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On Chapter 20 of Jane the Virgin, we return to Jane and Alba in the car looking at Petra and her mother. Alba begins to explain to Jane that her so-called accidental falling down the stairs wasn’t really an accident. She tells Jane that it was the night of the awards at the afterparty when Alba decided she was going to give Petra a piece of her mind for being so rotten to Jane. Instead of Petra coming to the door, her mother answered it — but she was in a wheelchair. Alba got a glimpse of Petra’s ex-hostage Ivan and ran towards the stairs. She tells Jane that she knows she felt hands pushing her back, making her lose her balance and fall down the stairs. As poor Alba was tumbling down the staircase, she was able to glimpse Petra’s mother at the top of the staircase. Looks like she won’t be getting away with what she did this time!

Dina, the woman behind ruining Rogelio’s career and head writer of the telenovela Rogelio was fired from, stops by Rogelio’s dressing room on set of his new show. She lets him know that the ratings since Rogelio’s departure have plummeted, but it seems that Rogelio is already aware of that. She continues by letting Rogelio know that they are interested in having him back, a return which would include a spot as an executive producer.

Keeping his cool Rogelio lets Dina know that he’ll think about her offer but it’s clear that he’s beyond thrilled to have his old job back. #SantosIsBack


Not even a full 24 hours after their breakup, Rafael and Jane are at an ultrasound appointment. As if the situation weren’t awkward enough, the ex-couple also get the news that the baby is breech, meaning upside down. The doctor isn’t concerned about the baby’s position unless the baby is still breech at the next appointment two weeks later.

An unexpected visitor pops back into the hotel — Rafael’s sister Luisa. Rafael was worried she had run off with Rose, but she tells him she was in Peru with her ashram to get over Rose. In fact Luisa has a new girlfriend named Juicy Jordan who also happens to be a pro-wrestler. Luisa lets Rafael and Petra know that she’s back for business purposes; she’s decided to take back her shares and stop the hotel from sinking.

Jane-the-virgin-ep20-janeJane finds out she has a new coworker — one with a violent past. Turns out, Petra got her mother a job at the hotel, cleaning dishes. Jane warns Petra’s mother that she knows about her pushing her abuela down the stairs. All Petra’s mother has to say is if that were true, she’d be in jail. And she’s not. Before leaving work, Jane takes it upon herself to speak with Petra about the situation. She demands that her mother be kicked out of the hotel for attempted murder. Jane also lets Petra know that the two won’t get away with whatever it is they think they can.

Alba is afraid to talk to the police about anything that happened because she’s not a documented citizen. After finally telling Xo the truth, the Villanueva women know they need to seek out help from someone they trust. Xo tells Jane that Michael could help them since he had in the past when Alba was in the hospital and immigration came lurking around.

Luisa and her new girlfriend Juicy come up with a plan to raise money for the Marbella-a wrestling match. Juicy thinks that if she goes head-to-head with her arch nemesis Candy Crunch, it will bring in a huge crowd to save the hotel.

Jane-the-virgin-ep20-michael-petraMichael interviews Petra and her mother but they obviously have nothing but lies to tell. Michael knows they’re lying so now he needs to investigate the situation even more. The next best thing would be for him to find Ivan and have him give his side of the story since he was excluded from the made up versions told to Michael. Petra’s mother continues to provoke Jane by telling her insults about Alba. She tells Jane that Alba was confused and that she looked up Alba on the internet and couldn’t find anything about her. She also noticed that Alba’s English isn’t very good, so she’s come to the conclusion that Alba is here illegally. She’s pushed Jane past her boiling point after threatening to tell immigration about Alba to have her deported. I’m just as angry as Jane and it’s not even my abuela. I hope Magda gets everything that’s coming to her and that Petra gets in trouble just as much as her mother for lying. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in that family.

Jane tries talking with Rogelio for Xo, on set at his new job location playing Santos. He doesn’t seem interested in getting back with Xo after she kissed Marco. Rogelio especially doesn’t like that Jane showed up on set just to try and convince him to speak with Xo again versus her being there to support him in his new job. Jane has Rogelio and Xo meet up at the Marbella during the wrestling match in order for the two to talk. Once again Xo apologizes for her stupid mistake and lets Rogelio know how much she loves him. Instead of the two kissing and making up in telenovela fashion, Rogelio tells Xo he doesn’t want to take her back.

Since Michael is doing this investigation work on his own, Jane decides to help out by trying to find a photo of Petra at the afterparty to prove that she wasn’t with her mother in their room like the two said had happened. Instead of finding a photo of Petra, Jane finds an even better photo. In the background of one of the afterparty photos, you can see Ivan sitting in Petra’s room. Jane calls Michael to let him know about her findings. Michael sits down with Petra and questions her about who the man is that is in the photo. She lies once again saying he was the plumber who just so happened to not work at the hotel. You’re smarter than that, Petra.

Jane-the-virgin-ep20-jane-albaIn order to try and turn the baby, Jane comes up with a crafty way to burn a candle-like item that usually requires the assistance of another person. She ends up falling asleep just as the flames start to light a blanket on fire near her feet. Thank God Alba came in to see what Jane was doing because she wakes Jane up and stops the fire from spreading. Alba gets mad at Jane for not asking for her help since she almost burned the entire house down and harmed herself and the baby, too. Jane apologizes and starts to break down, telling her abuela that she was just trying to adjust to life as a single parent. She never thought she would have to be a single parent but that’s what her future looks like. Alba is there to comfort Jane and let her know everything will work out in the end.

Alba reminds me a lot of my own abuela so I know Jane is in good hands. Jane wakes up in the middle of the night with the good news that the baby finally turned.

Michael was somehow able to get ahold of Ivan and brought him in for questioning. In order to keep himself alive, Ivan sticks to Petra and Magda’s story of being the plumber. Ivan tells Petra that he wouldn’t love to see anything more than her and her mother rot in jail, but he’s afraid of what Milos would do if he didn’t listen to his orders. I guess Petra was lucky with her psycho possessive ex.

Michael tells Jane the unfortunate news about their lead guy. He also warns her about all the fishiness that’s been going on at the hotel lately. He tells Jane to keep an eye out and make sure to always keep her guard up. Seems like Milos won’t be leaving anytime soon since he also gave Petra forged medical documents saying Magda couldn’t walk during the time Alba’s accident occurred. How does no one find it strange that a woman couldn’t walk for years and then all of a sudden she can walk as if nothing happened one day?

Jane is happy that Magda is leaving the Marbella but she’s not happy that Petra is staying. She threatens to quit, but realizes that wouldn’t be able to happen since Rafael lives and works at the hotel. In order to protect her baby from Rafael’s crazy family and the happenings at the Marbella, Jane decides it would be best to hire a lawyer to help her gain full custody of the baby. I’m impressed. Jane isn’t taking any crap from anyone. She knows this baby needs all the protection it can get and she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her child is safe.

What were your thoughts on Chapter 20 of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Rogelio and Xo’s relationship is really over? I think Rogelio just has trust issues since his past relationships didn’t end too well. I know Xo isn’t like those other girls but I’m not sure if Rogelio is ready to try love again. Do you think Petra and Magda will get away with their master plan? I’ve never met a mother and daughter duo that has been more evil than these two. Things only seem to be getting worse now that Milos popped back into the equation. Do you think Jane will be able to get full custody of the baby? Do you think it is right of her to want full custody? I agree with Jane that Rafael’s side of the family is connected with nothing but horrible issues. While Rafael is the baby’s father I would think Rafael should be more concerned about the baby’s well-being than having custody. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. May be Rafael broke up with Jane to save her & his baby from the evil eye of his family and the mafia. May be he still loves her and the baby, so he has selflessly decided to let his loved one go, just for their safety.

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