Catfish Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: Momma’s Boy

catfish-ep11-momOn the mid-season finale of MTV’s Catfish season 4, we meet Aurora who lives in Texas. Now Aurora isn’t writing in to find out if she’s being catfished by someone she’s been talking to online. Just in time for Mother’s Day, she’s writing in for her son Steven, who seems to be already emotionally attached with a girl named Samm he met online 6 months ago. She also mentions in the email that she’s afraid of who Samm could be since he’s been catfished before and hasn’t actually dated anyone in person. I feel bad for Steven since his mom has to be the one to contact Catfish for him. Also that he has been catfished before and most likely is being catfished again by someone in California. Either way you can tell Steven and his mother Aurora have a strong bond since he doesn’t mind that she contacted Nev and Max for help. Total momma’s boy.

Nev and Max fly out to Texas to learn more about Steven and Samm’s relationship. Steven tells the guys that he met Samm through Twitter which is the way in which he got her phone number. They normally text but he has heard Samm’s voice a handful of times, doesn’t sound too good. Samm and Steven talk from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. She even helped Steven pull himself out of a deep depression where he contemplated suicide after having to quit wrestling. It seems like Steven’s future plans keep changing according to Samm which bothers Momma Bear. To make matters worse, the two have never Skyped before and the only photos she’s sent to Steven are ones that are already on her social media accounts. It’s clear she’s hiding something because everyone has a Snapchat that they could send pictures on real easily.

With all the background information they need, Nev and Max head out to start their investigation. Since nothing is popping up out of the ordinary, the guys send a message to Samm’s friend Erick. They get a call back from Erick who lets them know that Samm and her friend Jasmine shared a phone in high school. He’s not sure if the phone number that Steven has would be Jasmine or Samm’s phone. Turns out you can share a Twitter account from two different profiles, making it easy access for Jasmine to get on Samm’s account. Erick sends the guys the link to Jasmine’s Twitter which displays a lot of depressing tweets just like Steven’s Samm was made out to be. I wouldn’t doubt that Jasmine has been the one talking to Steven through Samm’s account to hide her insecurities. That’s going to be a tough one to explain to her bestie Samm once she comes clean to everyone.

After finding all the information they can about Samm, Nev and Max go back to Steven and Aurora with their investigation details. They reveal the possibility of Jasmine being Samm and Steven says he’s never seen or heard of Jasmine before. The depressing tweets are what make Steven think Jasmine is the girl he’s actually talking to. Her tweets depict that she has a low self-esteem which would make sense why she’s hiding behind her friend’s account and won’t go on camera.

Nev thinks it’d be a good idea to have Steven send Samm a picture of all of them together so that she can answer Nev’s phone call. Surprisingly she responds right away saying she’ll answer Nev’s call. When Nev calls Samm she’s immediately hesitant towards meeting up with them. She does mention that she hasn’t been completely honest with him and does want to speak with him face-to-face about it. She eventually agrees to the meetup in order to hopefully come clean. With the stamp of approval, the whole gang including Mom are on their way to California.

catfish-ep11-steven-sammOnce they arrive to the house in California everyone is shocked that Samm actually came to the door. She’s the same girl in the photos so I’m waiting for what secret bomb she’s about to drop. Nev tells Samm about the theory they had that Steven was talking to Jasmine. She lets them know that she and Jasmine still talk but Steven never communicated with Jasmine. Since no one is getting to the real juicy details, Max questions what this big secret is that Samm has been hiding.

Samm finally tells Steven that while they were talking she was talking to other people than just Steven. However, she’s completely cutoff all ties with those other guys and is solely focused on building a relationship with Steven. Steven doesn’t seem to want to dwell on the past and forgives Samm for lying. It’s great that Steven is nice enough to forgive her and move on but having being such a sweetheart can get your heart crushed a lot along the way. It’s a good thing Steven has a mom like Aurora to watch out for him in his future.

The next day Steven and Samm talk about their future over some ice cream. Steven asks Samm if she feels like they could have a relationship in the future but she immediately shuts him down. It seems like after they met up in person her feelings towards Steven changed from being in a relationship to being just friends. Samm also mentions that she’s not looking for a relationship right now because she’s trying to focus on her future in college. Being the good man he is, Steven tells Samm that he doesn’t see any reason for him being in her life after that discussion. He gets up and leaves the ice cream parlor heartbroken. It’s tough to see Steven so upset but I know he’ll find his one true love someday. This time she won’t lie to you and make you recruit Nev and Max’s help, Steven.

What were your thoughts on the mid-season finale of Catfish? Would you be embarrassed if your mom contacted MTV? I probably would be a little embarrassed since my parents would know that I may or may not be in a relationship with someone online that I don’t even know. Did you think Samm was going to be who she said she was or Jasmine? I was with Max on this one, I definitely thought Jasmine was going to answer that door at the house. How do you feel about Samm’s big secret and the way she dumped Steven in the end? I couldn’t believe she did that to him! I guess it’s a good thing Aurora didn’t accompany them or she would’ve shown her protective Momma Bear side for her cub. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

New episodes of Catfish return Wednesday, July 8 at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. I just realized that this was the first time that a mom reached out to the show first – can’t believe it’s taken that long, given the nature of a lot of people who get Catfished. Even funnier is how it’s come out that it was actually Samm who wrote to the show, but the producers changed the story to make it fit their ideas better (I guess they also realized a parent had never made first contact before).

    Oooh i also just wanted to say I loved that they used “Tourist” by Clementine & The Galaxy during the scene when Steven and Samm meet for the first time I love that song

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