1. Are you ready for the Hello Kitty ball?

    I’m looking forward to the puppets. I loved that mini challenge last season.

    • I’m so ready for Hello Kitty. Everybody loves puppets!

      It’s one of those things that makes me look forward to Mondays.

      • I’m the same way.

        Plus I just read that Santino Rice is a guest judge so that should be interesting.

        • Since they have to make outfits, having Santino as a judge makes far more sense. I like him as a judge, but I think Ross Matthews is my favorite. Besides Michelle Visage, of course.

      • Hopefully Kei will stop by tonight. I only know her from here but I had the impression that she was a regular reader and noter.

        • She was a regular commenter – not sure if Kei isn’t feeling this season of Drag Race or if she’s just too busy. I think Dance Moms is done until fall, so maybe Kei will stop by our drag corner of the blog.

  2. Hey Ruth,

    What’s up with the Ki Ki sessions lately? Kei has been MIA and people seem determined to Spam you lately. 🙁

    We also seem to have a spell checker stopping by. Correct me if I’m wrong about that but I think you fully intended to say “Where’s your Christmas Spirit DONNN?” since that’s the way Katya said it last week.

    As far as the contest, I think Ginger should have been the one sent home solely based on her dance performance and her runway look. Her look on the runway was the weakest. Her guy makeup was by far the worst. Her whole look was a mess.

    • You stopped by SusieQ, and that makes me happy – thank you! I hope Kei is ok.

      Yes, I was trying to bring the Boston sound to my spelling of Dawn. Sometimes that’s hard to hear in your head.

      I thought Ginger’s makeup was ok. Her girl outfit though… esch… I will be shocked if Ginger doesn’t make top 3, but this year the editors have been doing a good job keeping me guessing. All 5 of these queens have gotten some kind of ‘winners edit’ at some point this season. I thought it was clear that Trixie was going (although she didn’t think so if you watch Untucked) because it wouldn’t really be fair to have her make top 3 or 4 when she didn’t participate in the entire season. Not that it was her fault.

      I have no idea who’s gonna go next week.

      • I think I was trying to say too much earlier and I wasn’t clear in my first note.

        I agree that Ginger will be Top 3. I’ve thought that all season. What I meant to say was based solely on Ginger’s performance yesterday I thought she should have been the one to leave. I thought her makeup was awful and I hated her runway look. She also couldn’t dance.

        I thought Trixie’s performance was much better and I liked her Runway look but once Trixie was back I noticed that my attitude towards them bringing someone back changed. If someone has been sent packing that should be the end of it. It really isn’t fair to bring someone back.

        • Yeah, I figured Trixie was going simply because keeping her into top 4/5 really isn’t fair to the girls that have participated in the entire season. I’m wondering if Ginger is on a downward path or will have yet ANOTHER redemption arc (which I’m kind of tired of the redemption arcs). I’d be really surprised if Ginger didn’t make the top 3 but the top 5 is pretty strong & talented. It could go any way at this point.

  3. Dawn Davenport is spelled D-A-W-N. And I think the episode is called “Prancing Queens”.

    All T, no Shade.

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