E! documentary series will follow Bruce Jenner’s life as a transgender woman

Note: An E! release confirmed that at this time, Bruce Jenner is choosing to not live publicly in the media as a woman. He is referred to as Bruce Jenner, and with male pronouns, in the network release, and this post will follow suit.

If you were one of the 17 million viewers who tuned in to Diane Sawyer’s interview with Bruce Jenner last night on ABC’s 20/20 (pictured), you’re likely to be interested in following more of the Jenner story. You’ll be able to do so when an as-yet-untitled documentary series about Bruce Jenner living his life as a transgender woman debuts on E! July 26 at 9pm ET. It will be an eight-part, hourlong series.

bruce jenner

More from E!:

“The series will tell Bruce’s intimate story and will join him as he seeks out his ‘new normal.’ Living for the first time as the person he feels he was born to be, the docuseries will also explore what Bruce’s transition means for the people in his life and how those relationships are affected, while offering a better understanding of many of life’s challenges.”

In a release, Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Programming and Development, E!, said, “Bruce is incredibly courageous and an inspiration, and we are proud to be entrusted with this deeply personal and important story. This series will present an unfiltered look as Bruce boldly steps into uncharted territory and is true to himself for the first time.”

The Bruce Jenner documentary series will debut July 26 at 9pm ET on E! A series title will be announced at a later date.


Bruce Jenner on 20/20: Credit ABC