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Alaskan Bush People

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The Season 2 midseason premiere of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People is Friday, May 29, at 9pm ET/PT, reports People magazine:

While the “wolf pack” works together to finish their new home, the grown male members of the clan seek to bring romance into their lives.

After mom Ami hires a matchmaker to set up her five sons, the show chronicles their first foray into the dating world.

Excitement for the Browns doesn’t end with the introduction of “beautiful” outside women. As they continue to try to live independently, the buck shooting, wood-chopping family contends with law enforcement and even tries to develop a new business.

Here’s an excerpt from Discovery Channel’s press release announcement:

America’s new favorite family, The Browns, are back when Alaskan Bush People returns to Discovery Channel on May 29th at 9PM ET/PT. Last Season, we were introduced to Billy Brown, his wife Ami and their seven grown children – five boys and two girls – who were born and raised in the wilds of Alaska. The Browns, a modern-day Waltons family, live so remotely they’ve developed their own accent and way of doing things. With the series return and their dream home finally finished, will they be able to truly settle down and build a life here?

This season the Browns look to the future and, for this self-proclaimed wolf pack, that means growing their clan. With the sons in their 20s and 30s, they’re eager to meet “the one” and start families of their own. To grow the Brown family, Ami takes it upon herself to hire a local matchmaker. As the boys date, they also work with the family to secure consistent food sources and build out the homestead, including a “bush comfort” – a homemade clothes dryer constructed from an oil drum and old metal fencing and heated by an open fire.

In midst of all of this, the family faces enormous personal challenges when Ami is forced to seek medical attention in town. With the stakes higher than ever and unexpected costs piling up, the family gambles on a new idea they hope will secure they’re future –launching a business that will lead the family deeper into the bush than they ever imagined.

I am looking forward to seeing these “beautiful outside women” trucked in from the Lower 48 try to tackle another one of Bear’s obstacle courses. And I’m curious to see if their contending with law enforcement involves their PFD fraud charges, and if their new business venture involves prefabricated plastic-wrap temporary housing.

I’ll have many more thoughts on this later. And, of course, the recaps will return May 29. And there is much rejoicing.


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  1. I love watching the show. I only wish I lived near them but with a little more comforts . I would love to fish with them, get crabs with them, and enjoy their company at dinner. Good people!

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