Poll: Which “Family Feud” Host Is Your Favorite?

In anticipation of the June 21 premiere of ABC’s six-episode series, Celebrity Family Feud, we thought we’d pose the question asking which of the franchise’s six hosts is your favorite.

Family Feud

The answers to the poll will be published in the June issue of Channel Guide Magazine and be revealed here in an article with more information on the celeb-filled series.


  1. Louie Anderson, who was funny, charming and brought humanity to the show.

  2. Steve Harvey is the best of everything.
    Marjorie, I want to be you. Just for a day. Or 30 minutes perhaps.
    You know how to be a wife and mother. Write a book.
    I’ve raised 4 sons, 2 are doctors, yet still live with abuse. But I might one day get courage.
    Love, revecca

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