Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 16 recap: A Tale Of Two Viddies

Lori Acken

It’s our last week in L.A., Dance Moms nation (short jaunt, this one) — maybe for a few weeks like last time. Maybe for good. Who knows?

We start at Kendall’s military-themed video shoot, which appears to be a cleverly  orchestrated opportunity for Abby to wander around amongst a bunch of dudes in uniform, getting handsy.


While Kendall and her back-up dancers gets prettied up, Abby rants to Jill about how Holly didn’t even have the common decency to tell her that, well basically, what amounts to that she found more professional folks to do Nia’s video … because Abby would have never done one for Nia anyway. And that’s a fact.

While Kendall gyrates around with a bunch of dancers who are older than she and then gets hefted on the back of a soldier doing push-ups …


… Abby tries her hand at being a drill sergeant.



She finds it to her liking. Excuse me while I go put myself on a registry for a double eardrum transplant.

Jill hopes Holly doesn’t go getting all competitive about the videos because they have a dance competition to worry about and that’s all the competing Jill can handle right now.

Back at 3rd Street Dance, Abby is all hopped up on soldier hormones and the thrill of getting to abuse a stranger. She says pyramid is going to be a little different — namely a rectangle.

Jo Jo and Kenzie at the bottom. Group-dance slackers, both.
Nia and Kalani are next. Great work in the group.
Top is Kendall and Maddie. Abby says they’re equals now.


As if.

This week’s Maddie-props concern dancing at the Grammys. I’m a little confused because we did the Grammy thing all the way back in episode 10 when Abby said she was going with and Maddie said she wasn’t, but the day this show makes a lick of sense is the day I begin dancing lyrical solos for Abby Lee Miller.

This week, Kendall gets a jazz solo called This Is Major. Abby’s on one serious military kick. Or just wants to use that video costume all over again.

Jo Jo gets the other solo. It’s called Straighten Up. Guess what you’ll be wearing, Jo Jo!


dance-moms-season 5-episode-16-straighten-up

Here’s a hint. The dance is called Straighten Up. Ah! Got it!






How did I know you’d embrace it? Stop hopping. Stop hopping. For God’s sake, STOP HOPPING!

abby-jojo-reaction You started it, lady.

The group routine will be called Platinum because, you know, Kendall’s song, Wear ’Em Out, will probably go platinum. Since her girl has a song, too, Holly takes note of the slight.

Abby tells a perfectly chipper Mack that she won’t be dancing this week, because she doesn’t feel well. I’m guessing it has something to do with age requirements, but whatever.

This week’s competition is called Dance Kids USA and it will be judged by children. Everything you’re thinking right now, me too.


We dismiss the moms to the Mom Closet and then do human wheelbarrows and talk about what being a platinum-seller means. A million records sold. So … that.

In the Mom Closet, Jill says she’s Abby’s new BFF. Er mer gerd, you guys!

Melissa says something about her getting to squeeze Abby’s pimples, and ew. And also, ew.

Jill says yesterday’s video shoot was so much fun and she hopes Nia has so much fun at her shoot, too. Holly says she can’t wait to see what the stylist brings for Nia to wear. Why, yes, that will be exci …. er, what? You have a stylist? Oh. How. Nice. What about hair? Katy Perry’s hair guy.

Yeah. Fun. Stop name-dropping right now, bitch.

Oh, Nia. No.


While Nia and Abby debate the difference between right and wrong and selling out and making opportunities for yourself because someone who purports to be your manager openly loathes you, Holly tells the other mothers that Abby’s trying to get in her kid’s head the night before one of the biggest days of her life.

Nia, who is a veteran of Abby’s special brand of B.S., tells Holly the exchange was no big deal. They have a difference of opinion. What else is new. Holly says she needs to take some pointers from her kid.

Oh. Kendall’s a band major, not an army major. Abby still drill-sergeants her, though, just so all of our major bases are covered. You dance like this, soldier!


Ride a pony, ride a pony, ride a pony …

The day has come to shoot Nia’s video. Holly has a stroke over seeing Nia’s name in lights, then laughs at herself and says this is why you don’t bring your mom to set.

GUH-urrrrrrrllll! Look at YOU!

nia-is-stunning Mikey Minion is happy, too. He says the Fraziers should feel free to social media the bejesus out of the proceedings. No secrets here.

Aubrey O’Day Recording Artist shows up with some creepy black lipstick and the biggest bouquet for the girl with the biggest heart. Holly looks dewy-eyed and says Aubrey never gave up on her girl.


Then Holly and AubreyORA chat about Abby and Aubrey reveals that she can’t stand the woman either, because after getting further into her involvement with her, she thinks negativity is how Abby feeds her soul. Truer words never spoken.

Let’s tattle.

Jill holds up her phone so Abby can see the images from the shoot that Holly has posted and Abby fumbles and bumbles on about how hard she has worked to craft an image for this little child and now look at her — all crimping-ironed up and so far from emotional home.

Whereas Kendall has always been a belly-shirted soldier lounging on the back of an adult man doing push ups.

Well maybe Abby could bring a stop to all this.


Nice try, Melissa.

Mikey Minion reminds Nia that you only get one chance to release yourself as a music artist, so get out there and kill it, Miss Thing. Mikey Minion, your attitude, sir, is infectious. Who else besides me is grinning like a fool at Nia’s success?

Holly gets choked up about something so, so good happening to her child.

Aaaaand, I’m going to be seeing this in my sleep for approximately forever. Seems perfect for a competition with child judges.


Abby hollers about this and that and, in the Mom Closet, Melissa says she’s probably preoccupied with what’s happening on social media about the Nia video and may require a straitjacket of her own. OK, I added that last part myself, but I stand by it.

Let’s make it worse and check Holly’s online activity. There’s a doozie on there. Something about Aubrey O’Day Recording Artist on set at Nia’s video killing any video that appears on Dance Moms the real Abby Lee #TeamNia. Does that even make a sentence? I don’t get it one bit.

Makes Kira do this, though, so it must be all kinds of turrible.


Jill says it wasn’t a contest until Holly just made it one. I’d possibly amend that to, “It wasn’t a contest until Nia’s video turned out flashier.” But perhaps I’m nitpicking. It happens.

Let’s have a gander at the new ALDC studio. Girls first. Abby lets Nia in, so it’s a start. It also gives the moms time to take Holly to task to about yesterday’s social media shenanigans, which makes far more sense now that I know that it was Aubrey saying Nia’s video was doing the killing of all other ALDC vids — take that Mackenzie and Kendall — and that “the real Abby Lee” is probably #TheRealAbbyLee. In either case, the mothers say it wasn’t fair because it wasn’t fair and why would Holly surround herself with people who say mean things and pots and kettles and oh my God!!!!

Holly says there was none of this prattle when we were talking about Kendall’s video and Jill says yes, but you put it out there just to make her kid cry. Say, like she wasn’t invited to a get-together with Todrick that was splashed all over social media. Abby. Auby. Same difference. OK, says Jill, as long as Holly admits she’s horrible. Holly will not. And here’s Abby.

Abby says the silver lame underpants and heels of Nia’s video outfit were a bit much for her tender sensibilities. Maddie’s nude bodysuit, retorts Holly. No comparing Nia’s vid to Chandelier, says Abby with an eye roll. It goes even worse downhill from there.

Holly says the mothers are not her friends. They’re Abby’s friends. With friends like that, honey. With friends like that…

Off we go to Flintridge, CA. where the mood is a bit subdued and the get-ready is filled with musical instruments. Abby is MIA.

Holly gets a call from Aubrey, just checking in on her pals. Holly tells Aubrey about yesterday’s woes and AORC gives her some sound advice.

holly-doing something-rightsteal-your-joy

Let us dance. Or whatever Jo Jo is expected to do dressed like so.

jojo-makeupAbby reminds her not to be adorable. Technique. Not mugging.

Dance Moms Fashion Moment!


My boobs shall sail away on the wings of giant and colorful butterflies!

Jo Jo dances first.



It’s OK, kid judge. You should have seen the Carrie dance. But good on Jo Jo. Somehow she managed to make that thing watchable and her turns were impressive. Which she just pointed out herself. But still.

Major Domo Vertes is next. Jill says if she blows it, it’s because  of all the Holly drama.


Said it before. I’ll say it again. This kid, with her miles-long legs and natural maturity on stage, is my favorite to watch.

Abby says Kendall fell apart in the middle. She completely falls about backstage.


This happens.


Kendall stalks away to collect herself.

Kenz, still looking perfectly chipper, wishes she were in the group dance, specially since the girls have CDs on their heads.


Kalani’s ballet technique kills me dead right out of the gate, but the whole dance is a wonder. Seriously. Chills. Anybody else besides me stymied as to why we saved this for a competition judged by kids? Were there grown-up judges, too? Someone?

Google, Google, Google. Best Google Doodle ever. The Loch Ness Monster is really Martians in a submarine. And yes, the kids are advised by a “supervising adult.”

Awards time.

Kendall gets fifth.
Jo Jo gets blanked. She battles back her tears.
Group dance wins.

Backstage, Dr. Holly reminds a sniffling Jo Jo that kids can be harsher on other kids than grown-ups can. She danced well. She just didn’t score well.

Abby tells Jo Jo that she liked the routine and how Jo Jo danced it, and that is all that matters. Then she tells Kendall that they’re a lot alike — let their emotions show when they really shouldn’t. Pfffffffft. Just. Pffffffft.

But enough of you people … Abby’s off to the Grammy’s.

Next week, Cathy and Jeanette are back and big news for the Pitt Crew – the WHOLE Pitt Crew — from Abby.

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Was either video age appropriate? Close enough? Which mother wins the Most Ridiculous Award this week? How ABOUT that group dance? How about the straightjacket dance? Sound off in the comments section below.

New episodes of Dance Moms premiere Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.



  1. I like Nia’s song and video but when it comes to Kendall her song is the same thing and video is not nice nor perfect. Holly must not mind the moms cause she will keep crying everyday. Jill and Mellisa are very jealous. Nia is my favourite in DM and Abby yells at her coz she does not like her. Abby’s favourite is Maddie and Maddie is the least favourite to me. Kendall is competing with Nia but she(kendall) already lost.

  2. I just didn’t understand all the venom spilling from Jill, Mellissa, and Kira in the temporary mom studio. I mean was Holly NOT suppose to tweet or instagram ANY pictures from her kids FIRST VIDEO SHOOT??? I mean I understand why there were not to many photo’s from Macks…they were all in it. And I fully believe the only reason Jill didn’t instagram or tweet as many pics for Kendalls video is cuz Abby said not to cuz she assumed her video was goin to blow Nia’s out the water and she wanted to savor the moment, but when she saw the pics and how the production quality was it seemed to tick everyone off and they sit around and say cuz Holly posted pics she’s suddenly this new person. I mean I get it, Holly has been #TeamTooMuch more times than she should have been this season but why couldn’t she be happy and brag on her kid??? How often does she get to amongst the team? It was just disheartening…although seein Jessalyn carefully skirtin the line of the convo cuz she knows she doesn’t want to burn any bridges was interesting to watch.

    • Yup, I agree. If it were any other mother, the others wouldn’t think anything of it, but of course Holly and Nia aren’t good enough to have anything positive happen. And absolutely, when they realized that Nia’s video would make mincemeat out of Kendall’s, that’s enough reason to villainize Holly and Nia, disgusting really.

    • If Nia’s video had looked cheap and tacky, Abby and the moms wouldn’t have cared how often Holly tweeted about it. But it looked fabulous and highly produced, and Nia, who has always been inferior in Abby’s eyes, looked incredible. The problem wasn’t with Holly’s frequent tweets, it was jealousy, pure and simple.

      • Agreed, that’s why she went in2 that whole “I’ve created this image for her and that’s not what i created ” she has majority of the time always dressed them a little older than what they are and what did Nia have on that was so inappropriate next to Kendall? Mid-driff? Well Kendall’s army costume was…the silver lamé outfit? Well Kendall has a lyrical dance at the of hers and wears a one piece so it’s just arbitrary and downright haterism at it’s finest. And i don’t think Melissa s threatened or jealous but she likes to stir the pot and she just HAD to show abby the pictures, she HAD to ask Abby if she was Nia’s manager, she HAD to ask Kira 2 check for more photos, it’s like do u want a spoon for all the mess you’re helping stir up? It was just…disheartening. i don’t know how I’d feel watching that honestly

        • Melissa is so scared of Abby losing interest in her girls she’d do anything and everything to stay on her good side, if she hadn’t shown the pictures and Abby had found out that Melissa knew about them and didn’t say anything, there would have been hell to pay.

          • You know what…you’re probably right. Mellissa is Abby’s super spy and with-held information from an obedient soldier is grounds for dismissal! (lol) But Mellissa shouldn’t really have to worry, Abby plans to ride this train til the wheels fall off, Abby should be more worried about Abby taking off than the other way around!

  3. I, too, thought the group dance was mesmerizing. Just beautiful- costumes and choreography!! I appreciate that there might have been errors in it, but I am not an expert, and only know that I loved it. Yes, it was wasted on kid judges. Also wasted was Jo-Jo’s dance, which I thought was remarkably well done. I knew it wouldn’t score well with the kid judges , especially after Jo-Jo’s scream when they showed the judges looking horrified. I am so glad that Abby told Jo-Jo that she thought Jo-Jo did well, and that she did not agree with the judges.

    • I loved Jojo’s solo, people don’t realize how difficult it is to not have use of your arms when you’re dancing, the kid knocked it out of the park and should have gotten recognized for it. But of course the kid judges were probably creeped out by the whole concept which is unfornate.

  4. Inappropriateness of Nia’s video? Now, let’s see what Abby might find appropriate, based on previous seasons. Very early on, when the girls were 7-11, she famously dressed them as “prostitots”. Not much later they were Las Vegas call girls, wearing not much other than feathers, Nia has been Laquifa, a “Streetstar”, and a drag queen–all in tons of makeup, minimal clothing, and questionable (aka sexual) dance moves. In dances where she is not over-sexualized, Nia has had the dubious honor of starring in one of Abby’s “racially-sensitive” pieces. While these were pretty dances, I question the motives behind them–I think they were more about winning by playing on racial sympathies than about honestly representing minorities. Even if Nia’s video is a little too mature for her age, it is slick, sophisticated, professionally produced, performed with energy and excitement, and clearly geared to a target market of teens and preteens. Abby’s video with Kendall? Not so much.

  5. I’ve just finished watching this week’s episode. I fear this will be long. But I’m answering your question about the videos being age appropriate first.

    I agree with something Abby said about Nia’s video. I think they should be careful about creating a persona in her first video that is too far off from the real Nia, because then it becomes something you have to keep up or live up to. Plus, the song is called Star in Your Own Life.

    I did think that based on what we saw that Nia’s video was more age appropriate than Kendall’s. Nia is a year and a half older, and there’s a difference between being 13 1/2 and just turned 12. Plus, we saw Kendall interacting with the older men, Nia was just dancing. I’d rather see a kid in that silver bikini-like leotard and body paint that a bustier with large cups. I also thought that Nia’s dancing was stronger. We saw some attitude behind her movements and actual muscle definition while she moved. With Kendall she was just going through the motions and looked like a baby playing dress up. Although neither was the best dancer in their video, but many singers aren’t.

    The episode felt more disjointed than usually. It started abruptly with Kendall’s video, then there was the jump to pyramid, that felt heavily edited (I understand Mackenzie had a solo, you could tell that “and my last solo” and the line about her being sick were both edits), then the trip to the new studio space also felt especially forced. This is actually one time that having a 90 minute episode would have helped.

    I also thought it was interesting that we started with Kendall’s video, and Jill and Abby talking about Nia. It seems like Nia’s video may have actually been shot first, though who knows, maybe Kendall had rehearsal for her video before Nia’s and this was just a rehash of something. It made Jill seem like such a hypocrite by editing it that way. At first I thought that it was a case where editing made Abby look worse. But thinking back now, after that whole exchange with Nia where Abby refuses to go to the video, then later criticizes the outfit Nia wore makes me think that showing Kendall’s video as being after Nia’s would have made Abby come off even worse.

    The other thing that was probably factor but went unsaid was that by the time this episode was filmed it had been 3-4 weeks since it was announced that Nia was not being included in the ALDC tours of Ireland and Australia, with Melissa and Abby heavily promoting those on social media. There so much hypocrisy in Jill saying Kendall cried because Nia posted pictures from her video. I thought Aubrey’s comments were more building Nia up and promoting her artist than tearing anyone else down. Meanwhile, neither Jill, Holly or any other mom said a single thing when Chloe was left out of last year’s overseas tours or when Abby criticized Chloe’s eye issue, followed up a few days later with taunting on social media, posting a picture of Maddie in a class with #wherestallblonde and group pictures with #gangsallhere.

    And on that note:
    It’s a reality show about a dance team. We get that you want your daughter’s to be famous, but just ride the wave and stop forcing these autotuned blah songs on us until they’re older (and more talented).

    Now as far as the competition, I thought JoJo’s dance was great to watch, but I can see why kid judges wouldn’t score it high. I’d like to see her do it again at a real competition. I agreed with Abby that Kendall’s started out stronger than it finished. After the first few counts it was the same boring, contained Kendall number with very little movement. I noticed a lot more errors in the group routine than usual. Especially from Nia and Kendall. It seemed like half the time Nia was running from one end of the formation to the other and not really doing as much actual dancing. But it won. It looked like there might have been very little competition, but it won.

    • Oh, and Jill’s statement that Kendall has 100% of Abby’s attention and Nia could have had that too had she not chosen to go with Aubrey. Uh no. She can’t give 100% of her attention to two girls. The idea that Jill would have been happy with Nia sharing any attention or Abby producing a song and video for Nia after Kendall instead of a second song and video for Kendall is laughable. That statement was possibly the biggest load of crap every spoken in one of those mom interviews. Which is saying a lot, considering Melissa has been on this show for five seasons now.

  6. Someone found a tweet you posted, ’bout my video
    And you told the world just how you felt
    It must have posted out of a phone at another studio
    You never said my name
    But I knew just who you meant

    Whoa I was so surprised and shocked, and I wondered, too
    If by chance you made one for yourself
    I never told a soul just how I got Janet’s hair-do
    But they said it really loud, they said it on the air

    Make a video
    Whoa, oh, oh
    Make a video
    Whoa oh oh oh
    Make a video
    Whoa, oh, oh
    Make a video
    Whoa, oh, oh

  7. When Holly referred to the nude body suit, I thought she meant the season 1 or 2 episode when Abby made all the girls wear nude body suits and do a Vegas style fan dance. (Lifetime got so many complaints about that, they’ve removed all videos and photos of it.)

    And how is Nia working with Aubrey without Abby any different than Maddie working with Sia without Abby? Oh, wait – Maddie can do no wrong.

    • I’d forgotten about that showgirls episode, those costumes were tame compared to what Maddie has to wear in those videos, at least those costumes were full on unitards, Maddie may as well be naked in hers. Good point about the Aubrey/Sia comparison, you hit it right on the head.

    • I love that Holly pointed that out. Of course Abby would say that it’s different because Maddie does no wrong. The only argument she could make is that it was Sia’s video and Maddie didn’t have a say. At that point though, Melissa needs to be a parents and say “sorry, but my child isn’t wearing that.” And Jill, oh Jill is so delusional. The comparison between the two videos shows you just how much clout and connections Abby doesn’t have in LA or show business. Abby’s “take that Holly” remark literally made me laugh out loud when they started to show the production for Nia’s video. And why is Melissa getting in the middle of it? Running up to Abby and showing her social media post and basically tattling on Holly…so mature. You really are setting a great example for you kids.

      • My absolute favorite part of the episode was when Aubrey said she couldn’t stand Abby, the look on Holly’s face was classic. Aubrey I’m sure, is just one of many celebrity that Abby has pretended to be on such good terms with.

    • I also thought that Holly was making a reference to the showgirl number before I thought about Sia. However, I guess this episode was show only a few weeks after the Elastic Heart video came out, so that may have been fresher in everyone’s mind at the time.

  8. I feel drained after watching this episode. I start with the dances because the video debate will take a second or two.

    I have been really surprised at the growth of Jojo as a dancer over the past several weeks. With her personality turned down the camera has not been following her. She gives us 4-5 great lines a week and that is enough. She has really blended into the group dances, standing when it was her turn. The straight jacket dance was great!!! Can anyone think of a dance that did not involve arm movement for the first minute of the dance? So the focus shifted to her legs/turns and she killed them. I was also touched by her reaction to a snub by the kid judges. She seemed genially with the score that she got for all of effort she put into this dance. Go Jojo.

    Poor Kendall got a retread of her warrior dance from the start of season 5. My reaction is this was a dance a 9-10 year old would do! Nothing stood out for me, neither the chirography nor Kendall performance. As MattyB’s producer said, Kendall is a beautiful, elegant forgettable dancer. Enough said.
    I liked the group dance but it’s the third dance in a row that looked the same. Great performance by the girls, superior chirography but the wow factor is losing group. It’s good to throw in something different/challenging so when the girls go back to the lyrical dance you feel like your back house. You know, warm and fuzzy.

    I am on the Holly side in the duel video debate. To me Jill is just a wining mess. A little thicker skin, Jill would help go a long way. Jill’s theme was that Holly was pushing Nia’s video at the other moms threw social media and name dropping. No one is forcing Jill (and they referenced Kendall) to look at the social media posts, just don’t look at them if you can’t handle what is buzz is. And for name dropping, Nia is just sharing information; she never compared who Nia is working with to who Kendall is working with. Question – why isn’t Melissa pushing for a new video for Mack Z? I have heard that Maddie is singing in her own video. Who is the creative force: Abby, Sia, or Todrick Hall?????

    The question of the day is: is Abby mean or is Abby a sly promoter? Enough people will cover the mean side or let me take the other side. In an earlier episode we heard Abby tell Kalani and Nia that when they get to 14-15 she is through with them – too old. So how does Nia exit the DM show? Do we do the lovie dovie exit OR do we get the audience behind Nia’s career by her becoming the “I can be a star without Abby” dancer. Nia is just the right kid for this task. She has a great supportive mother/family, has the back stories about her being in a wheelchair, mature way beyond her age, and can stay with the high road no matter what Abby throws at her. And Abby gets a win-win situation. If Nia has success (and I think clearly is the best singer at this time) Abby says she did the hard work of building the skill set and if Nia tails off it is because other people messed up the star Abby created. From last night’s show Nia loves being part of the ALDC but it is time for her to fly on her own. Just remember Nia, you can always do projects with the other dancers like you did with Jojo. Now, what do we do with Kalani?????

    • You reminded me of something – Abby keeps putting Mackenzie on the bottom of the period for not doing much in L.A. But she’s MackZ’s manager, so if Mackenzie isn’t doing anything, isn’t it Abby’s fault?

      It’s not like Melissa would risk going behind Abby’s back. I mean, for Maddie, it’s okay, just not Mackenzie.

  9. I keep watching this show despite Abby’s nasty behavior. Nia is so confident despite how much this woman tries to bring her down.

    ALSO, in Kendall’s video, I could’ve sworn I saw Peyton as one of the dancers.

    • Nina, I keep watching this show because of Abby’s nasty behavior. I just can’t wait for her to butcher things up so badly that she is fired, someone punches her out, or the show goes off the air!

  10. Holly is by far the most deluded, annoying, hypocritical mother. I can do anything I want (regardlss of whether it upsets your children/rehearsals), I can say anything I want to any of you and I can call Abby up on a multitude of imagined offences, but if you do one thing that in any way affects my child then You. Are. SATAN… Ridiculous!

    Mackenzie did have a solo, called Disco Dude (attached below). She fell off her handstands in both the judged and unjudged performances. She got 4th in the Junior Division, beating Kendall by one place.

    Lori, I love your entire articles, but my favourite part is always the title!

    • You are SORELY mistaken. Holly has maintained a healthy relationship with Abby for 4 seasons despite Abby giving her daughter little attention. And with all of the girls coming up with their own projects, Holly has always supported them. She promoted Kendall on her instagram too. Nia never gets anything and ABBY WAS NEVER GOING TO DO ANYTHING FOR NIA so she has every right to be upset that the moms are attacking her when NONE OF THE OTHER MOMS WERE ATTACKED WHEN THEIR DAUGHTERS HAD SOMETHING. Maybe Melissa, but it didn’t matter because Maddie’s the favorite in the end. Maybe Kira too, but Kira/Kalani isn’t a real member of ALDC so they don’t really care (Abby said herself Kalani is just there to be on TV).

      • I agree completely! And really, if you look at the difference between the quality of Nia’s video (not to mention her voice, which is amazing) compared to Brooke’s (sorry Brooke but it really wasn’t that good), MacKenzie’s and Kendall’s videos….I don’t think Nia has any real competition at all.

      • Hi Michelle. Just to illustrate where I am coming from:

        1) In Nationals last year when Abby got pissed and told Maddie to go next door and practice her solo while the rest went over the group, Nia was the one who said “I thought the group comes first”, and Holly was delighted with her for saying so. However, when Jessalyn had to take JoJo to (apparently) get lice done this season, Holly deemed her “a bad mother” for missing rehearsals also!

        2) Continuing from that point, Holly said Jess was a “bad mother”. However, a handful of episodes later she’s BFF’s with her, because she knows Jess is the only one who will listen to her crap.

        3) She keeps going on about how “no one has her back” and how “Nia cried her self to sleep and feels excluded” etc etc etc. This exact thing happened to Chloe last year, when she was not allowed be in the Todrick Hall music video with the other. Did Holly pull Nia at that point? No. So why should Jill and co. pull their children now? Answer: they shouldn’t.

        Basically, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        On a final note, none of these children would even make it as back up singers without this show, not to mind “pop stars”. Not Mackenzie, not Kendall, not Nia. Mommies need to realize that, but they don’t.

        • Sorry, number 1 makes no sense. What i meant was Holly deemed Jess a bad mother for JoJo missing rehearsals for lice, but when Nia stepped out to talk to Aubrey it was ok. Just like Maddie wasn’t supposed to miss group for solo last nationals, but when Nia was on the phone it was ok.

        • But…u have to admit, Holly had Christi’s back at the reunions though especially the one b4 where she told Abbh that had she not made taken the chance away from Chloe and Paige, they would have won. She, besides Christi was the only who contacted Kelly after the slap incident. and she told Abby at the last reunion that her staying WAS her rebellion and she wasn’t gonna be run off or made to feel bad, and she figured out how to skirt the outlines of the contract by makin sure her kids video was handled properly. I’m not sayin she hasn’t gone off the scale more than once, i just don’t think she’s quite the giant hypocrite everyone makes her 2 be.

          • Good point, although I can see Christie and Kelly thinking it was too little too late. Hindsight works great after the fact. I don’t think they’re leaving was “running off” at all, Kelly left because she was charged with assault (and justifiably as far as I’m concerned, I’m not convinced at all that Abby would have punched her if Kelly hadn’t beaten her to it) and Christie left because Chloe flat out didn’t want to be there anymore. She had no obligation to anyone other than her daughter and Lifetime. Chloe wasn’t a student any longer, she didn’t owe Abby or the other mothers a thing.

          • From what I’ve seen on twitter…Holly and Christi seem to still maintain a relationship, not so sure with Kelly I don’t check hers often, it’s mainly about the kids if anything…but I bet Kelly felt that way about Christi when the mess went down, I think the moms only decide to get out when their kids are like “nope, I’m done.” and from what we’ve seen Nia has been very vocal about staying on the team, despite Holly wanting to go, so although she no doubt enjoys the perks of being on reality tv, I could see Holly being like I’m done if you’re done Nia…but since she hasn’t, and the stress between her and Abby just grows, we get screamy irrational Holly

  11. I’m so happy for Nia. Honestly, Abby behaves like a toddler. I love nia’s response to her(Abby). And sometimes Holly should just chill and not answer those jealous moms.I didn’t think Kira would be part of this, I mean holly had nothing against her daughter but as usual she barks when others bark. I love Kendall but that video and song isn’t going anywhere, too much auto tuned. I didn’t here a word she said unlike Nia’s. Nia is such a mature and respectful girl. She will go placed with that personality and voice. GO NIA

  12. I caved and watched for the first time since the season 5 premiere just because of the previews of Holly crying. I love how Nia stood up for herself in a mature and respectful manner as opposed to the way Kendall reacted after her dance. Nia really is a star and has the most potential to possibly becoming a triple threat out of every girl on the team. Her whole debut as a singer has been handled in a more professional way than the other girls as well. Although I am ALL the way here for Nia this episode, I can’t say the same for Holly. I didn’t feel a lick of sympathy for her she started to cry and yell about how supportive she’s been. No Dr. Holly, you weren’t supportive of everyone. You didn’t support the Lukasiaks when they left knowing what went down nor did you support Paige. Instead you made them out to be villains and saboteurs. Well, “what goes around comes back around hey my baby.”

    • I agree with everything you said except for one point – Holly did call Kelly after the whole “slap” thing went down to check on her and the girls, she was the only person besides Christie who did. Kelly addressed that during the episode when the moms got together with her for lunch and Kira invited herself along.

      • I meant she villanized Paige when she sued Abby. Sure it was weird for her to do so, but with everything they witnessed they didn’t have to be so harsh. As an educator she should have an insight of how Paige must have felt to go to that extreme.

        • Good point, I swear someone had body-snatched Holly those couple episodes and replaced her with some pod-person. lol

    • I wonder how much of this is frustration because she left a full time job (which she only recently obtained a doctorate for) in order to be a full time reality show personality and stage mom. Maybe she didn’t expect this to go on for 5 seasons. And they do 30-40 episodes per season, which seems like double every other reality show.

  13. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…………………..(sigh)

    This episode besides the moments of happiness from the kids was downright heartbreaking. I don’t understand Mellissa, Jill, and Kira…cuz surprisingly Jessalynn wasn’t jumpin board as hard as the other moms. Why get upset over the answer when they ASKED Holly who the stylist was? When THEY ASKED Holly who was doing her hair? She posted pics cuz it was her kids first video , didn’t Abby just tell them the week before to stay off social media if they couldn’t handle it? But this running and telling Abby like minions is rough to see, cuz it looks very counteractive to the buzz about Kendall’s vid. And I get Jill and Holly were both semi walking on eggshells with each other because they’re trying to preserve their non competitive side but Holly was proud posting these pics because what positivity has Abby given Nia? Proof in the train wreck of a conversation Nia tried to have with Abby…I mean major yikes. But wow, what a girl, very mature! I doubt I would have talked back to Abby cuz that wasn’t my style as a kid but I wouldn’t have been so strong as to say we disagree or have a difference of opinions and I’m pretty sure not everyone feels the same way, she handled that SO well…I am so impressed by that. I know some people will say “see what Holly did, look at how it’s effected Nia”, but she wasn’t snippy, she had no attitude, she was calm and collected and tried to reason with an unreasonable person who tried to make her feel like crap and that everyone (mom and kids) saw what she did after years of being overlooked or put on the backburner as a symbolic spit in the face. What. A. Crock. Abby had no intention of doing any of the video stuff for Nia in the future and Holly knew it so she took it in2 her own hands, and as much as I love Kendall, had Nia not got her stuff started first Abby wouldn’t have been so rushed to put out her next popstar.

    The scene where the moms were fighting at the studio…ugh. I mean honestly I do hate it when Holly walks away from these gals BUT they were already hating in the mom perch and were ready to come at her with some mess by first askng politely how did the day go and then proceeding to attack her for what Aubrey said. Did she know Aubrey posted it?? She says no, Holly doesn’t seem like much of a liar but she also didn’t seem surprised because Aubrey and her had a convo at the vid where she pretty much expressed disgust for Abs so like I said they were ready to come at Holly (surprisingly except Jessalynn and my guess is cuz she’s secretly smart, she doesn’t want to burn a single bridge).

    What I don’t like is Jill kinda absolving herself from the mess she’s like “Abby and Holly…Abby and Holly…” Well technically Abby is the manager so she should be saying “Abby and Holly’s PEOPLE ” but Jill seems to want us to think that she’s somehow magically floated above the mess and is the clouds of “just having a good time” with Kendall and Nia…but she’s not. She’s agreeing with Abby, showing her stuff, coming at Holly, she should just say “Me and Abby and Holly and her people”…cuz that’s the truth.

    This whole them not wanting to compete thing was garbage from the get-go, OF COURSE they’re competing. Abby has been TELLING you it is competitive. Jill and Holly needed to understand they were in the (poop emoticon) from jump street.

    • Jojo performed with Nia in Australia, which was probably planned far ahead of time. It would be kind of messed up to attack her. Also, Holly and Jessalyn became close over the course of season 5 since they stand up to Abby.

      • If Jess and Jojo have any shot to be on the team next season, they’d be better off not taking blatant sides in the drama, at least in front of Abby.

    • At this point Jill, Kira and Melissa all knew that they’d be going along with their girls on trips to Ireland and Australia. You don’t expect them to bite the hand that feeds them, do you? Holly was in the same situation last year when Nia was included in the Australia and UK trips and Chloe was the one left out.

  14. I am so proud of holly & nia for doing their own thing. abby has been putting nia down since show started. detecting some haters in the moms room.

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