Fashion Fight! Recap: Little Women: NY Episode 8

Little Women: NY Episode 8


It’s fashion week, the time of year when everyone’s hungry and angry (or hangry), and if you aren’t getting your nourishment from an I.V. drip, you’re doing it all wrong. Of course, I’m kidding, models allegedly eat, but it’s fashion week, and it makes people crazy.  But first, let’s start Little Women: NY Episode 8 by meeting up with the gang who are still on their ski/snowboard trip.

Little Women: NY Episode 8Jazmin is still upset that her sister-in-law Dawn drank in front of recovering alcoholic Lila, something that she promised to not do at Lila’s intervention. The fight was covered in last week’s episode, but in the real world, that fight happened the night before; Jaz’s wounds are still fresh. Jazmin says that Dawn’s drinking habits aren’t supportive of their friend, but Dawn turns it around and says that Jaz allows Lila to believe her actions are okay, but accepting some of Lila’s prescription meds (which may or may not have been prescribed to Lila, BTW.) Jazz denies that she took the drugs and so does Lila.

Lila delivers the awesome line, “You’ve got more issues than a third world country.”

Jaz is tired of her sister-in-law smothering her. She doesn’t want every decision she makes to earn her scrutiny. Jaz is ready to cut Dawn out of her life, but Dawn says that Jazmin needs to grow up and act independent.

Thankfully, the ski trip is almost over — too many big personalities in a small space are like a powder keg waiting to explode. Misty and Jordanna’s relationship is tense too, they’re both walking in an upcoming dwarf fashion show. Both women may be friends, but they’re both beautiful, young actresses, so they likely go up for the same jobs and roles. While they’re happy when one books work, it means the other one didn’t.

Little Women: NY Episode 8Misty is so excited to walk in a dwarf fashion show in a dress made of real $100 bills. No wonder couture dresses are so expensive; they’re literally worth their weight in gold! The designer is featuring little people models and has already had a successful show in Paris and this season will show her clothes in New York and London. But at the fitting, Misty learns that she’s not a definite lock to wear the $25K dress and the designer is auditioning one more model… (Who is likely Jordanna).

Little Women: NY Episode 8Lila, Jason, Jazmin and Misty (If they invited only people with names in the middle of the alphabet- Kristin should be here too…and Jordanna.. Basically, everyone but Dawn) do a Krav Maga self-defense class to learn how to protect themselves and use their size as weapons. Their hunky instructors show them how to deflect attacks and go one the offensive. Jason thanks one of them by landing a hard elbow to the side of his face. Ouch Jason! This is only pretend!! I think one of the biggest take always for the group is the reintroduction of the crotch shot as the money shot. When in doubt, go for the gonads.

Across town, Jordanna heads to her dwarf fashion show audition/ fitting with Dawn. Jordanna learns that this job has the potential to become full-time and allow her to travel around the world as a model. It sounds amazing! After trying on a dress that looks like a Mardi Gras float, the designer brings out the coveted “Money Dress” — Misty’s Money Dress — to try on. Jordanna loves the dress but is soooo conflicted, she loves the dress and the opportunity it presents, but she knows that Misty is going to be pissed. Dawn encourages her to do what makes her successful, but Dawn isn’t exactly winning and friendship contests this week, now is she?

Little Women: NY Episode 8Misty is practicing for the fashion show so is strutting her stuff in her highest heels. She uses her long hallways as a catwalk as Kristin and Jason offer criticism, but when Misty and Kristin challenge Jason to put some stilettos where his sass-hole is, he accepts. Unfortunately, this Cinder-fella isn’t Cinderella and the shows don’t’ fit. Never the less, he has a great model walk that would make Miss J. Alexander proud. Wurk it!!

Kristin gets a text from Jordanna that she’s won the coveted finale dre$$, and when Kristin tells her roomie Misty, Misty turn downright Stormy. “I want my dress!!” she thunders. Why didn’t Jordanna tell Misty herself?

Lila and Jason run errands together like the old married couple that they may someday be, and Jason talks about how his friendship with Jordanna has eroded because of the ski trip. He revealed that he isn’t financially ready to move out of his parent’s house and Jordanna called him a “Coward,” and told him to put on his “big boy pants and do it.” She embarrassed him in front of the entire group. Perhaps the closing of her Broadway show has Jordanna stressed and feeling insecure. And when Misty meets with the designer to see what’s the will be wearing in the show, the designer tells her to lose some weight, which isn’t cool. This is a fat-shaming-free zone! Misty says some things to the designer that could be construed as unprofessional, like calling an outfit “trashy.” When you’re a model, you’re a walking hanger. Your job is not to have an opinion and if the designer asks you for one, be positive or you’ll never work again.

I don’t think the show is in NYC’s famed Bryant Park, but it is during NY Fashion Week (Also known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week), so it’s a massive honor to participate. All of the women in the show look good, and it’s interesting to hear the group be judgmental of the bodies of the little people models. (Basically it’s Lila making comments) Misty looks incredible when she comes out. She has model-worthy hair and the makeup looks flawless. And I know she didn’t love her outfit, but she looks really sexy in the short, black, ruffled skirt and black leather top with a sheer, white panel. That top would be hot with any number of bottoms: like tight jeans, or even wide-leg trousers.

Little Women: NY Episode 8Jordanna looks equally glamorous. The hair team has styled her hair in loose waves that are stunning. She could wear her hair like this every day: it’s so sexy!! For the runway, the designer has added a long train made up of money. It’s a dress fit for a queen. Cha Ching!

After the show, the group heads to Monarch to celebratory drinks. Lila orders a Shirley Temple and so does Jason. Misty and Jordanna arrive to applause and congratulations.

Jazmin and Dawn try to settle their differences, but it’s going to take a little time to heal all of Jazmin’s wounds. I think the women love each other, and sweetly make up, but I’m not sure if Jaz is ready to like her sister in law again.

Little Women: NY Episode 8Jordanna wants to smooth thinks out with Jason, and hopes that revealing her big news will help rebuild their friendship. She tells him that she’s been invited to Paris to model for the designer. But this means Misty isn’t going and Jordanna tells Jason to keep the good news between them. But Jason immediately tells Misty because he thought today was opposite day. And he starts egging Misty on, telling her that Jordanna took her dress, her thunder and her trip. I don’t know why Jason is inviting an alcohol-fueled fight. And then Jason tells everyone else too. He is such a little instigator and Jordanna has lost respect for him. And judging by the fiery previews of next week’s episode, the fight isn’t over…


  1. Did anyone else notice that the money dress looked different for each girl? Jordanas showed her mid drift?

  2. Why no one focused on why Dawn broke a promise to Lila and focused on the deflected conversation I will never know. If Dawn spoke the truth she wouldn’t have continued to drink in front of Lila after saying she would not. Trip or no trip. She was wrong. As for Misty…if you exhibit a crappy attitude like whining, pouting, crying, and insulting the fashion designers clothes, you won’t get called back for anything. It was jealousy and her attitude that screwed her. She is lucky the designer let her walk at all after her meltdown. Unfortunately, she got the “lose some weight” comment which I thought was a little out of place. If you are designing for little people, you need to take their different shapes and sizes into consideration. Misty’s redeeming feature was saying she loved her curves.

    • Jor Danna The sound of your name makes me want to vomit! You are such an Back Stabbing Bitch! You are a shitty Friend and Gurl Misty Is Way More Gorgeous Then You! Hope you fall on your ugly lil face!

  3. I have lost all respect for Jason what a jerk he did this to get back at Jordana he had no good intentions at all all the other girls saw it that’s why they said there’s a rat in the room. well he just lost a very good friend and that’s sad.

  4. I don’t like Jason any more either. He was the devious one. He never gave Jordanna a chance to tell Misty in the first place about Paris. Besides she wasn’t suppose to say anything yet. Jason is very evil and I would NEVER be his friend again if he could stab a best friend in the back like he did. So what if Jordanna told him not to be a coward, she didn’t call him one she just said don’t be one. Hey Jason—put your big boy pants on and GROW-UP!!!!! God what a prick!

  5. I don’t think jason is mean at all I think he wants the best for his friends. …I think telling MISTY about jordonna going to Paris was a payback FOR what she said at the table at the cabin. ….which Jordonna should not if said

    • That’s right. If you call Filipinos name or shaming in front of people, most likely the person will do it back. The person will do it during random conversations.

  6. I agree that Jordanna did nothing devious to get that dress. What the designer said about Misty losing weight was nothing different than what runway models deal with everyday. This was not some charity event where “average” people do the runway. This was a real runway show. If Misty is going to cry and pout constantly, then she is looking to get into the wrong type of work. I don’t know if Jason’s part was scripted, but he was really a jerk in this episode. I’m starting to really like Lila. I think she’s being a lot nicer and seems to be the voice of reason on that show.

  7. I watched the show about the fashion show. …I could not believe that fashion designer told misty to lose weight. ..that lady needs to look in the mirror. tell this beautiful woman. lose weight. ..hey lady…you should be a shamed of yourself no wonder young women have issues with their bodies. …if I was misty I would have told her to stick that money dress up her ass and walked out….MISTY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET AND THEIR WILL BE MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU….but don’t be upset with Jodonna this is her time yours will be soon BEST OF LUCK

    • The show was a blast, Jordanna did look better than misty who really can’t aspire to a modelling career with being overweight. Jordanna had obviously more charisma and has way more experience. The truth may hurts but it is still the truth. the modelling industry is harsh

      • I don’t think Misty is overweight, but she does have hips and a large chest which make her look much heavier.

  8. I no longer like Jason. What a evil little man. Don’t cross him or he’ ll throw you under the bus! And here I thought Lila was the evil one! Jason your horns are showing!

    • I don’t think jason is mean at all I think he wants the best for his friends. …I think telling MISTY about jordonna going to Paris was a payback FOR what she said at the table at the cabin. ….which Jordonna should not if said

  9. The somewhat scripted part of the whole fashion show aside, Jordanna James has been modeling and acting for a long time. She has agents and representation that I suspect Misty doesn’t have. From googling them, Jordanna has much, much more experience. She has acting and modeling jobs listed on her imdb page while Misty only has this. Jordanna didn’t do anything devious to get that dress. She just auditioned. That’s not playing dirty.

    • You’re so right! That whole, “I haven’t finished auditioning girls,” thing DID seem a little staged just to cause drama.

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