Catfish Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Smooth Operator

catfish-ep10-nev-max2Time has flown by so quickly that there’s only one more episode before MTV’s Catfish mid-season finale. I can’t believe it! But before I can freak out, episode 10 sucked me right back in with another outrageous story. Blaire, from San Antonio, Texas, met Markie, from Fresno, California on Instagram. At the time the two started talking, Blaire was basically homeless. She and her parents never saw eye-to-eye on anything which was why talking to Markie was so important to Blaire. Markie was the only one that Blaire felt she could trust and talk to about anything.

While everything seemed to be going well, the two never had the chance to video chat. After four months of talking online, the two set up a time to finally meet in person. The only problem was that a week before the planned meetup, Markie was kidnapped. I’m calling out perhaps the hugest catfish lie on that one! A week after that, Markie called Blaire from a mental hospital to let her know that she feels it would be best if the two just remained friends. Blaire started dating a girl a few weeks ago, officially changing her Facebook relationship status to confirm the relationship. Thanks to modern technology, Markie found out about Blaire’s new relationship and immediately called her to let her know that she was hurt by the new relationship. Markie is definitely not in any position to be telling Blaire what she can and cannot be doing with her love life.

Nev and Max fly out to Texas to meet with Blaire and start their investigation of Markie. Opening up Pandora’s Box, the guys start to search for Markie’s photos. Nothing hits, but they do get a hit on her phone number, placing her in California. Since Markie was allegedly kidnapped back in July, Nev tries to connect the information on her Facebook profile with the kidnapping situation. There are posts asking for information on Markie’s whereabouts but shortly after Markie returned, she updated her profile picture — while she was supposed to be in the mental institution. Nev sends a message to a guy named Christopher who seems to have gone to school with Markie and also sends a message to a guy named Alex who seems to have been in a relationship with Markie. Shortly after Nev gets a call from Alex. He tells Nev that the two indeed used to date and that she was a compulsive liar. Alex has no doubts that Markie would lie about something as big as getting kidnapped because she would never want to talk about it with him.

catfish-ep10-blaire2The next morning Nev gets a message from Markie’s classmate, Chris. During their conversation Chris lets Nev know the terrifying news that Markie hadn’t been in school recently due to a fight she was involved in. Turns out Markie brought a switchblade knife to this fight which she kept in her backpack. The version of the kidnapping story that Chris knows is that Markie simply wanted to run away from home for a few days — nothing major. When Nev asks if he’s aware of Markie dating anyone, Chris says he knows she’s dating some girl because she’s constantly telling him she’s Skyping with her while her phone is in her hand. Clearly those are all lies just piling on top of other lies.

Nev and Max reveal all the dark information they’ve found on Markie to Blaire. The next step they advise for Blaire to do is meet up with Markie in order to get some real answers. Really?! I wouldn’t want to meet up with someone who potentially has a switchblade knife on hand. Either way, Nev calls Markie and lets her know that he’s in Texas with Blaire to help meet up with her. Even though she says she’s scared to meet, Nev convinces Markie to do it. However, when the gang arrives in California the next day no one can get ahold of her. Taking matters into their own hands, they head out to meet with Markie on their own terms since they do have an address for her. I don’t think them going over to her house is wrong. They might just want to be extra aware of their surroundings since they’re aware of Markie’s past.

Of course Markie gets the upper hand in this situation as the gang follows the address to its strip mall location. Now everyone is beyond furious and they’ll do anything to track her down.

Blaire has an idea of what Markie’s house looks like and knows that her dad drives a red pickup truck. Lucky for them, Instagram comes to the rescue in helping give geographical locations to where some of Markie’s photos were taken. I worried they’d be driving around the entire city of Fresno for days, looking for red pickup trucks. Sure enough, they arrive to Markie’s house just as her dad pulls up in his red pickup truck.

Markie’s father, perfectly named Mark, lets Nev know that he hasn’t seen Markie in a couple of days. He’s also aware of Markie and Blaire’s relationship which is odd that Markie would actually tell the truth about something to her dad.


The gang heads to a nearby park. Markie calls Blaire confused as to why they were at her house earlier. Blaire lets her know that they’ve been hunting for her all day. Markie tells Blaire that she just got home to charge her phone but she could meet them at the park right away. I guess right away means 45 minutes later in Markie’s world because that’s how long it took for her to show up, with no apologies. But Markie is the girl in the photos and she seems to be ecstatic to be there with them.

Everyone wants answers from Markie so they get straight to the point about the whole kidnapping situation. Markie tells them that the man who took her wasn’t actually kidnapping her because she willingly went along with him. It’s hard to comprehend what she’s talking about but basically she says he has this enormous amount of control over her. He convinced her to go with him into the mountains in order to protect herself, family … and Blaire? I’m not buying any of this and neither is anyone else but Markie.

catfish-ep10-markieSassy Nev makes a comeback after Markie clearly tries to smooth talk Blaire into forgetting everything that’s happened so she can be with her. He tells Markie that she knows exactly what to say and he feels like he’s watching the perfect scene from the perfect movie where the guy says the perfect thing to win the girl back. (I couldn’t agree more and might I add, I love having sassy Nev back!) Luckily Nev is there to protect Blaire because he flat out tells Markie that this isn’t how the situation is going to go down. If she truly loves Blaire then she cannot lie to her by telling her she loves her and wants to spend the rest of her life with her. I think I need to hire Nev to go on all my first dates with me so he can tell if they’re being genuine or not.

Blaire finally tells Markie that if she wants to be a part of her life, the lies need to stop. That’s the only way that they can start over because Blaire is sick and tired of the lies. I’m glad Blaire stood up for herself and didn’t just fall for what Markie had to say. I’m also proud of Nev for standing up for Blaire, because she hasn’t had much support recently.

During a two-month update, Markie lets the guys know that her friendship with Blaire is going great. The two talk every day and she’s finally being honest with her. Markie has also made progress dealing with personal issues through therapy so she can focus her energy on the future. Blaire says she no longer has romantic feelings for Markie and is focusing on finding stability in her life. Things have certainly changed for Blaire as she’s moving out to Florida and getting legal guardianship of her friend’s nephew.

What were your thoughts on episode 10 of Catfish? Did you fall for Markie’s kidnapping story? She admitted that she wasn’t kidnapped but I think that story just made her sound more interesting so it worked. Would you have gone through all that trouble to find Markie if you were Blaire? I think I would’ve given up and not cared about finding any answers after a while. It was just becoming too stressful for everyone and I wouldn’t want to allow someone to have that much more power over me. Do you think Markie was being truthful in the end? Can you feel the love coming from sassy Nev? I hope he pops back in before the season finale. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

New episodes of Catfish premiere Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. Markie has actress written all over her. I am not saying them episode was completly fake or scripted but I think maybe it was fabricated or at the very least majorly embellished. I just can’t shake the feeling the whole thing was a performance. Maybe I am misreading her mental problems. Something told me this ine was fake. And if she is not an actress she should consider it.

  2. First I want to say “GO NEV!! Damn straight! Usually Max is the one confronting the catfish, so it was a complete surprise to see Nev doing it instead. And he busted her chops! That was so awesome! I’d also like to add that I like how they show the cameras and producer’s interacting with each other.

  3. I would strongly suggest that Markie is a psychopath. She has been toying with Blaire. Even the initial support she gave her was all part of her sick game. She enjoyed the power of building her up as a prerequisite to trying to destroy her. She will continue to lie, manipulate & control Blaire, even just as an online friend. She is a predator who is using Blaire’s gratitude & sense of being in debt to her as a tool for manipulation. I’m sure she is receiving huge amounts of narcissistic supply from all this media (including this comment!).

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