When does The Little Couple return? Here are the details!


TLC’s The Little Couple returns with brand-new episodes on May 26 — and things are looking up for the Arnold-Klein clan.

In the season premiere, Bill’s back surgery is now six weeks behind him and even though he is still in significant pain, the devoted dad admits he may be bending doctor’s orders a bit to keep his kids (and himself) amused.

He and Jen make a trek back to New York for a checkup with Dr. Farmer and enjoy some much welcomed couple time when the visit proves a success.



Meanwhile, Jen is two years cancer-free and juggling work, caring for the kids and helping Bill with his recovery with all the panache and good humor viewers have come to love about this mighty mom.

The season opener also offers an emotional look at the complexities of Jen’s job via a fascinating simulation of what will prove a successful 26-hour surgery to separate adorable conjoined twin girls.

the-little-couple-new-season-zoey-balletOn the home front, 4-year-old Will and 3-year-old Zoey are thriving, enjoying the family pets and talking a mile a minute. With four months of school under their belts, the kids’ verbal skills have skyrocketed, with Will still serving as a comical little echo to everything his parents say. A trip to the Johnson Space Center in Episode 1 lands Will a spankin’ new astronaut suit, much to his dad’s delight — and in upcoming episodes, the sunny little guy takes his first karate class while girlie Zoey gives ballet a try.

Accompanying The Little Couple season premiere is the release of Bill and Jen’s new book, Life Is Short (No Pun Intended), which details how the couple found one another and fell in love, overcoming life’s toughest challenges to become successful professionals and build the beautiful family that fans have cherished through more than seven seasons.

The Little Couple airs Tuesdays at 9/8CT beginning May 26 on TLC.

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  1. Zoey is still a baby learning to speak. As her ability to communicate and her fear subsides, she will probably be able to voice her opinions.
    Will is a growing boy and maybe did not receive enough food in a Chinese orphanage. Really, Jen and Bill are learning how to parent and discipline. New parents often allow children to explore in order
    to learn. They want to give these children everything that they never had…give them all a chance to adjust…PLEASE?
    If you can’t say something nice…say nothing at all. Didn’t anyone teach you any manners? Apparently not!!!

  2. Best show on t.v. why would people say such nasty things, just don’t watch it. But to call will names is terrible either you don’t have kids or you were a terrible parent. Shame on you.

    • People who say mean things to others have bigger problems themselves and only way to make themselves feel better or superior is to bully good people. Please dont give those bullies importance they are not worthy and its sad. I love the little couple and their adorable babies. Please bring them back

  3. Will is a greedy spoilt little brat and is clearly their favourite . Yet zoe is so adorable she melts my heart .will does exactly what he pleases .stuffing as much food in his face as possible .he is a fat brat .

  4. Wow, you are just a judgemental bitch now aren’t you? Nasty Nasty…

  5. Zoey is beautiful and, I see they are still catering to Will when it comes to their family outings! Its always, what do you want to do Will, or what do you think Will? Also, Will is not four, he’s five and, I wonder if his behavior has improved.

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