1. No! Not katya! Kennedy should have gone a while ago. Agree with some other posts, this season is missing something. The mean girl! We had phi phi and roxxxy before. That violet was gonna be the mean girl but she turned out to be a softy inside that cold exterior.

  2. Why do I hate these season so much? There are several interesting queens but the whole season is missing that magical touch we have seen in other seasons. And please tell me why Kennedy is still around, Cannot stand her!!

    • I think Kennedy’s talented, but I think Katya did better than her in the challenge overall. She would’ve gone home on the bearded challenge if Jasmine hadn’t drawn on a beard

      • Ugh, Kennedy is annoying me at the beginning of Untucked. Then it turns into therapy, but the good kind.

        • Ok, I’ve got to correct because Kennedy leaves Katya the sweetest note – it made me cry more than the episode.

  3. I’m morning Katya. I really wanted her to stay.

    I also heard that the Queens weren’t supposed to leave the stage but I guess if it provides entertainment and the Queen doesn’t go near anyone I guess exceptions are made.

    I’ma gonna go mourn Katya now.

    • Waaaahhh! At least there’s only 1 episode without Katya. It’ll be weird not to have her commentary.

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