Jane the Virgin Chapter 19 Recap: Run, Petra, Run!

Jane-the-virgin-ep19-jane-rosarioOn Chapter 19 of Jane the Virgin, Jane has gone through all the steps of a break-up, leading up to her confronting Rafael about the situation. Rafael mentions that Jane had doubts about him in the first place, so it wasn’t like things were headed down the wrong path anyways. All of a sudden, Jane’s fellow employees and friends barge into Rafael’s room with all the supplies for a baby shower. Could they be any worse with their timing? Luckily, Jane’s friend has some sort of psychic sense and knew felt that the couple weren’t on good terms. She also let Jane know that Rafael met up with an older lady the night before. Jane does some digging and finds out that the reason Rafael blew up was because he met with his mother. Jane sees some visions of her and Rafael in their previous love scenes, telling her to fight for their love. She makes that promise and heads out on her mission to win back Rafael. Atta girl, Jane!

Roman has taken Petra to a secluded area where no one will be able to hear her cries for help. To make things even more frightening, he lets her know that he killed his brother without any hesitation, so killing Petra won’t phase him either. Yikes, Petra has a bad taste in guys!

Rogelio has been offered a fantastic opportunity to further himself in his career — a show in Vegas which allowed Xo to join in. Rogelio tells Xo that he wouldn’t take the job unless Xo opened for him. Instead of packing her bags, Xo is worrying about her mistake she made by kissing her ex-fling. I’d feel pretty bad about myself too if Rogelio acted in such a selfless manner in order to get me a spot in a Vegas show — especially since he’s always the one who needs to be the star.

Jane meets with Rafael to confront him about the new information she’s discovered. He tells Jane that he never told her about the meeting with his mother because that had nothing to do with his feelings towards Jane. I’m with Jane on this one — yeah right, Rafael. Jane wants to work on their relationship by trying something like couples therapy. She tells Rafael that she still loves him and doesn’t want to just give up. It’s so sad seeing Jane beg for his love. Rafael you need to step up and tell her how you really feel. Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

After the meeting with the therapist didn’t go as Jane planned, Jane has to put on a fake smile in order to please everyone at her baby shower. For some reason Jane’s friend invited the members from Jane’s book writer’s club, including Andie. She tries to talk with Jane and convince her to not tell Michael that she had been stalking Jane. You could see Andie isn’t happy with the situation.

Jane-the-virgin-ep19-jane-ro-showerRogelio surprises Jane with a rather flamboyant performance of his new song he made especially for Jane and his new grandchild. Let’s hope this one will be on all the new lullaby albums.

Unfortunately, Rogelio’s performance was ruined when Jane’s writing teacher slapped Rogelio in the face. Her excuse was that Rogelio ditched her on their romantic getaway to Tampa once he realized that sleeping with the writer wouldn’t get him the main role.

Petra was able to convince Roman that she was interested in running off with him to work on cleaning up Rose’s mess. Getting on his good side, Petra was able to sneak away with his phone in order to call for help. Michael and Nadine were already on Roman’s trail, just waiting for another call to send them to the exact spot. Luckily Petra was able to get a call out and let them know where she was. As she was pleading for help, though, Roman was behind her, waiting to catch her. Petra took off running and ended up impaling Roman in order to save herself.

At the baby shower, Rafael began to see how much he truly loved Jane. He knew that he wanted to try to make things work out between the two of them. After the party, Rafael and Jane were trying out a ridiculous exercise by the pool that basically looked like they were having a silent staring contest. Once they realized that they looked weird and it wasn’t going to work, Jane came up with another idea. The two got into the pool to go skinny-dipping, something I thought I’d never see Jane do. Jane must have put all her restrictions aside. since she did decide that she should lose her virginity at that moment. She figured she’s having Rafael’s baby and the two are in love, so why not? It must have been Alba in disguise making Jane stop what she was about to do, because a security guard awkwardly broke the two up.

Abuelas have eyes everywhere at all times.

After finding Roman’s real flash drive, Michael was able to see all the people that Sin Rostro was working with. He saw a list full of big drug dealers, but one in particular stood out to him. My jaw dropped just as Michael’s did when he saw that Nadine — his own partner — was working with Sin Rostro.

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Nadine tries telling Michael that she had no other option, because Sin Rostro knew where her family lived and would do anything to pressure Nadine to cover for her. She said she always wanted to tell him the truth but she couldn’t. Michael knows he has to tell the truth and Nadine is okay with that. I know Michael feels so betrayed by Nadine but I also feel like she betrayed the fans. I didn’t see this one coming at all.

Jane-the-virgin-ep19-xo-rogelioAs Rogelio and Xo are getting ready for their big photoshoot for the Vegas show, Rogelio comes clean. He tells Xo about Amanda, Jane’s writing teacher, kissing him at the baby shower. Rogelio feels really bad about it, but he wants Xo to know that he did not kiss her back. Uh oh, I bet that made Xo feel yucky inside. Since she’s feeling such guilt, Xo finally comes clean, too, about her kiss with Marco. Even though she forgave Rogelio, he’s not so forgiving of Xo. The main difference here is that Xo wasn’t the victim, because she kissed Marco first. Rogelio ends up breaking off the relationship before storming off the photoshoot set.

Jane comes over to Rafael’s to share the exciting news about her decision to move in with him. She knows Rafael wanted them to move in together in the first place and while she didn’t want to at first, she’s compromising to make things work. Not only is she doing this for Rafael but she genuinely wants to move in with him. While the two should be celebrating this step in their relationship, Rafael hurts Jane once again by telling her they can’t move in together. Not only does he tell her that, but he also tells her that he doesn’t love her the way she loves him. How could someone tell this to the woman carrying his baby — and someone who he loved oh so much just a couple days ago? I’m over it, Rafael, and so is Jane.

Rafael went to the therapist alone to let her know that he doesn’t want to drag Jane down with him by her agreeing to have sex with him, when he knows that’s not what she wants to do in her heart. If he breaks off the relationship, the main focus will be on the baby. That way the baby won’t have to suffer with a bad family environment. He feels that Jane will be able to hold onto this magical idea of love between the two of them. I’m not so sure if Jane is one of those girls that you can just always count on to have waiting for you on the side, Rafael. She’s a strong, confident, independent woman who will soon have a baby to worry about.

As Alba is picking up Jane from the hotel, she notices a familiar face — Petra is outside the hotel with her mother. Alba has a flashback to when she was pushed down the stairs and tells Jane that Petra’s mother was the one who did it. Way to go, Abuela! Now that the wicked witch is back, let’s make sure she gets her punishment.

What were your thoughts on Chapter 19 of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Rafael’s plans to win Jane over in the end will work? I can’t imagine how Rafael thinks playing with Jane’s mind will make her want him back. I don’t even want to hear what he has to say and I’m just watching the show. Either way I hope she’s smart about her decision. What do you think will happen now that Roman’s actually dead? Will Rose make a return? How do you think the situation of pinning down Petra’s mother will work out? I’m sure Petra will try to play the victim and win Rafael over to help. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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