5 things completely wrong about the new Jem and The Holograms trailer

The original Jem Channel Guide Contributor

Imagine my delight when the new, live action Jem andThe original Jem the Holograms trailer came out late yesterday. But then imagine my dismay when I actually watched said trailer. Below are some of the things I feel the new Jem movie is missing. I’m sure the network executives are listening.

  1.  Where are The Misfits? Where is the girl group drama? Is this just Jerrica vs the big bad record company instead of Jem & the Holograms vs The Misfits.
  2. Where is Rico being torn not knowing if he loves Jerrica or Jem more. He knows they’re the same person – what fun is that?
  3. Synergy? Is that just her catchphrase? Does she not have a supercomputer that transforms her into Jem? Without Synergy, calling the band THE HOLOGRAMS doesn’t make as much sense.
  4. Why is Jem a teen? Wasn’t she a grown-up working at the record company? Yes, yes she was.
  5. Camp. Why is there no camp? The cartoon had unicorns, super 80s styling & people named things like Riot, Pizazz and Rio? Where is the camp?

Terrible. Truly Truly Terrible.


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