Interview With Patti LaBelle of Dancing With The Stars

Patti LaBellePatti LaBelle may have been voted off of Dancing With the Stars, but she’s still a major part of the show. Last week she absolutely slayed in her performance of “Lady Marmalade” during the 10th Anniversary show and hopefully we’ll see her lovely face in the audience this season and in the future. After her departure from the dance competition, Miss Patti is busy, working on a top-secret project that I can’t tell you about … yet. But while we were chatting about her upcoming project, I asked her a few questions about her time on Dancing With the Stars. Below is an excerpt of our conversation (I cut out the secret stuff, you’ll just have to wait for that.)

Kellie Freeze: Hi, Patti, how are you?
Patti LaBelle: I’m fine dear. How are you?
KF: I’m great. Thank you so much for taking time to speak with me today.
PL: My pleasure.

KF: First of all, I want to congratulate you on Dancing with the Stars. I’m a big fan of the show, and I really enjoyed watching you this season.
PL: Thank you so much. I consider myself the winner. Although I didn’t go the whole ten to twelve weeks, but still I won. They asked me to be on Dancing With the Stars for 5 years and for this year, I said yes. I finally said yes.

KF: So what was it about this year that made you say yes to the experience?
PL: I’m 70 years young and I said “I can do Dancing With the freaking Stars.” I can do it. I can stay on there for at least 2 weeks. So I did it because I … you know, I challenge myself. And that was a challenge.

Patti LaBelle
Patti performs “Lady Marmalade” with L’il Kim & Amber Riley.

KF: One of the things that I was so touched by is every week, when you would get your applause, you were so genuinely moved by the outpouring of love …
PL: Yes. Because they were chanting “Patti, Patti” most of the time I was there and, you know, when I did the Lady Marmalade the other night with Lil Kim and Amber Riley they chanted again. And it’s like … it’s pure love. You can’t buy it. None of my fans would ever start that “Patti” chant. And I take that as such a compliment and respect for me from the public and it’s a wonderful feeling.

KF: This season on Dancing With the Stars, did you have a dance that was your favorite?
PL: I loved the fox trot. That was very … that was elegant. But I loved dancing to the 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” Child, I went total gangster on that. I liked the foxtrot a lot … that was my favorite dance but my favorite moment was “In Da Club.”

KF: That was a fantastic dance.
PL: Thank you, Kellie. What was your last name again?
KF: Kellie Freeze.
PL: Oh, Freeze. Oh you frozen girl. Hey, alright! I like that.