TNA Impact’s “EC3” Ethan Carter III: “I look at life as WWHD — What Would Jon Hamm Do?”

ehtan-carter-III-tna-ec3TNA Impact Wrestling’s Ethan Carter III recalls running for “Class Representative at Large” in high school because the youngster wanted to write a great speech, but have none of the responsibility.

The astute member of the student body’s platform was promising more snow days. Even though he failed to deliver weather-wise, EC3 won the election. Years later, Carter unveiled his “EC3 for Champ” campaign during a recent edition of Impact Wrestling on Destination America.

“I’ve had an impeccable track record since coming into TNA,” he says. “No besmirches on my win-loss record, but I have yet to receive a title shot. I started looking into the past and what made some of the most successful wrestlers of all-time successful. I noticed a recurring trend: Politics.”

EC3, who plays the onscreen nephew of TNA President Dixie Carter, has already built momentum on his campaign trail. Since his announcement testimonials were received from his supporters and a full-on social media onslaught created. Fans have tweeted him photos such as an astronaut planting a flag on the Moon with an “EC3 for Champion” logo on it.

The talented performer has even gotten some initial buzz from a hilarious propaganda video posted to YouTube.

Expect more of this in the future until this athlete gets what he wants. “If I were champion unemployment would go down a rousing 76 percent,” Carter says as if he were gunning for the Oval Office. “The number of unmotivated millennials would go down about 62 percent. In addition, to that, you see a man as champion with prestige, honor, dedication, holding the highest prize in the game and leading the industry and company into the future…I’ve received zero negative feedback for this. I don’t know if it’s because I block a lot of people or if it’s because it has taken a hold of the fan base as a whole.”

Given the former WWE NXT superstar’s evolution since arriving in the company, signs point to the later. Carter has held his own against the likes of Bully Ray, Sting and Kurt Angle. TNA has given him the platform to progress over almost two years, and develop his persona. However, Carter is ready to ascend to new heights with a shot at the TNA world championship.

ec3-champion-poster“I feel that the history of TNA has paralleled [that of] the United States of America,” Carter says. “When you look at a specific date and time, Slammiversary always comes up as being a big event in TNA history. I kind of parlay that to seeing Slammiversary as our Fourth of July. So seeing our Fourth of July is June 21 live on pay-per-view, I think Slammiversary is a penultimate goal for ‘EC3 for Champion’ to finally have the opportunity.”

Whether his title shot at champion Angle happens then or soon remains to be seen. EC3 is coming off a feud with his former onscreen friend turned rival Rockstar Spud. The two have developed a storyline that grew in intensity. Months later, EC3 and Spud settled their score in an acclaimed Hair vs. Hair match.

“I think it was a big moment,” he says. “I think it was something necessary in proving professionally and personally that I foresee being on top. What sometimes gets lost in wrestling is you can only be funny or serious. I don’t look at that at all as the case. I think what brings you to the dance, what makes you special and what sets you apart is what you do to have the fans invest in you.

“It requires some comedy, something endearing. This went from fun to not so fun and a blood feud. I think if you look at it from the perspective of people who have friends in their lives. They are good times and bad. It’s an easy story to tell if you get the opportunity to tell it.”

Carter is grateful to TNA for having the confidence in him and Spud to have a long-term storyline complete with beginning, middle and end. These days EC3 has gone from having Spud as his right-hand man to the monstrous Tyrus, who WWE fans know better as Brodus Clay.

Nuances for the white-collar villain’s character come from various sources.

“Inside the ring, as a child growing up I was always into the antagonists over the protagonists,” he said. “I was into Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude. They resonated for me. Then you had others with this entertainment value — guys like The Rock or ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Outside the ring I kind of live my life pretty simply. I look at life as WWHD: What Would Jon Hamm Do? Jon Hamm is a guy who puts a nice suit on, slicks his hair back and looks good. I really dove into the character of Don Draper. He is the only guy that makes smoking look cool.”

As Mad Men is coming to an end, Carter is just getting started. He finds himself at the top of the list of emerging TNA stars making waves. The question is if Billy Corgan going to join the “EC3 for Champion” movement. The “Smashing Pumpkins” front man signed on with the company as senior producer on the creative team.

“I haven’t met him yet, but I think any insight that is not from the old mentality of wrestling is going to be great for us as we progress and evolve into the future,” Carter says. “All I’ve heard about this guy is that he is creative and this creative genius, whether it’s music or whatever. The announcement and what he said in the TNA interview about bringing in aspects to character development is really intriguing. It’s something that we could use, setting us apart moving forward. I’m really looking forward to what ol’ Billy C can bring to the table.”

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