Dance Moms Season 5 episode 17 recap: Holly, Jump ’n Jealousy!

Lori Acken

We’re back in snowy Pittsburgh, Dance Moms nation and despite the fact that everyone is bundled to the teeth, the Pitt Crew professes that there is no place like home. We rifle off all the reasons why — family members left behind, the comfort of routines, what have you. OK, L.A.’s probably better. But apparently we’re only home for a smidge anyway, because Melissa says she can’t believe this will be our  last Pittsburgh pyramid. Jill will believe it when she sees it.

Lori, too.

Sure enough. We’re only home for a week, before we turn back around to Cali. Thus, Abby doesn’t want to dilly-dally over pyramid because not only do we have this week’s competition, but we also have something called Jump. Might as well.

Turns out, Jump is a dance convention where the Pitt Crew girls have the chance to win scholarships via master classes taught there, so apparently that’s what we really came home for

As for the competition, Candy Apples will be there, and Ava and Jeanette and their team, too. Kendall says they’re crocodiles and crocodiles are not good.

What is good is that Maddie got more applause than Madonna at the Grammys. What is not good is that famous people didn’t really recognize her without her Sia wig. Maddie says it’s like she’s two different people.

Someone can relate.


Make that two someones.


Holly has news, too. Hubby Evan is going to throw a local premiere for Nia’s video downtown, scheduled neatly in between the competition and Jump (might as well) classes, so everyone can attend.

Oh, one more thing. Before we go back to L.A., we’re going to make a little jaunt to Australia so Abby and Gia can teach a master class and the girls can perform in a showcase, so SQUEEEEEEEEE!


Might as well jump like kangaroos.
Pyramid time.

Bottom row is Kendall (crying), Mack (sat the group out), Nia (technique)
Middle row is Jo Jo (champed it out dancing in a straitjacket) and Kalani (is Kalani)
Top is Maddie (is Maddie)

This week we’re staying right here at home for Starbound National Talent Competition, even though I can seem to find no evidence of the competition online. Solos go to Kendall and Kalani.

Group dance, “No Sign of Life,” is deep and chilling and designed to vanquish the Apples. The moms are excused to the Mom Loft to watch the girls practice a dance about a helicopter search party pilot discovering everyone he’s looking for is dead. Everyone dance dead! Lyrically!

Holly gets a text from Mikey Minion saying a link to the final cut of Nia’s video is on its way. Holly can’t hide her pride. Jill can’t hide her this.


Jill grouches that the team should come first, which is why she’s not blabbing about KendallK’s video and the sniping begins, until Melissa calls détente.

It’s four days before the competition and for some reason Cathy and the Apples are at the Pittsburgh location of the very fine Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Are we entering a snappy Cha Cha in the group dance this week or what? In any case, Cathy professes to being more concerned with Jeanette “The Stalker” Cota than Abby “The Bigmouth” Miller.

S’up, Viv? Long time, no see.


Back at the ALDC, the mothers opine that Abby is too fragmented in her duties and we could be on the brink of disaster.

Oh haaayyyyy, Ice Cream With ViVi! You guys! Ice cream With Vivi! We haven’t done Ice Cream With Vivi in ages.


Turns out this week’s Candy Apples group dance is all about the Viv, which is what we are here to discuss. Vivi is, according to her mother, now a “U.S. citizened,” which is the theme of the dance. Cathy tells her girl that she and the Sausage King of Canton could have had Vivi declared a citizened way back when they adopted her, but they chose to wait so Viv could understand just exactly what it means. Aw. That’s actually pretty awesome, there, Cathy. Let’s eat. Nope. Let’s talk. OK, let’s eat. Discussion won’t melt all over the table and possibly Vivi’s spangly scarf.

Apples group dance is called The Patriot and the whole shebang makes Cathy cry. Especially the part where Abby once yelled at Cathy that Vivi didn’t know she was adopted, which I kinda sorta remember. I’m genuinely touched by Cathy’s pride in her girl. And I’m a giant sucker for the unflappable Viv.

Interlopers at the Arthur Murray!


The Apples’ time in the studio is up. Broadway Dance’s turn. But we’ll make nice first, just in case we need to be allies.

Back at the Mom Loft, Holly decides to invite Jeanette and Co. to Nia’s video premiere, which certainly won’t make anything worse at all. What the hell, invite Cathy and her gang, too.

JILL HATE CATHY! HOLLY BAD! Huff, huff, huff …

Kira says it’s important that Kalani beat Ava since Ava won the last time they went head-to-head. Abby says the same. And the piece that’s going to accomplish this task is a festive little number called “Bleeding Out.” Shards of glass in her arm and everything. If you haven’t watched the show yet, swear I am not making that up. I’d also suggest that it might be a good time to check on Abby’s mental health — what with No Sign of Life and Bleeding Out — but given that this ship sailed months ago, it is what it is.

Mikey calling! Current edit of Star In Your Own Life is available, but for Holly’s eyes only. Holly scurries off to peek at the vid, and the other mothers take the opportunity to talk about how what they’ve seen so far flies in the face of the Fraziers’ conservative nature, whereas Kendall’s is just basically a Barney the Dinosaur video with booty shaking and fatigues.


Besides, Kendall is pretty without Katy Perry’s hair and makeup guy, so mleah.

Meanwhile, downstairs…


And in the studio, this is what Abby thinks of Kendall’s tears.


Because she’s in the military now since doing the video. And if she cries again, her video will be dishonorably discharged from existence.

Jill says Abby’s nervous because the video is not finished yet and all this other stuff is going on and you know … stuff.


Meanwhile back at the Arthur Murray, Jeanette and Ava have decided Ava’s solo will be called Hurtful Words. Many, many people can play the message dance game,  sister Miller. Here’s the deal on the dance.

ava-solo-1 ava-solo-2ava-solo-3

Pretty much.

Group convo at the ALDC. ALDC Pittsburgh — and the walls full of Broadway dancer sweat — will remain unto eternity. Abby’s just headed West to try her fortunes [before the ratings and press for this show get any worse]. Sad we’re leaving Pittsburgh, but the show must go on, says Melissa.

Abby appears in the Mom Loft to collect compliments on her hair and tell Holly she’ll smoosh Nia’s premiere into her busy schedule. Not that she approves of the video.

Like what specifically, Holly wants to know
Men in underwear.
Maddie. Shia. Sia. Elastic Heart. Hush.

Jill says it’s different because a) they’re booty shorts not underpants and b) Nia is not Sia. But she’s not going to say anything more because it will make her just sound like she is jealous and SHE IS NOT JEALOUS so just shut up.

Back at the Arthur Murray, Jeanette has skipped the straightening iron and says the Broadway Dance group dance will be a high-energy hip-hop number to stand out from the lyrical crap that Abby and countless others are sure to do. Then Jeanette gets her 90 seconds of Dance Moms solo stardom awkwardly coaching her dancers.

Back at the ALDC, Jill hopes Kendall can overcome being up against Kalani and Ava and the fact that this is the last competition in the dirty PA for a long while. Or short. Who knows?

Up in the Mom Loft, Holly warns Nia that because her video looks so professionally done, there are bound to be haters, some right here in her own ranks. Since that is so not anything new to Nia, Nia’s chill.

Premiere time. Holly says Nia may not be the star of the ALDC but she is the star of her own life. Jeanette and her crew are here. The Apples are here.

And here’s the Pitt Crew … moms. The girls had a prior commitment, they say, which was apparently being babysat by Jill’s mom. Nice example you’re setting here, ladies. Holly doesn’t blink.

The Pitt Crew mothers look like they are there for a four-for-the-price-of-one hysterectomy, which Holly takes note of. Look who else is here, just in time to preview the video.


The vocals are thoroughly Disney Kid, but the production values are amazing and anyone who says this girl is not an employable dancer has just been soundly put in their place.


Again, Holly says she’s not boastful. Just proud. And here is fine reason why. Even though she did not see Abby creep in at the last minute, Nia thanks her for being the reason she dances, which led to this opportunity.


Evan invites Abby to come up and say a few words. Abby says the real reason she is coming up there is to snuggle Evan, but since she’s there, might as well offer some words.


Well, look at you, Abby. Look at what you are capable of when you drop the B.S.

Privately she says if the song is Star In Your Own Life, the video should have been more like Nia’s life. It is, Abby. The life she envisions for herself. And the life she and her mother are working to make happen. With people who support them 100% of the time.

And also, for now, with you and the flaky women who flutter in your wake.

bon-jovi-fringe-jacketNext week on Dance Moms, Jill steals a page from Bon Jovi’s Big Book Of How to Dress Like You’re Still In The ’80s and goes off the emotion rails even further, and Abby Lee refers to herself in the third person to inform us that she’s not dead. Were there rumors?

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Anybody want to weigh in on those morbid dance names and themes? What did you think of Nia’s video? What did you think of the girls — save for Jo Jo — not being there to support their friend? Is anyone else worried that Jesslyn has been the most likable Dance Mom for the better part of this season? Sound off in the comments section below.


New episodes of Dance Moms premiere Tuesdays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.





  1. I don’t want to watch Dance Moms but I can’t help myself! I like these girls but feel badly about supporting Abbey as I don’t approve of her methods or the example she sets. Have the times changed that much? When I was growing up no coach, teacher or any adult would gossip or speak badly about a child or parent and especially not in front of the children, it was considered bad manners and a sign of bad character! Positive reinforcement anyone?

    As far as Jill and Melissa acting strangely at Nia’s video launch party and not bringing their girls, her teammates, I felt that there was something else going on, a secret opportunity that did not include Nia and JoJo. Why would Abbey exclude them from the opportunity to get scholarships?

    I’ve worked in the media/talent business for years and steer clear of this type of drama. These mothers definitely need to educate themselves, get proper representation, contracts and advice and get as far away from Abbey as they can if they want their girls to have a chance in this highly competitive business! Anyone who does not have a contract that they understand is naive and eventually going to run into upsets.

    • Completely agree, Abby seems to think the rules don’t apply to her because she has a few former students on Broadway. That’s why I’ve lost so much respect for Holly for sticking around and condoning it. She’s a teacher, a professional educator with a Masters degree, and she lets this pos treat her daughter and the other girls like absolute crap. No amount of fame is worth it, hopefully she’ll get Nia out of there after this season before it’s too late. I can’t see it happening though.

  2. Fair warning, Dance Mommers. I’m with my kid in the hospital, so the 5/5 recap will be late. Don’t yell at me.

    • Lori, my thoughts are with you.

      Not to trivialize, but when the crew showed up at the 3rd street dance studio, I immediately recognized that exact piece of sidewalk, as I had paced it back and forth many times before, while on outside breaks from visiting at the hospital across the street.

    • It’ll be worth waiting for. Looking forward to reading your take on this week’s crazy train!

      • My thoughts are with you and your child, Lori. We Dance Mommers are here for you!
        Did anyone happen to see the DWTS results show on Tues. 5/5 when Maddie Ziegler, Brynn Rumfallo & Jaycee Wilkins danced live to Josh Groban singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow? It was beautiful.

  3. Loved Nia’s video. Just need to eat my words a few episodes back where I questioned Nia’s ability to bounce back after she is ousted from the show. Loved her dancing and holding her own with the professional dancers hired for the video. Loved how pretty she looked. Good for her. I hope this is her last season on the show and that her music career takes off! The fact that she wrote her own song is so cool, too. Could have done without the dancing guys in the shiny lame undies. Just had no part in the story, but that was the only part I didn’t like. Thought Kendall’s video was completely inappropriate for a 12 year old and don’t see where Abby gets off lambasting Nia’s video for that. How is it ‘like Kendall’s character’ to lay across a guy twice her age as he does push ups? Why were the other girls in Kendall’s video so much older than Kendall?
    Just wondering. Anyway…good for Nia! Yaay! Glad next week is the last episode for a while. This season has been exhausting emotionally.

    • The girls in Kendall’s video were 2 of her sisters, Payton who we’ve seen off and on the show and Kalani. Just back-up dancers she didn’t have to pay for ya know? I thought Kendall’s video was good, but like you said, you can’t lambast one and not the other…I don’t see why she doesn’t like Nia DANCING with guys but it’s ok for Kendall to be laying on the back of a man doing push-ups!

  4. Lori asked:

    “So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Anybody want to weigh in on those morbid dance names and themes?”

    I’m starting to think there may be a method to the madness. There is a vacuum right now for the “It Girl” in the horror film genre. This gore theme from Abby could be a very clever strategy for presenting to casting directors a new girl for horror films, who would follow in footsteps of Drew Barrymore, Dakota Fanning, Chloë Grace Moretz, etc. – that would be the jackpot management payday for Abby.

    “What did you think of Nia’s video?”

    I think it’s a plot device.

    “What did you think of the girls — save for Jo Jo — not being there to support their friend?”

    See above.

    “Is anyone else worried that Jesslyn has been the most likable Dance Mom for the better part of this season?”

    I’m just glad JoJo is such an entertaining dancer, because otherwise the producers would never put up with Jesslyn’s rationality.


  6. I must be the only person who liked Nia’s video without complaint. It reminded me of the Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica etc videos I watched as a kid. Maybe it’s an urban youth thing. I saw some “Are You That Somebody” “Best Friend” vibes going. Ahh, to be a child in the 90s.

    • THANK-YOU!!! I thought I was the only one who caught the Aaliyah familiarities…especially in that elevator dance scene, I thought wow, Aaliyah reincarnate. I also like the beat better in the video than on the original version she put out, it makes it more fun.


    The team goes east, the team goes west
    I know where I’m known the best
    My big time Grammies
    My four limbs are tangled around Shiabammy
    I’m dancin’
    Sorry that I made you wait
    I’m dancin’
    Hope and trust that I’m not late, oh oh oh
    My big time Grammies
    I’d walk a million miles
    For celebrity smiles
    My Grammies! Oh oh oh

      • I went with “Shiabammy”, instead of “Shia’s fanny”, in hopes of maintaining the blog’s community standards.

      • I would truly enjoy seeing these kids have even more successes after Dance Moms, but I can’t help but think of these two videos as much of anything, except as a script element for the show.

    • PUMP

      Ride push ups, or crawl some on the ground
      You wear some fluff, I’ve seen the fluffiest around
      And I know maybe, just how you feel
      You got to pump with the pushups and agree to the deal

      Ah, can’t you see my video here
      I got my voice made in the pitch fix machine
      I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen
      Ah, can’t you see what I mean?

      Might as well pump
      Might as well pump
      Go ahead an’ pump
      Go ahead and pump

  8. I woke up this morning, wondering whether or not I had missed the end of Dance Moms, because I didn’t remember seeing anyone dance at competition!!! I’m glad to see I was just really too tired to remember the end…

    I liked Nia’s video. I kind of even like her song. Both are better than Kendall K’s! There is ABSOLUTELY a huge strain of jealousy from both Melissa AND Jill about this video.

    • Nia’s video is no less than any Janet Jackson video. Same kind of feel, and it wreaks of money putting that together. I like Aubrey, so do millions, that Review/ After- show should keep their mouths shut. Even more people will like Aubrey now that she’s made herself Nia’s savior from total nastiness surrounding her. Holly is such class upon class, I hope Nia breaks away to open up for beyonce or something. I love her putting JoJo in her act-JoJo can be her mini-me, it’s sweet. Nia looks fantastic, she should do her hair all those ways, fab video, gotta thank the director!

  9. You know what’s funny…if I was Jill, I would be doing everything in my power to make sure Holly wants to stay in the studio and be supportive and comforting cuz if Holly and Nia leave, guess who the next mother and daughter duo is in line of fire? Jill and Kendall, and we ALL know it.

  10. Great recap as always Lori :). It was great seeing Nia finally put in the spotlight for something she worked hard for, good for her. Although……isn’t the purpose of a music video to showcase the singer and the voice? I don’t know about anyone else, but I could barely hear Nia’s voice at all over the bass and drums playing during the dancing. Yes, the video quality was heads and tails above anything Abby has “produced”, that’s not my issue. I was hoping to at least be able to actually “hear” Nia’s vocals, since that’s what matters in the music industry, and if she doesn’t have strong vocals to stand behind the amazing performance, this will all be for nothing. I’ve seen her video of her performing in Melbourne with Jojo and same thing, can barely hear her vocals. Now performing live is one thing, the sound is always hard to balance in large venues like she did in Australia, but there’s no reason whatsoever for that to happen in her professional video.

    I too found it sweet and endearing that Cathy waited until Vivi was older to file for her citizenship, and am excited to see their routine next week, and how far Vivi has come in her dancing. I just hope it’s not one where she’s sitting in the corner mugging for the judges, and actually is a part of the routine, doing….I don’t know, actual dance steps. I mean, the kid is 10 years old now, I’m curious to see what she can do now. But for the love of jeebus Cathy, let the kid wipe her own mouth lol, she’s not a baby!!!

    I think that was the most Ava has ever spoken in all the episodes she was on last season, and good for her for not letting all the hate Abby spewed on her ruin the love she has for dance. But here’s something she needs to realize, revenge never works for anyone, especially a talented young lady like she is. And since when were Holly and Jeannette friendly? Did we miss something?

  11. This episode is why Dance Moms is so interesting. This all the negative vibe over the past few weeks when the moment came Nia took the lead and included Abby as why she dances and Abby let her guard down and showed how much she cares for all her dancers. It was a defining moment in Dance Moms history.

    Of course along with the tender side of Abby comes the “standoff”, “uninvolved” Abby whose focus is on the results AND that the dancer is the only one who can change the results by executing their technique/connection with the audience. The very interesting point that started with tonight’s episode will be ‘what images/messages surround the performance. If you watch Nia’s video she is doing moves that we have seem on the show for many years, remember Electricity from the first second, second episode. When Nia is on the screen the tone of the video is normal, however, there are several cuts/images where Nia is not shown that change the tone. Examples would be the male dancer who does the crotch grad and the female blonde dancer who crawls on the floor. These clips, not the booty shorts vs underwear discussion, elevate the video into a mature level. Separating Nia and the mature theme created by the producer of her video is the issue. Yes, yes there is the same issue for Maddie, but it is Sia’s video not Maddie’s. Maddie gets praise for her ability to deliver a defining performance.

    Off episode comment – I was taken back by the age difference between Kendall and the soldiers in her video and the extremely small skirts they wore.

    I enjoyed both Nia’s and Kendall’s videos and look forward to watching them and the rest of the dancers as they move into their careers.

    Love Vivi, bring back Brynn and little Sarah for guest shots.

  12. Finally Nia got her chance in the spotlight and boy did she shine! The other moms are two-faced and jealous. I don’t understand why they could not be happy for Nia; and not to bring their girls was just a slap in the face. They say what goes around comes around so next time they will get theirs’, especially if they are waiting for Abby to be their for them.

    • absolutely right, but if your kid was a star in 2 Sia videos (one apologized-for by Sia), and you want all the attention and praise after you just broke up a marriage to marry a man with some money, and then another kid gets a video of her own paid for by Abby’s show, and then you get a load of Nia’s VERY EXPENSIVE, fun, professional video with super editing and multiple scene/clothing changes – wouldn’t you be pissed? No, probably because you’re not Melissa but she can’t take anybody beating her 2. When joJo got 1st place Melissa scowled. JoJo can perform! I think JoJo is next to be seen on film, altho she had a big part in MattyB teaser and video which she looked beautiful-no? JoJo belongs on TV, I love that kid

  13. The Jump Convention is a very intense competition and convention with some amazing teachers. I cannot imagine wanted to leave the venue during a short break to go screen a video. The break time is better used for a brief period of rest. If Holly wanted the girls there, she should have picked a different weekend.

  14. Nia’s video was polished and well produced. The pained faces of Jill and Melissa were a glimpse of their true jealous nature. When Holly invited them to come stand with Jess and Jo Jo they refused! Jess looked truly happy for Nia, and Jo Jo too. During the Aussie tour Nia and Jo Jo were originally excluded, but added at the last minute by the producers…this did NOT get them invited to Abby’s meet and Greets! So Nia gave a free sneak peak of her song (with Jo Jo joining in for a cameo) and killed it! Once again the moms were forced to attend, but the girls were not there. Jess and Holly have been very supportive of each other, and I think Jess has more business savvy than Melissa or Jill as far as keeping her child in appropriate venues. Jo Jo is preforming with Kidz Bop, and has other age appropriate gigs in the works. She has not allowed Abby to be the one “marketing” her child. (Sia video’s and Kendall’s video? not prudent exposure for a lasting career)

    • Oh I agree completely on all your points. JoJo will go farther faster with her mother in charge-Nia too. Waiting for Abby to notice you after she beats you up for 2nd place has got to be rough on a kid. The adults are cracking up, theres such inequity. I like seeing JoJo on stage with Nia-she’s like her mini-me and it shows people Nia is a NICE person, not jealous or insanely threatened at all like Melissa and Jill. That casting director said ” kendall was forgetable (rude but he does that all day-casting) and he didn’t seem to want Maddie in the video either. He did however, and the others agreed, make it clear JoJo was made for the camera and she looked adorable in that teaser.

  15. Wholesome. .wasn’t Kendall shown laying on the back of a man doing situps? And that’s not to hate, both girls need and should be supported but to throw around things like “appropriate” in the studio of where midriff and risque live is just odd. I just don’t understand why Holly can’t brag a little on her kid. Jill could do it too, good grief they’re acting like it’s a crime 2 be proud of yohr childs first time accomplishments, wasn’t Melissa proud of Maddie?

    I mean don’t get me wrong, Holly has REALLY been #teamtoomuch on some things, like when it comes to Abby, she really just needs to sit there…and SHUT UP! Take a cue from your kid who’s like “I know Abby doesn’t support me, I can deal with it cuz I now know there are a LOT of people out there who do and if she doesn’t want to get on the Nia love train then it’s pullin off without her…choo choo!” Seriously, just leave her be Holly, she’s not gonna change…ever.

    BUT when it comes to mom loft I do see why she’s a bit disgusted, like not necessarily with Jessalynn mainly cuz she’s (surprisingly) smart, she’s not gonna burn a bridge or a chance to work with someone through connections so she’s skirting the outlines and throwing in comments to support both. Jill, Mellissa, and Kira though?!??! Haterism. They were at the video premiere with serious stank faces on, and I was trying to figure out why, like individually why? I mean Mellissa has had no true issues with Holly, she’s known Nia for YEARS, and this video wouldn’t upstage Maddie’s Sia video, so why the hate from her? Surely she doesn’t think the time carefully scheduled in between practice is taking away from Maddie’s back-up dancers? And then I realized it’s just cuz Abby hates it, it’t nothing else, Mellissa is that far gone, if Abby hates it, she’s just gonna hate it also. Sad. Kira- Now considering Kira was initially ok with Holly cuz of their pact, this took some work, but i’m guessing from the scenes I saw of the online exclusives there was some backstage stuff in play like Holly calling Kira out for being able to do what she wanted cuz Abby loved her so maybe there’s no real beef between them, just Kira bein a little pissy and being in the hate club. Now Jill…Jill KNOWS she needs to stop lying. she’s jealous…she just is. There’s no other excuse…I mean she may not have known Holly and Nia 4 as long as Mellissa, but she does KNOW them and she acts like Holly is bragging when she’s excited about the video? I don’t understand, are they suppose to sit there Mute like…my kid has a video…no big deal. It’s a HUGE deal, and I feel like Holly can’t revel in the fact that it’s happening to her kid, and I’m just sad for the fact, like sitting back and watching it now…I’d be like…and THESE were my friends?

    • That’s why Holly should throw that video of her kid in all their faces. Melissa is sick in the head or something, her jealousy is so out there. She brags constantly. She broke up that poor woman’s marriage because she needed money it seemed? They made it look like that, she should sit quiet after that like Kira does after her arrest came up. You can’t build your happiness on someone else’s misery….

    • I’m with you on Kendall’s video. When Melissa described it as “wholesome and sweet” and Abby threw such a fit about Nia’s persona in her video not representing who Nia “really” is, I was confused. The skirts in Kendall’s video that barely cover her underwear and THEN are unzipped a little from the bottom are ANYTHING but “wholesome and sweet.” Is that the persona Abby thinks best represents who Kendall really is at age 12???? Jill is in some serious denial.

  16. So, so happy for Nia! She has shown such a mature character speaking up to Abby about coming to the video shoot and Abby’s lame response in a previous episode about it is like Nia is a killer…wow. Then this sweet kid with “the world’s biggest heart” salutes her dance teacher not even expecting her there, again, wow. People are watching. They are watching Nia be a star and someone who can carry herself with dignity.

    They are also watching Melissa, whose daughter has had 5 years of the spotlight and now can’t even break a smile of support for Nia. Her expression was pure jealousy. She put her daughter’s career hopes in Abby knowing Abby’s reputation and she will reap what Abby sows. Jill hasn’t even tried to hide her jealousy. Everything out of her mouth is ugly lately. I am sorry but in the long run, Kendal is gorgeous, but I don’t think she has star quality at least not yet. She cries, she forgets, I just can’t see her handling herself the way Nia has.

    Where were the girls for Nia? That was the worst thing of all. Controlled by their moms I am sure but I would love to know whose idea that was. I think the girls would have been genuinely happy for Nia unless of course they too are jealous.

    Lastly, Abby, wow throwing kisses and acting like she is all about Nia!? I didn’t know Evan was the dad and I am confused by Abby’s comments about getting her hugs from Evan. Is he somebody? Because we all know that is the only reason she would have been giving him the time of day.

    Oh yeah, what happened to the “coming up” where they showed Abby saying the words Nia this video should never be released… and then it went to commercial. I never saw that at all.

    I love this show. Not because of the fighting. I hate that. I love to watch the girls dance. I was delighted to hear someone say they couldn’t stand Abby that was outside of the moms and dance companies. I have been amazed that she has not faced more criticism for the hateful way she treats the children. It is cruel and mean and has certainly resulted in oppressing Chloe and the others that left the show. In Nia’s case….whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Go Nia!!! I can’t wait to buy your song.

    • I100% believe this is the moms at work not bringing their kids…I have to admit I’m proud of Jessalynn for bringin JoJo, consequences be damned, I mean of course she’s doin it for the exposure but sometimes support no matter where it comes from is a good thing. I know Mack and Nia are very close too, so I know she was probably like “that’s not fair”

      • I agree. I think the moms had to be there as they are under contract. Those girls though…they have their mothers wrapped around their little fingers. If they had wanted to be there, they would have. Jojo, who has only known Nia for a year, was able to go, so what excuse do the others have? Maybe Abby told them not to, but after years of being “friends” with Nia and weeks of claiming to be happy about her video, why would they not attend. I think they are jealous as hell that the girl they have looked down on all these years is on the brink of success. They can’t stand to see it, so when Abby suggested they shouldn’t attend, they followed her lead. The girls and their mothers should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

        • I’m not sure about ALL the girls, I’ve watched the relationship between Nia and Mack, and they genuinely love each other, Nia always used to watch Mack when she was younger and they seem to have developed a decent relationship. Maddie could’ve probably cared either way, that girl is being run ragged and she probably just wanted to sleep in her downtime. Kalani …I’m not even sure I saw her talk to Nia so does she care?? who knows. Now Kendall…there’s some jealousy there, not nearly the level that Jill is making it but of course there’s some, but I’m not sure she would go a far as to just not go cuz she strikes me as smart and would want to see the competition. But like you said, I’m just guessing that there a 99% chance Abby told them not to go and you know Mellissa was like OF COURSE THEY WON’T, Kira wants to stay on Abby’s good side because of the behind the scenes mess so of course she would be like Kalani can’t go, and Jill…well Jill is super green eyed..but she also wants to see the competition and I fully believe that’s partially the only reason she went and she asked Mellissa to come to but Mellissa looked terrified like she was a kid sneaking out of school and heard her parents were on that side of town too. I was like “geez, you’re a grown woman!”

        • I’m guessing the girls’ absence had something to do with Aubrey’s remarks about killing all the other videos from the ALDC. To me, it would have looked less conspicuous if the kids had shown up and the moms hadn’t, since the jealousy storyline is focused on the mothers. But who knows what really went down.

  17. The proof is in the video. Jealousy is a green-eyed monster and the other mom’s (Jill and Melissa repectively) are so envious they can’t see straight. Nia’s video is no less inappropriate for a 16 yr old than Maddie’s nude crazy antics video is! Just be happy for Nia for once!

    • Nia IS on the brink of stardom, that girl was right. After a video like that, the caliber of talent behind it, your career is only going to blossom – quickly!

      • Nia is a natural born performer. Is she ever going to be that “competition fluffy lyrical dancer”? No. But she is a performer and given the right music/dance/role, she kills it. Holly was smart to keep millers hands out of it. I think Jess as well.

        I got the impression that these 2 part episodes are Lifetime’s closing the show down and off the air. There was this undertone of “getting some payback” for those miller has harmed. This is just my take,,, but miller did say that awful remark to Vivie, but not on camera, so it looks like Cathy is being given the chance to bring that to light. Same for Ava. Same for those girls dancing for Cathy in the show next week. It feels like closure.

        Jill is green with envy. She said earlier how Holly “could have had all of miller’s attention” like she (for now) has, and now look at her. She hooked to the wrong star and is paying for it.

        I felt Kendall’s video was cheap. Her sister, Rylie (sp) costume was much too small. The lyrics, though I’ve forgotten them, were trashy, not “sweet”. It was exactly what it was – free backup dancers in a garage and a camcorder. Nia’s looks professional. Jill saw that and is pissed.

        I felt this, and next week, is a “closure/put an end to this show” thing. hey, i can hope 🙂

  18. Awesome article. Spot on. I didn’t get the Jill’s mom babysitting analogy since her mom was killed in a car wreck. Did I miss that scene while I was walking the dog? Jill and Melissa were most likely forced by producers to show up and they were not about to fake support. #HatefulBitches. All in all Nia surprised me. I was proud of her. Too bad Maddie choreographed Kendalls. It was really extra extra cheesy. #NiaWins

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