Grimm recap Season 4 episode 19 — “Iron Hans”

grimm-season-4-hank-monroe-nick Lori Acken

An overcast day at a farm somewhere, as group of campers is getting their gear together for a trip. A woman comes by to collect all their gadgets as a father and son team helps the campers load up a van. Once packed, they head out, leaving the woman, Maggie, behind to head out on their boy’s adventure.

At the Apothecary, Rosalee, Monroe, Nick and Hank are discussing the Juliette problem and, unfortunately, Rosalee and Monroe haven’t found any sort of a cure. Well, there is always Adalind, since she made it all happen. Nick opposes the idea, but they all realize there is no other choice.

The campers are in the woods setting up, They gather around the leader of the troop, Elder Bowden, who gives them a rousing speech about getting back to nature and their pasts. They are on the father/son camping trip to embrace their true natures. Elder then calls for The Hunt to begin and the men and boys comically scramble around trying to catch a bunny. A boy, Elliot finally manages to wrangle the poor creature, to the cheers and admiration of the rest of the campers.

That night, the rabbit cooks on a spit while Bowden goes on about celebrating their nature… as Wesen. The campers are out there as a rite of passage for the boys who haven’t Woged yet. The boys are handed some rabbit meat and the fathers, Elder and his son all Woge in celebration. The boys all nibble causing one kid to sorta half Woge. Everyone is very pleased with themselves.

Meanwhile, Captain Renard is having yet another bad night. His wounds are causing him great discomfort, and while he is taking a drink, suddenly finds himself in a park with his hands in a water fountain, wearing his Jammies. He seems to have no idea how he got there.

A hitchhiker is having a worse night than Renard. As he’s walking along the highway trying to thumb a ride to Salem, he is jumped by a large animal and is brutally murdered.

Out of the goodness in her heart, Rosalee pays Juliette a visit in jail. Juliette has on her cheerful face, playing off Rosalee’s genuine remorse with snark and condescension. Juliette claims to like her new life but Rosalle ain’t buying all the fake cheerfulness. Juliette blows her off and walks out on the conversation.


At the crime scene, Wu informs the detectives that the body was found by a jogger and his dog, the dog likely smelled the blood. The kid had been dragged into the bushes. A search of the body produces an ID, one Gary Groth (named after the co founder of Fantagraphics publishing?) from Illinois. The detectives agree that they need to bring Monroe in on the case. The two enter the shop as Rosalee and Monroe are talking about her horrible visit with Juliette. Nick shows Rosalee and Monroe crime scene photos and they both concur that the attack was almost certainly Wesen. Monroe agrees to tag along.

Poor Renard is in his office asking one of his cops if there were any assaults the previous night. There were several, including one in the park where Renard came to. Fortunately for him, the victim wasn’t killed and couldn’t ID his assailant.

The only person that seems to be having any fun at all is Prince Kenneth, who is talking on the phone to The King when Adalind walks in, asking if they’ve put a hit out on Renard. He doesn’t confirm or deny it, but he does have an interesting bit of intel: He’s discovered that Juliette is in jail for assault, which makes Adalind believe that Juliette is coming to terms with her new identity. Kenneth lays out that he’s planning to co-opt Juliette with the fact that Adalind is carrying Nick’s baby.

Nick and Hank are with Monroe, checking out the scene of the crime. Monroe gets the feeling that the murder was a “Hunt.” Not all Wesen have been reformed like Monroe, and he points to the fact that the killer was bare footed to back up his claim. They follow the blood trail to a fenced in edge of private land. Somebody, or something had pried up a section of fence and gotten under it.


The land on the other side of the fence belongs to The Iron Hans Ranch, which is run by the people who organize the Wesen outings. Monroe had heard that the camps were beginning to spring up again after years of being out of fashion. It’s basically a coming-of-age camp for Wesen boys, the same kind of camp Monroe went to as a kid. The Ranch is run by Elder Bowden, his son Todd and daughter Maggie. They seem open and all claim to have heard of the Grimm and Monroe, and are impressed by their relationship. Elder and Todd agree to take the detectives and Monroe to the campsite for a look.

Meanwhile Juliette is laying in her jail cell, thinking about the old days while exploding cockroaches with her mind (She’s a hoot this one). Unexpectedly a guard drops by to tell her her bail has been posted.

At the campsite, the Bowden’s are explaining their methods to Nick and Hank. They find blood, but it’s the rabbit’s blood and Elder explains that they don’t “hunt” like their ancestors did. He is so confident that he invites Monroe to come along on their next trip so he can share some of his experiences. Monroe, needless to say, is skeptical.

Out on the streets, Kenneth introduces himself to Juliette who is unimpressed. He then tells her that he’s looking for Adalind’s baby and maybe she could help. She declines until he tells her about Adalind’s situation and how ironic it is that she’s having Juliette’s baby with her boyfriend. Juliette doesn’t take the bait and walks away, knowing that she can always change her mind now that she knows where Kenneth is staying.

Back at the station, Nick, Hank and Monroe are questioning the dads from the camping outing. To a man, they’re all pretty giddy about the experience. Monroe as well can’t seem to sniff out their “Killer Instinct,” and confirms that the men have no involvement with the murders. Nick suggests that Monroe take Elder up on his offer to go to camp.

During the interrogation, Adalind pays Renard a visit in his office. She shows him her little surprise, and wants to talk to Nick.


Renard is relieved that baby isn’t his and fetches the hapless detective. Nick is none too pleased to see Adalind again and even less so when she tells him that when he thought he was getting it on with Juliette before Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding, it was really Adalind. And now she needs his help to protect their baby. Adalind also claims to be able to suppress Juliette’s Hexenbeast problem. She turns on her charm and gets Nick to feel her belly and actually seems to win him over a bit. Oh, and they’re going to have to dig up her mom’s corpse and talk Rosalee into helping if they’re going to save Juliette.

Juliette rolls up to the cop shop in order to have it out with Nick. She catches up with him and Adalind as they are leaving for Rosalee’s. Juliette, seeing that Kenneth was on the level, threatens to rip Adalind’s throat out. Nick gets between them, and manages to keep a lid on the situation. “We’ll catch up later,” Juliette tells Adalind before exiting.

Back at The Iron Hans, Monroe and Maggie are chatting. She’s impressed by his old school bona fides, having participated in actual hunts in his youth.

Nick and Adalind make it to Rosalee’s. She is is shocked and confused by the situation as well, but she agrees to help them for Juliette’s sake. Nick get’s a call from Hank: They’ve found another body, near the scene of the most recent murder.

Juliette has apparently changed her mind after her visit to the police station and is chatting with Kenneth. He offers her anything she wants in exchange for her help. Since nobody knows where Nick’s mom is, they are going to have to lure Mom back by putting Nick in mortal peril.

That night, Monroe is at the camp with a new group of dads ‘n kids. He goes into his version of the “with great power comes great responsibility” speech and tells the kids that they need to fight their instincts to go wild. Elder then calls for the hunt to begin. Monroe hangs back for a bit but the mood makes him Woge and he follows the troop into the woods. He stops when he loses the group and is attacked by a Wesen…

… that turns out to be Maggie! She asks Monroe to join her in the hunt, to taste blood again. She’s even picked out a victim. Monroe bails and she calls him names before tearing off into the woods.


Meanwhile Nick and Hank are at the scene of a gnarly murder that took place about a week prior, when they get the call from Monroe that Maggie has gone native and they need to get back to the campsite. He also tells Elder and Todd who at first don’t want to believe it, but are eventually convinced.

Maggie, meanwhile, has her sights set on another hitchhiker who has just removed his backpack and is taking a drink of water. She pounces.

Nick and Hank have found the backpack when they hear animal noises off in the woods. Maggie comes stumbling out with a large hunting knife embedded in her side and collapses by Nick and Hank. Elder, Todd and Monroe arrive as does the bloody hitchhiker. Elder holds his dying daughter in his arms and she tells him that she was killing because she was tired of being ignored, tired of the boys playing in the woods and tired of being just a girl in their eyes. She dies.

Case Closed.

And then there’s Juliette, who is paying a visit to Nick’s trailer. She starts tearing up books and smashing the place then eventually lights the thing on fire. She calls Nick to tell him he might want to drop by his Aunt Marie’s trailer.

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