Dancing With The Stars Results: The Semi-Finals

Kellie Freeze

DWTS_Season20_MirrorballI’ve been filled with a sense of dread all day because one of the four remaining couples would be eliminated on tonight’s Dancing With The Stars Results: The Semi-Finals. But we all know that there are only three spots in the finals so someone has to go home. The votes are in and I just hope that America is happy with the decisions.

Dancing With The Stars: The Semi-FinalsEven 24 hours after watching Noah Galloway propose to his girlfriend, I still get teary-eyed every time I watch it. We get another look at his two great performances from last night, and another look at the sweet proposal. Tom revealed that Noah and Shana are in jeopardy and face elimination.

Almay and the Simply American Experience presented a routine promoting their summer bus tour. Through the company’s support of and partnership with the USO, they’re raising money to support of servicewomen and their families. I’m not sure who singer was but he’s awesome, and performed a medley of “Summer of ‘69” and “R.O.C.K in the USA” It was like a great dance straight out of Footloose — filled with countrified dancing, Break-dancing, guys in faded jeans and girls in white eyelet cotton.

Next, Erin Andrews talks to each of the four remaining pros about why their celebrity deserves to win the mirror ball trophy. Each is so eloquently supportive of their partner and each would make a fine champion.

Up next, we revisit the perfect performances that Riker and Allison danced. They are such a fantastic pairing — both are strong and creative performers and neither shies away from challenges or risks. Tom reveals that Allison and Riker are dancing in the finals. Their joy is so explosive and infectious!

Emma and Sasha treated us to a look back at 100 years of dance in a cute package that took us from Waltz to Lindy Hop to Disco to the booty-shaking dance styles of today.  (How did she twerk while laying sideways?

Nastia got a look back at last night’s emotional routines. She and Sasha/Derek were also perfect, and scored a 70 out of a possible 70 from the judges. Tom reveled that Nastia and Derek have been the season’s highest scorers, but they’re in jeopardy tonight. The audience is filled with boos but Nastia handles the news with grace and class.

The ladies of DWTS stunned in a powerful routine to “I am Woman” by Jordin Sparks. It made me want to put on my heels and strut!!

Next, Flo Rida and the sick sax in his smash”GDFR” turned the dance floor into a party. Despite the catchiness of the tune (I feel like I’ve heard it on the show at least three times this season) I never really consider Flo a family friendly performer. That song is so incredibly cool and that saxophone…dang, it sounds cool. It’s cooler than Kenny G, Bill Clinton and Lisa Simpson blowing on their horns together!!

Then we looked back at Rumer’s two performances, which were so smoldering. I loved the ingenuity of the Swan Lake dance. Tom then revealed that Rumer and Val are in jeopardy and face elimination.

My son’s favorite part of the show was next. The perky and talented cast of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach 2. popped over to perform a routine to“Gotta Be Me.” How can they move so quickly? I guess when you’re 20 years old, you still can. I will likely never get that song out of my hear and nevertheless, Ross Lynch, John DeLuca, Jordan Fisher, Kent Boyd, Raymond Cham, Jr., Will Loftis, Jessica Lee Keller and Mollee Gray were awesome. And judging by my 8-year-old’s excitement, TB2 will be the summer’s most highly anticipated film when it premieres June 26.

Derek Hough

Then, the moment I’ve been dreading, someone has to go home. Noah and Sharna were announced to be safe and in the finals. What?!? Really!?! So either Rumer and Val are out, or Nastia and Derek have been eliminated. Neither couple deserves to go home. Both deserve to be in the finals, they’ve been the competition’s two strongest teams! Aargh! And when Tom announces that Nastia and Derek are out of the competition, my heart breaks a little. I loved interviewing Derek this season. He is such a fantastic competitor, incredible dancer and wonderful choreographer. And Nastia was a worthy partner. They both created routines that will be hard to forget.

Next week they three remaining couples are dancing with one goal — to win the Golden Mirror Ball trophy. Who do you think should win? Who will win? I guess we’ll have to wait (and vote) and see.


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