Outlander Episode 13 recap: At what cost is “The Watch”

Outlander Episode 13

Outlander Episode 13 “The Watch” (original airdate May 2, 2015) The episode begins as if no time has elapsed, Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) in the foyer of Lallybroch with a gun pointed at his face by a group of bandits. Claire comes down the stairs and stares helplessly flanking one side of the room, Jenny comes around a corner and helms the other side. But it’s going to be a showdown

“Taran put your gun down,” Jenny says. OK, so she knows the bloke. A good sign.

“I found this scoundrel in here, Jenny,” Taran MacQuarrie (Douglas Henshall) tells. “He’s lucky he got steady hands or he’d have ball in his brain by now.” Yeah, glad that’s not happening, as we had enough balls last week.

Jenny tells the fool that this is her cousin — Jamie. He follows his sister’s lead introducing himself as “Jamie MacTavish.” MacQuarrie pardons himself but explains how he had never set eyes on him thus his alarm. Jenny agrees telling how he had walked in on them too, AND with a wife on his arm. Claire strolls into the conversation adding that Jenny didn’t even know they were married. “A Sassenach for a bride,” they question.

Jenny (Laura Donnelly) says she nearly put a gun to her head, herself, but “we’ve come to know Claire, she’s a decent woman — we don’t mind her Englishness so much.”

MacQuarrie introduces himself and he apologizes for the confusion saying he thought he was robbing the place. “No Taran, we like to leave the robbing to you.”

A nervous relationship at best, as Taran MacQuarrie helps himself to a glass of whiskey. Ian walks in and is surprised to see Taran and his gang — his two main henchmen being Lennox (Douglas Russell) and Crenshaw (Francis Magee) — who apparently were making their visit earlier norm. MacQuarrie brushes it off saying he was hungry for some of Jenny’s stew. A whole lot of ass kissing starts, beginning with Ian telling MacQuarrie that he took his sword to the blacksmith to get it polished. Looks like they are staying. Jamie can barely hold in his anger at what he’s witnessing. He follows Jenny into the kitchen as she goes to prepare their meal. Jamie calls out the MacQuarrie’s as outlaws who are only looking to line their own pockets. Jenny and Ian explain how the money they pay them is for protection from the Redcoats and other clans. “They look out for us Jamie, and our tenants,” Ian (Steven Cree) tries to rationalize. They are known as “The Watch.”

Outlander Episode 13 recapSurely they will turn in Jamie if they catch wind of who he is they all agree. Jenny believes if they feed them and let them rest that they will be on their way. She advises Jamie: “You, cousin, are going to keep your wits about it until they’ve moved on.”

Ian explains how it has been a burden getting along without Jamie, and says  if he has a better idea on dealing with them, he’s all ears. Jenny grimaces in pain, as the “bairn” kicks —  “it kicks like a mule on fire.” Love her.

Later at dinner, MacQuarrie calls out Jamie for being so quiet and looks to understand who exactly he is. Claire tries to help a stumbling Jamie, telling he spent time in France fighting with Ian, which may have influenced his accent (as Jamie originally told MacQuarrie he was from the Islands, but MacQuarrie wasn’t buying it as his accent didn’t quite fit that of an Islander). Ian helps distract by telling how they were separated in battle and how he thought Jamie had died on the field.

“I’ve traded a lot of army tales with Ian and he’s never mentioned you,” MacQuarrie puzzles. Gulp. Does he know??

“I’m sure I must have,” Ian said.

“I’m sure you didn’t,” MacQuarrie doubts.

But Jenny’s wit is to be admired as she dismisses the two of them, questioning how either can remember anything with all the alcohol they consume. MacQuarrie seems appeased for now and makes a toast.

When his henchman Lennox puts his feet on the dining table, Claire gives a disapproving look and asks the gents how long they are staying, MacQuarrie informs they’ll be there for another day and more of his men will be arriving. Great, so much for keeping a low profile at Lallybroch.

Outlander fireNext morn, Jamie brings MacQuarrie’s horse down to the cottage where his men are staying. Jamie’s annoyed by Lennox who has helped himself to Ian’s tobacco telling him, the tobacco “is too fine for the likes of you.” The thug empties his pipe’s ashes into their wagon of hay and sets it on fire. Jamie works to distinguish it and then turns his anger toward the men, engaging in a full-out brawl. Jamie pretty much cleans house and ends victorious with his gun pointed down at Lennox. MacQuarrie witnesses just the end of the fight and interjects telling them all to stand down. He apologies for his men and explains how he’ still trying to school them (with little luck), suggesting to Jamie that he could use someone like him – a real warrior.

“I’ve done enough fighting in my life,” Jamie responds. “I’m settled now.”

“You let me know if you change your mind,” MacQuarrie says.

Later MacQuarrie’s guests arrive and one includes a former Red Coat deserter — Horrocks (played by Lochlann O’Mearain) — who immediately recognizes Jamie.

“You two lads know each other?” MacQuarrie asks.

“I thought so,” Horrocks lies, but it appears not and he brushes it off to MacQuarrie as Scots all looking the same. Jamie knows he’s living on borrowed time with Horrocks now knowing his whereabouts. He tells Claire that they should have never come to Lallybroch.

“Whatever happens, we’ll handle it,” Claire comforts. “No matter the cost.”

Jamie overhears Horrocks explaining to MacQuarrie and his men a spot for their next ambush  —  promising healthy sacks of gold and goods.

Jenny and Claire enjoy some bonding time while washing clothes. Jenny’s certain she’s having a boy and explains how she’s had no morning sickness, no taste for salt and she’s carrying low, exactly the same as wee Jamie. Claire tells how she was an only child, and learns through Jenny that Jamie was only 8 when they lost their brother Will to small pox. It was Ian who has served as a brother to him ever since.

Outlander Claire and Jenny“When Jamie and Ian stood shoulder to shoulder there was no one who could take the pair of them down,” Jenny boasts.

But Jenny is getting signs that the baby is coming. Claire goes into nurse mode helping Jenny inside. As she examines her she determines the baby is breeched and spouts some of her medical terminology.

Elsewhere in the manor, Jamie approaches Horrocks as he’s nosing through their belongings. “I was wondering when you’d seek me out,” Horrocks states, as he looks about the room. “We’ve a lot to talk about. This is all yours? Isn’t it? I saw the name Fraser carved into the mantel. Who is Jenny to you?”

Jamie doesn’t say a word.

Horrocks expresses a fondness to Jenny and Claire. “What do you want?” Jamie demands.

Horrocks wants to sail to the Colonies but needs some money.

“Scotland won’t miss ya,” Jamie tells. And reminds him how he will have plenty in his pocket after their planned raid.

But Horrocks doesn’t believe it’s going to be enough. “Maybe you’ll be willing to help a fella, the same way I’m helping you by keeping my mouth shut.” He swears if Jamie puts up some money now, he won’t see his face again. Yah, no.

Claire asks Jenny what pregnancy is like, as she suffers through some pretty intense contractions. She gives quite the explicit explanation … “it’s a felling like when your man’s inside ya, when he comes to you deep and pours himself inside ya and that throbbing begins. It feels like that only much bigger, like it’s him you’ve taken in to you instead.” Claire’s going to think on that.

As word comes from the village that the midwife is unavailable, Claire reassures that it is possible to deliver a breeched baby, only thing is she’s going to have to reach inside and guide it out. Not a pleasant prospect.

“Alright,” Jenny says, but she insists on a good stiff drink before. Claire almost seems ahead of her time when she warns about the alcohol affecting the baby. (I’m pretty sure moms well into the 1960s and ‘70s still had little concern on that?) But Jenny doesn’t care; she knows how brutal this is going to be. “Then he’ll come into the world a true Scott.”

Outside Ian tells Jamie that he is actually friends with MacQuarrie and that he enjoys his company and his protection. Ian believes he needs protection from The Watch to ensure what happened to Jenny with the Red Coats will never never happen again.

“I look forward to his visits,” Ian tells. “To drink whiskey with a man who doesn’t look down on me with pity … Maybe I favor him because he’s a soldier and because he reminds me of you.”

“You pay one devil to protect you from another,” Jamie observes.

“No man can stand up to a man like Randall — not you, not me — it takes an army,” Ian says. “The Watch is our army now.”

Jamie clues Ian in on Horrocks, and how Horrocks is blackmailing him to keep his mouth shut. Ian tells Jamie of a small sum their father had left behind for Jenny and him, but Jamie refuses to take the money. Ian insists it’s what Jenny and he would want.

Jamie explains to Claire why he can’t take the money. “That money was meant for you — for our sons and daughters – to fill this house with our children and carry on the good Fraser name.”

“I’ve let you down Claire,” Jamie says.

But Claire turns her back and through tears tells him it is she who has let him down. “I don’t think I can have children,” Claire tells. “I tried before I met you. I should have told you before we were married but I never counted on loving you, much less having children with you. I’m so sorry.”

With a lump in his throat, Jamie takes in her words and lovingly responds (the best scene of the episode), “Perhaps it’s for the best. So many things could go wrong. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you or for you to suffer.  … I could mind the pain myself, but I could not bear yours. It would take more strength than I have.” Oh, heartbreaking.

But Claire needs to tend to Jenny. She vows that she’ll make sure Jenny is fine.

Outlander_HorrocksOutside the gates of Lallybroch Jamie meets up with Horrocks and gives him the money. He starts to leave but Horrocks calls out. “Just one small concern,” Horrocks says. “This is enough for safe passage to the Colonies but then there’s the matter of making a living when I’m there.”

It’s everything Jamie has. Horrocks suggests that maybe Jamie needs to raise the rent on his tenants or even sell off livestock, implying how he would hate to seem him lose his homestead.  Jamie’s disgusted at the thought. He questions Horrocks on his state of mind, telling him he must be “deep into drink” to suggest such things.

Horrocks admits that he does partake from time to time in some heavy drinking and his tongue does get loose, threatening “who knows what I might say. I’m a danger to myself and others, like your kin.” And just as Horrocks starts to talk about prison not being a nice place for a man like Jamie a sword pierces through his back.

“I thought I killed my last man in the war,” tells Ian as he removes his bloodied sword out of Horrocks’ chest. Jamie is relieved to see it is him, though he sees how visibly shaken Ian is. Jamie reflects on how they use to worry if they were going to hell for all the people they killed during the war. But for Ian, he would do anything for his friend (now brother in law). “If you’re going to hell, I mine as well go too,” Ian says. “God knows you’d never manage alone.”

Back at Lallybroch Jenny is preparing to give birth. Claire finds a wooden snake carving with the words SAWNY scripted on it in Jenny’s jewelry box. “My brother Willie carved that for Jamie for his fifth birthday,” Jenny tells. “It’s a pet name. It’s a play on the Gaelic for the second name, which is Alexander. It’s what Willie use to call Jamie. I know he’d want him to have it.”

We learn that Willie’s buried just outside their home, next to their mother, who died two years after he did in childbirth. “Give it to Jamie for me,” Jenny asks, as she doubts her own survival. “You give it to him yourself,” Claire says, confident she’s not going to let that happen.

Horrocks’ absence is beginning to be noticed by MacQuarrie and he eludes that Jamie and Ian might know something about it, seeing his horse is still outside and given that he would barely walk 10 steps to piss. “I have a fair knowledge of mathematics,” he says. “Three men go out, two men come in. If I had to add the fact that you two knew each other and you hid it from me, that doesn’t tally up. [long pause] Why did you kill him?”

Nothing like getting right to it. Ian is about to explain but Jamie interrupts telling that he’s a wanted man with a price on his head and Horrocks knew it and threatened him and his family.

“Good,” MacQuarrie enthuses. “I never liked the Irish bastard.”

As MacQuarrie prepares for the raid on the British, he suggests he could use a tall, strong Scotsman who is good with a sword. That’d be Jamie, of course. “Unless you’re prepared to dig seven graves including your own,” MacQuarrie tells, he’s coming with them. Jamie agrees to ride with them, but just once. And the bromance between Ian and Jamie means that Ian’s coming too.

Outlander_Jamie_TaranClaire thinks Ian should stay with Jenny. Jenny will have none of it, telling that the only thing she needs is her brother’s safe return and Ian’s prompt return home to meet his new son. Claire gets a moment to share Willie’s Sawny carving with Jamie, where they share a passionate goodbye. They share a long gaze at one other before he heads off, perhaps knowing this could be longer than he thinks.

MacQuarrie and Jamie become friendly as they make their way to the raid. Sharing how he got tired of fighting for rich dukes and monarchs, MacQuarrie believes that money taken is twice as sweet as money earned. He tries to recruit Jamie to join The Watch in raiding the Royals tax wagons and branching out their business, thinking they could make a name for themselves and go places. “If it wasn’t for Claire, maybe I’d take you up on it,” Jamie tells him. MacQuarrie thinks once Jamie’s adrenaline kicks in and he’s got gold in his pocket, he’ll give it another thought. And if he doesn’t? Jamie asks if he will turn him in.

MacQuarrie is almost offended. “Never,” he says. “I’ve seen the inside of a jail myself. I wouldn’t wish it on a dog. I’d shoot you myself.”

OK, I’m kind of starting to like him. Anyone else? MacQuarrie’s words sink in, and Jamie is changing his mind on him.

Then it’s back to Jenny, who is starting to think she’s not going to make it, as her labor is excruciating. “Damn you Claire. I can’t do this,” she screams. “Christ almighty. Oh, bloody hell.” I mean seriously, how did these women do this back then with no epidurals. Yeeesh, bloody hell is right.

As Jamie and MacQuarrie get to the spot Horrocks had boasted about being perfect for an ambush – high walls and dense cover — Jamie is quick to assess it is they who are in danger. He raises his sword and triggers the men to be at alert, but the British reveal themselves guns a blazing. The scene ends in a cloud of gun powder.

Back at Lallybrouch, Jenny is introduced to her new lass — yes lass, not the boy she was sure she was having. The lass is named after Jenny’s grandmother, Margaret Ellen Marie. Three days have now passed and there is still no sign of Jamie or Ian.

Off in the distance two men approach — it’s Ian, who has lost his horse and leg, and is being assisted back by Crenshaw (Francis Magee). They explain how Horrocks betrayed The Watch so he could buy his freedom to the Colonies. They tell that all the other men have been killed, and that MacQuarrie was wounded and that Jamie wouldn’t leave him behind. Damn him, he’s so loyal.

“But they took him,” Ian says. “The Red Coats have him.”

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