1. I’m with you on the Team Challenges. — it’s enough already.

    It was time for Miss Fame to go. She wasn’t adding anything to the challenges and she really did talk A LOT.

    I’m not sure who will go next. It may be Trixie again. This is the first time anyone who has been brought back lasts through to the next challenge and as you’ve said, no one seems happy to have her back.

    Who do you think will go next week?

    What’s up with the links from Angela Angelo? It looks like you’ve been spammed.

    • The girls that are left are a pretty strong group. If they follow the pattern, then Pearl will win next week’s challenge. As for the bottom, maybe Trixie and Kennedy? I don’t think Pearl is that strong, but rumor has it that she makes top 3.

  2. Ms Fame shouldn’t have lasted as long as she did. She’s all visual pictorial, and that’s it. Trixie sucks Max has more to offer, and should’ve been brought back.

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