Discovery releases first Shark Week 2015 promo

That time of year already? Discovery’s Shark Week 2015 is just around the corner, airing even earlier this year, with a July 5 kickoff. Just as most holidays seem to get advertised earlier and earlier, Shark Week — likely viewed as a holiday by some, not the least of which is Discovery, who usually enjoys a ratings Christmas each summer thanks to the programming event — so Shark Week has gotten its first promo today, about two months out.


Set to a revised version of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” tweaked with some shark-y lyrics, the video (below) should get you in the mood for this year’s Shark Week, as well as summer in general, with its beach settings (including some ominous, finned party crashers in the background, and underneath, the summer fun).

Along with its formal airing in July, Shark Week 2015 will also be featured in a special weekend of programming in August, leading Discovery to brand the upcoming season as “Summer of the Shark.” The network says it will “deliver more hours of all new, visually-stunning and informative shark-filled specials than ever before.” We’ll see if it follows new Discovery president Rich Ross’ promise from earlier this year that the network will be steering clear of “mockumentaries” like the Megalodon special that has done blockbuster ratings in Shark Weeks past.

Shark Week 2015 airs July 5-12  on Discovery Channel.