Interview with Britt Nilsson who talks hygiene, gowns, Larry David, “The Bachelorette” and more


Britt Nilsson is not the cliché you might assume. Sure, she is a waitress in Hollywood, however, she is not the usual — an aspiring actress.

Bachelorette_BrittThat may put her in a more rarified league than why she’s in the spotlight. Nilsson is one of the two contenders on ABC’s The Bachelorette, premiering May 18.

Admittedly, Nilsson did have a brush with acting. “I did a short film one time and it haunted me,” she says. And that was it. Nilsson is not taking acting lessons or expecting the reality show for the lovelorn to be anything more than a springboard for an eternal mate.

Returning to the show is a vindication of sorts for Nilsson because she suffered the jibes of mean girls when the other bachelorettes turned on her. She’s still shocked and shaky about it, but brings it up.

“We were breaking bread together,” Nilsson says. “I felt like I had made a lot of friendships and watching it back, fairly early in the season, they were saying hurtful things and it kept escalating until I left the show.

“I was being misunderstood and I was not aware of it until I watched it with the rest of the world,” she continues. “I never would have seen it coming.”

The other contestants “made fun of my hygiene,” she says. “Anything that came out of my mouth would be misinterpreted.”

Still that did not deter her from believing she could find lasting love in front of millions of people. And, Nilsson remains determined about what she wants in a husband.

“Someone who has some sort of faith in something outside of themselves and asks the big questions,” she says. “Someone who is emotionally intelligent and someone who is silly and can laugh at themselves and that goes a long way in a marriage. Someone who wants to improve themselves, is on a trajectory that is up and wants to encourage me.”

Nilsson is encouraged by the thought of everlasting love, is certain it is possible for her, and believes that can happen on The Bachelorette.

“I saw people falling in love on the show,” she says. “It is a weird environment. A lot of the jealousies were because feelings were forming. You are removed from all distractions in your regular life. People are really, really encouraged to be vulnerable. It fosters a relationship not in the normal way and you do figure out what somebody is quite quickly.”

The show requires internal and external transitions for participants. Nilsson, a casual dresser, worked with a stylist for the first time.

“We tried on a bunch of gowns,” she says. “I don’t own any gowns. That was really, really fun. I would put on a gown and it would be 50 pounds and cost $45,000. I did not even know that existed on planet Earth.”

She brought two suitcases with her own clothes, so she could wear her Chucks and jeans, but relies on the show to outfit her for the dates.

The other major changes are having relatively little downtime and being sequestered from her regular life.

“Last season they allowed you to bring a journal and a bible and that was pretty much how I spent my downtime,” she says.

Nilsson couldn’t divulge where she was or what she would be doing but she’s happy to answer some of our own offbeat questions.

Have people recognized you since The Bachelor?
Yes, quite a bit probably because of my hair and because of where I live. I live on Hollywood and Highland. People are looking to see anyone. I think people really want to see anyone famous. I get recognized. People are so kind. The demographic of people who watch most, who come up to me, are young women or moms on vacation. It has been totally a joyful experience.

What star would you love to meet?
Larry David.

Who are the your three go-to artists on your iPod?
Bon Iver, Bethel Music, On and On

What are three items always in your refrigerator or pantry?
Apple cider vinegar, avocadoes and coconut water

If you could only watch three TV shows, what would they be?
I love Hoarders. I love Dateline and Intervention.



  1. What a desperate pathetic person she is. Get a life sista and try to find a real man, not some dude fabricated for losers watching these types of TV shows.

  2. I love this lady…so intelligent, well spoken,sweet and not to mention ridiculously beautiful. Can’t wait to watch her hope she finds love

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