Jane the Virgin Season 1 Finale Recap: Meet Baby Mateo Before He’s Gone!

Like all good things, they must come to an end. While this is the season finale for season one of Jane the Virgin, we’re lucky that they are already confirmed for a second season. We did it Jane the Virgin fans! On the season finale episode, Xo is worried that she’ll miss Jane having the baby since she’ll be in Vegas for her and Rogelio’s big show. Jane reassures her that she’s not due until three more weeks so Xo is worrying for no reason. She thinks Xo mending her relationship with Rogelio is critical at this time. Turns out Rogelio is very worried about missing the big day too.

Jane-the-Virgin-ep22-Jane-Michael-RafaelMichael stops by Jane’s house since she had to cancel on him due to college applications. He brings her food and some encouraging words about not giving up on her college dreams. Shortly after Jane starts to get strong contractions which means Jane is finally having the baby. Yay for baby time! When Jane gets to the hospital it’s a big letdown once the doctor tells her it was false labor. Things get heated between Rafael and Michael as they bring up the discussion of Jane. Michael doesn’t want to leave until he gets to say goodbye to Jane but obviously Rafael isn’t okay with that. He tries to make Michael feel bad by sounding like a lost puppy that’s always going to be waiting for Jane to take him back. It’s kind of true but Rafael doesn’t have any right to tell Michael he can’t wait for Jane. Rafael was the one who broke things off with Jane multiple times, and thinks he can get her back in the end just like Michael is hoping for. Jane overhears the two bickering and immediately commands for them to stop. Way to go, Jane!

Michael gets a surprise visit from his ex-partner/lover, Nadine who recently was discovered to be working with Sin Rostro. She has information for Michael dealing with the whereabouts of the plastic surgeon that works with Sin Rostro. It’s also rumored that he might have changed her face once again so he would be the only one who knows what Rose’s new face looks like.

On the bus ride home from meeting with a college director Jane starts to go into labor, for real this time. Luckily she’s able to get to the hospital in time and Rafael and Alba are there to support her. Jane’s labor process is stalled so she sends Alba home while she and Rafael talk about baby names. They finally pick the beautiful name Nina but aren’t too sure about whose last name she’ll take. Turns out the baby will have a hyphenated last name and Rafael agrees to have Jane’s last name at the end. I can’t wait to meet Nina Solano-Villanueva.

Michael and his team head in to catch the plastic surgeon that was working with Sin Rostro. When they arrive it’s evident that he was hiding out in this abandoned address but the key word is that he lived here. They find the surgeon on the floor dead with a single bullet wound to the chest. Since Nadine’s lead was literally a dead end Michael can’t promise anything with the deal she tried making with him. Since he knew Nadine so well he still tries his best to make sure that her family is protected like she asked for.

Jane-the-Virgin-ep22-Jane-family-baby1Rogelio and Xo couldn’t make it to the hospital the night before so they’re headed back home in the morning and need Michael’s help. Hopefully he’ll be able to pick them up from the airport to give them a police escort so that they’ll arrive just in time for Jane to have the baby. Either way this baby is coming and Jane is already starting to push. After pushing for so long Xo finally arrives to give Jane the same motivation that Alba gave Xo when she was in labor. One last big push and the surprise arrival of a baby boy brings tears to everyone in the room. Since he can’t be named Nina anymore this new bundle of cuteness is named Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano-Villanueva. It’s a very long name but that’s not unusual when it comes to Hispanic families. I think it’s adorable that the baby is named Mateo after Xo’s father and that they were able to add Rogelio’s name in as well.

Nadine was able to get herself free from the handcuffs while Michael left to help Jane out. Turns out the joke is on Nadine since Michael had planned for her to take the bait all along. He’s tracking her phone and knows that eventually she’ll have nowhere to run but to go back to Sin Rostro’s people. I thought you were turning yourself around Nadine but clearly you’re working with the enemy here.

Petra had taken a call earlier from someone who had taken over the fertility clinic where Rafael’s original sperm sample was kept. She lets her know that his original sample was split into two and they had just found the other sample. Petra was on her way to tell Rafael about the news when she overheard Rafael talking about trying to kick her to the curb. Now that she’s the only one who knows about this other sample, she heads over to the clinic and gets her hands on it. Clearly she has high hopes for this sample and I don’t think Rafael is going to like her plan.

Jane-the-Virgin-ep22-Rogelio-XoThe night before Rogelio and Xo’s flight back home was quite a wild one. Some of Rogelio’s fans showed up and kept the two supplied with plenty of drinks for the whole night. Rogelio and Xo find a CD with their names on it and are shocked to find out what it reveals. Turns out the two got married in Vegas by a Cher impersonator, who would’ve thought?

A nurse walks into Jane’s room to let her know that Mateo needs to get his hearing checked. Right away she’s quick to take away the baby and I’m not sure if things are adding up here. Sin Rostro just changed her entire look and no one else except the dead plastic surgeon knows what she looks like. My guess is this so called nurse is really Sin Rostro. Jane hands off the baby to the nurse despite me yelling at the TV for her not to. Looks like I was partially right, the nurse is working Sin Rostro and she’s kidnapping Jane’s baby! Someone help!

What were your thoughts on the season finale Chapter 22 of Jane the Virgin? Do you think that now that the baby has come Jane will finally make up her mind about Rafael and Michael? She still has feelings for both but now it’s a matter of who she feels is right for the baby. Who knows she might just stay being single for a while which wouldn’t be a bad thing. Could you believe Rogelio and Xo got married? I wonder what they’re going to do with that situation next season. Did anyone else pick up on the weird vibes of that nurse when she immediately wanted to take Mateo away from Jane? She had bad news written all over her, I’m surprised Jane let her take him. Now I’m going to be freaking out over what Petra and Sin Rostro are planning on doing with this baby news. They might as well work with each other now that another Solano baby is probably in the works. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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