was a swash-buckling performance. It was epic, I loved it!
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 40 out of 40.

Dancing With The Stars, The FinalsRumer Willis & Val Chmerkovskiy
Dancing a Fox Trot to “Take Me To Church” by Hosier
Rumer wowed the audience when she performed this routine in Week 1 and I can’t wait to see how her confidence and artistry have grown since then. She definitely has grown as an artist and as a woman. The first time she did this, I think she was a little scared, and not she’s blossomed into such a beautiful woman.
Bruno: No nonsense, absolutely pure ballroom bliss.
Carrie Ann: the first time you did this dance you drew me in…and tonight you show how much you’ve grown as a dancer… it was poetry in motion.
Len: I said, “This could be your year.” And nothing has changed, but your dancing. You’ve gotten better.
Julianne: The first time there was a timidness… Tonight it was flawless.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 40 out of 40.

The second round is Tom Bergeron’s favorite dance, the freestyle. “I wait all season for this,” he gushed.

Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess 1-855-234-5605
Dancing an contemporary freestyle to a medley of songs, including “Bulletproof” by David Guetta and Coldplay’s “Fix You.”
Sharna wants to see the vulnerable side of Noah; we’re all well aware of Noah, the warrior. She wants him to channel the emotion of waking up in a hospital room on Christmas Day and seeing his massive injuries.
The music so wonderfully described Noah and his life. And I loved that the other dancers used their hands and bodies to provide stability for Noah and he was able to do moves he haven’t seen.
Len: Your journey has been the hardest and the longest and as we’ve reached journey’s end, I’ve got to say, that was amazing.
Julianne: That was a celebration. That was what a freestyle is — free.
Bruno: What you did tonight transcended dance. You were speaking to all of us from your heart.
Carrie Ann: It’s beyond words, what you did. Art is meant to inspire us and transform us and make us contemplate things and that’s what you do.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 40 out of 40, for a night’s total of 72 out of 80.

Riker Lynch & Allison Holker 1-855-234-5608
Dancing a freestyle to a crazy song that I can’t even describe.
Riker hopes that people watching his freestyle will say, “Wow, they had a great time!” Allison is so grateful to have been partnered with Riker, they are an inspired pairing. Their dance was a mix of a fox-trot, hip-hop and popping and locking. IT was really inventive. They dances on the stairs, the dance floor, moving platforms, all over!!!
Julianne: That is a true freestyle, if I’ve ever seen one.
Bruno: It was like Watching Fred Astaire.
Carrie Ann: That was a strike right down the alley.
Len: I’m proud of you and I’m sure Fred [Astaire] is looking down on you.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 40 out of 40, for a night’s total of 80 out of 80.

Rumer Willis & Valentin Chmerkovskiy 1-855-234-5610
Dancing a freestyle to “Toxic” by Britney Spears, sung by Rumer Willis with Violin by Val Chmerkovisky.
When I heard that Rumer was going to be covering “Toxic,” I was excited. I saw a video of their recording session and it’s pretty hot. Val and Rumer are looking to step out of the shadows of Val’s famous brother and Rumer’s famous parents. Val isn’t a fan of big production numbers and he thinks his pest option is to do something stripped down and honest.
Bruno: Unbelievable!
Carrie Ann: This night is off the charts. You are incredible.
Len: Take a chance and just dance. It was pure, it was brave. Well done.
Julianne: It was raw, it was real. It was on point.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 40 out of 40, for a night’s total 80 out of 80.

On tomorrow’s two-hour results show (airing at the not-so family-friendly time of 9-11pm ET/PT), ABC is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at fans before announcing the Season 20 winner. The show will kick off with a high-energy opening number reuniting all 12 of this season’s couples in addition to the judges and hosts. Then, one couple will perform an encore of their Freestyle dance. The finale will also feature performance from all of the eliminated celebs and their professional partners. We’ll get to take a look back at RedFoo and Charlotte McKinney (remember them? They were on this show!) as well as contestants you’re likely to remember like Suzanne Somers, Robert Herjavec, Chris Soules, Willow Shields and Nastia Liukin.

The night will also include a reprise performance from Patti LaBelle and Artem Chigvintsev to her much-beloved routine to “In Da Club,” and the Grammy-winner will also perform her hit song “2 Steps Away.”

Dancing With The Stars, The FinalsAdditionally, fan favorites from past seasons Amy Purdy, Alfonso Ribeiro and Sadie Robertson return to the ballroom for special performances. Sia will perform her hit song “Elastic Heart” with a special dance performance by Derek and Julianne Hough. (I wonder if it’ll be used to promote heir summer tour, Move Live! On Tour) The star studded night will continue with a performance by Jason Derulo singing his hit song “Want To Want Me.” In the last element of competition, the couples will perform a new routine as part of a “24 Hour Fusion Challenge.” The remaining couples will fuse two contrasting dance styles that they’ve performed this season and they’ll have less than 24 hours to prepare that dance for additional judges’ points. At the end of the night, the winner of the Gold Mirrorball trophy will be announced!

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