Jane the Virgin Chapter 21 Recap: Just Like Old Times

There’s only one more episode before the season one finale of Jane the Virgin and I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to handle Mondays without it. Either way, I’m going to make sure to enjoy these last two episodes of the show since I know they’re going to be filled with lots of drama. Just how I like it!

Jane’s known for planning everything out in her life so there are no surprises. That’s why when something as crazy and unplanned as becoming a pregnant virgin popped up into her life, she didn’t exactly know where to fit that into her 5-year plan. On Chapter 21 of Jane the Virgin, Jane is nervous about attending her high school reunion that she planned 5-years ago. Of course this was all planned out before she became pregnant, unemployed, and single. I don’t blame Jane for not wanting to go to the reunion. I already know I’m not going to my high school reunion because I gave them fake information to contact me with in the future. Oops, guess I’ll have to pass on that awesome reunion with a ton of people pretending to like each other for one night.

Jane goes to meet with Rafael to let him know her decision to file for primary custody of the baby. While Jane is ready to tell Rafael some heart wrenching news, Rafael is hoping to tell Jane that he’s completely messed up. He finally realized that he made a mistake by thinking he could let Jane go. Jane gets to tell her information before Rafael and he’s shocked about the news Jane has for him. He begs Jane to not go through with her decision, even telling her that he could get another apartment in order for the baby to not be around the hotel. It’s a huge step for Rafael to offer to buy another apartment in order to be able to see his child. He seems like he’s truly hurt by Jane’s news and he’ll do anything he possibly can to change her mind and show her he truly cares about their baby.

Jane-the-virgin-ep21-janeMichael calls Jane to let her know the update on Luisa being cooperative with the cops instead of hanging around Sin Rostro. He also asks her to be his date to a ceremony where he’ll be getting an award. Of course he mentions that it’s completely friendship related but I’m not too sure if I’m buying it. Jane agrees to go with Michael to the ceremony which seems odd since she was trying to avoid him just a few weeks prior.

Rogelio and Xo are practicing for their big Vegas show when Rogelio stops the rehearsal out of nowhere. He blames it on the fact that he could feel Xo drooling over him while they were practicing and it made him uncomfortable. He wants her to practice her resistance so they can continue with rehearsals. Clearly Xo has no idea what Rogelio is talking about. It’s obvious that Rogelio is the one who needs to practice his control over his emotions.

Jane is on her way to her high school reunion but stops by the hotel to pick up her friend Lina first. As if Jane weren’t already hesitant for tonight’s festivities she runs into Petra in the lobby, asking if Jane has a moment to speak with her. She asks for Jane to not take things out on Rafael because she sees what a horrible state he’s in. Petra continues by telling Jane that she would never harm her child but Jane isn’t too sure she can trust her. Petra lets Jane know that it was hard for her because she and Rafael were once married and trying to have a baby. All of a sudden Jane came along and was the perfect girl for Rafael who also happened to be pregnant with his baby. There’s no doubt Petra was only having this conversation with Jane to make her seem like the bigger person to Rafael. She thought she’d be getting brownie points for talking with Jane and having a heart-to-heart conversation.

Xo lets Alba know the strange occurrence that happened between her and Rogelio. She knows exactly why Rogelio reacted that way-he’s afraid of heights. He may be able to cascade down huge grand staircases but it he’s not securely fastened he’ll freak out. Xo questions Rogelio about this fear and gets the truth out of Rogelio. Who would’ve thought the Great Rogelio de la Vega was afraid of heights?

Jane-the-virgin-ep21-jane-xo-albaAfter the reunion, Michael starts to message Jane online. This turns into them texting and then talking on the phone all night. They talk on the phone all night just like old times, in deep conversation about important life decisions. I’ve never seen Jane on the phone all night with Rafael the way she’s been talking with Michael. Plus the conversation isn’t something meaningless, it’s something that means a lot to both of them. You could tell the two were starting to feel their old feelings towards each other right before hanging up. I’ve been team Rafael so far but after that heartwarming conversation I think I’m switching teams.

The next morning Jane lets Xo and Alba know that she’s decided to apply to a graduate program for writing. They both think it’d be a great idea to help keep Jane sane with the baby coming along. Turns out Michael was the main person who helped Jane come up with the decision. I guess Michael knows a thing or two about Jane that she never thought he’d know.

Petra got what she wanted and was made out to be the good guy in the situation between her and Jane. Rafael thanked Petra for talking to Jane even though it didn’t change her opinion on the custody issue. In order to push things a step further, Petra asks her mother to call Michael and confess that she indeed pushed Alba down the stairs. The only catch is that she must tell him that Petra was in the shower while all this happened so it looks like she had no idea of what happened. Another part of the lie is that Magda must tell Michael when she confessed the truth to Petra she begged her mother to tell the truth. Petra thinks this will make her the hero and allow Jane to drop the custody battle. I think Petra’s gone off the deep end in trying to get Rafael back. It’s crazy to think the two were once married.

Turns out Petra fell into Jane’s trap of getting her mother in jail like Jane had wanted. What we didn’t get to see before Magda’s arrest is that Jane came up with a plan to get Petra to do what she wanted. Jane didn’t want to keep the baby away from Rafael like he had told Petra, it was all a lie to convince Petra that Jane was still upset about Magda being at the hotel. Jane told Rafael that if he lied about this to Petra she would go as far as turn on her mother in order to get what she wanted-Rafael. Looks like Jane has a little mean girl in her too, nothing wrong with that.

Michael comes over to the Villanueva house to celebrate Magda’s confession. After the celebration Jane asks Michael if he’s truly okay with them just being friends since the night before it had seemed like they were returning to the good old days. He tells Jane that in his perfect world he’d want more but he knows that can’t happen so he’s fine with being just friends like Jane has requested. He wants Jane in his life and he’s not willing to risk losing her just because he wants something more. You couldn’t ask for a better guy friend or ex-fiancé than Michael. He truly cares about Jane even though things may not be exactly the way he wants them to be.


What were your thoughts on Chapter 21 of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Jane made the right decision to drop the custody battle? Now that Magda’s gone it seems like no one at the hotel would try to harm the baby. I know Petra isn’t big on showing her emotions unless she’s trying to win over Rafael again but I highly doubt she’d want to harm his child. This wouldn’t help her in the battle to win over Rafael’s heart either. What were your thoughts on Michael and Jane’s late night conversation? It was nice to see Jane happy once again since Rafael made sure to rip that away from her. I don’t think Jane needs to worry about dating either Michael or Rafael at this point. I think she needs to focus on the baby that’s on its way because it will be taking up all of her time and attention. What are your thoughts on crazy psycho ex Petra? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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  1. Jane is so judgmental at times and a little needy. Everything has to be perfect based on her definition of perfect. I really like her with Rafael. He’s good for her. Just as honest but not such a perfectionist. Although he is sweet and so romantic he does have baggage. But Rafael really loves Jane and wants to see her happy. He has always put her needs before his even before the relationship. Michael is such a sleazy liar. He will use anybody to get what he wants. Don’t forget how he used his brother. It would be good for Jane to discover the real Michael, the total package.

  2. Jane totally annoys the heck out of me with her back and forth feelings. The oh, so perfect Jane has quite a few flaws herself, and based on her move on Magda, she is no better than the people she spends a lot of time judging (not that Magda didn’t deserve the arrest). I adore Rafael, who has made some bad decisions, but is truly in love with Jane. I don’t care much for Michael, but I don’t think he is totally a bad guy…he just needs to get on with his life. After twenty one episodes of this, guess what?

    I don’t think Jane is emotionally mature enough to be with either. (How do you pass up gorgeous Rafael?) She has too many issues, is too quick to pass judgement and seems like a flighty juvenile Grow up, Nena!

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