Recap: Dancing With The Stars: The Results Week 8

Tonight, on Dancing With The Stars: The Results — with only a week to go before the semifinals — two couples will be eliminated. This week’s elimination was based on last week’s Era scores, and last night’s scores from America’s Choice and the Trio dances.

Dancing With The Stars: The Results
Image Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Len chose to see an encore of Rumer’s Paso Doble trio that she dances with Val and Artem. It’s definitely a HOT number and once again, Ru showed a ferocity and power that is perfection. We also got another look at their steamy samba. Is this competition hers to lose? After two magnificent weeks in a row, it comes as little surprise that they’re safe and will compete in the semi-finals.

After the break we got to watch Maddie Ziegler dance a little contemporary piece and it was so nice to see her dance and know she wasn’t going to be yelled at as soon as she walked off the stage.

Then we were “treated” to Dance Center. When Tom was teasing that it was going to return, I was hoping he was kidding and this would only be online. But since this is a results show, they have plenty of time to kill. So we get a few minutes of Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman in Dance Center. But, we did get visual confirmation that Robert and Kym are deep in like (And maybe LOVE)!!

We took a look back at Chris’ performances from last night and as expected, he and Witney are in jeopardy. He seems like a nice guy and may be one of the sexiest farmers I’ve ever seen, but it’s time for him to get home to Iowa and start plowing the back 40 and feed his pigs.

Have you got a burning question for the contestants of Dancing With The Stars? This week you can tweet #askDWTS.

Then we got to hear Carly Rae Jepson’s catchy new single “I Really Like You.” Carly has a cute, red-banged bob and she’s as adorable as ever. Speaking of adorable, have you seen the music video for this song? I really, really, really like it.

Dancing With The Stars: The Results
Robert & Kym may be falling in love, but they didn’t get enough love from their fans and were voted out of the competition. Image credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Then we took a look back at Noah and Sharna’s performances from last night (and a spill that could have derailed Noah’s tango performance, but didn’t) and we got another look at Robert and Kym’s first televised kiss. Of the two teams, one is safe, and one will be eliminated immediately — which is harsh. Of course we knew that no one was going to eliminate Noah, he’s still inspiring us. But that means Robert and Kym get to keep falling in love in privacy.

Back to Dance Center, and I dozed off for a while. Kenny reminds me of why I usually fall asleep while watching Sports Center.

Members of Travis Wall's and DWTS pro Allison Holker prepare for their performance. Image credit: Travis Wall's Instagram.
Members of Travis Wall and Shaping Sound & DWTS pro Allison Holker prepare for their performance. Image credit: Travis Wall’s Instagram.

Thankfully, DC was over and we could watch an amazing contemporary routine from Travis Wall and Shaping Sound and thankfully we got to see Allison Holker finally dance contemporary. It was magical. and thankfully, fans can catch them on a nationwide tour that launches this summer.

We revisited Nastia and Derek/ Sasha’s dances from last night and Riker and Allison’s performances. It’s scary that one of these two fantastic groups will be in jeopardy and may be eliminated. Both couples are presenting really creative and innovative dances. Nastia and Derek are announced as safe, which means Riker and Allison are in jeopardy.

To ease our brains, fears, and stress, DWTS smartly bring out Josh Groban to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and all is right in the world again. And then out prances Maddie Ziegler and two equally talented, albeit tinier dancers and I’m so inspired that I feel like I can run through walls. Although I don’t think I can do even one dance step from the performance.

A slap of reality was delivered in the form of a tacky mall-jewelry store commercial, reminding my husband once again what never to buy for me.

We’ve got two couples still facing elimination, one terrific and one terrible not-so-good. Thankfully, fate smiles upon us and Chris and Witney are eliminated and we’re prevented from another fiasco like last week’s Willow-and-Mark surprise elimination. Chris was surprisingly emotional and cried out of gratitude for the life-changing experience.

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