Get Ready To Get Naked … Again

Discovery Channel’s extreme survival series, Naked and Afraid, returns Sunday with a new season. Each episode chronicles the often grueling and always dramatic adventure of two strangers — a man and a woman — who must work together and use the single survival item that they’ve each brought to survive 21 days without food, water, shelter or clothes.


In Naked and Afraid Season 4, survivalists will brave remote locations including: Guyana, Thailand, Nicaragua, Belize, the Florida Everglades and Namibia. In addition, two of this season’s participants, Paolo Di Girolamo and Kristin Young, are the winners of last fall’s #ShowUsWhatYouGot contest. (How did I miss this contest?!?)

Fans of Naked and Afraid were asked to submit videos explaining why they would want to become a part of the ultimate survival challenge. Two winners were chosen by a fan vote to take part in their very own N&A challenge. These super fans-turned-survivalists will have their experience in survival training showcased in an exclusive series on, and their special episode of Naked and Afraid will air on Discovery Channel later this season.

I am extremely excited to see two people who are hopefully survival rookies learn how not to die and then put their newfound skills to the test in the ultimate trial-by-fire. And perhaps, it will be a literal trial by fire. As in Fire Island … or … hell. But every N&A location is a version of hell, we’ve had “Rainy hell,” “Hot as Hades,” “Projectile vomiting hell,” even “Spidertown” was a little hellish, but better than most. Note: these aren’t the actual episode titles from Discovery, but are actually the names I would have given them.

Naked And Afraid Season 4
Amber and Jason venture to the wild and foreign land of … Florida.

In this season’s first episode, we meet Amber and Jason as they head to the moist and swampy Florida Everglades. I guess I was hoping for the first episode of the season to be somewhere exotic, but I guess nothing’s worse than the tortures in your own backyard. And if the episode’s preview is to be believed, military instructor Amber faces a method of torture that would make me spill all of my secrets — vagina mosquitos. Ouch!!!

Naked And Afraid Season 4
Would you want to see Bear prove himself on Naked and Afraid?

Speaking of torture in your backyard and bugs on your crotch, wouldn’t you kinda like to see one of the Alaskan Bush People on Naked and Afraid? Which member of the Brown Family’s survival skills would you like to put to the test — Bear? He’d be hilarious and he’s always half naked anyway.

Does anyone ever watch Naked and Afraid, naked? I’m trying to decide if I should. Of course, I’ll be drinking a beer and eating snacks, so don’t expect me to be hungry or sober.

Naked and Afraid > Discovery Channel > Sundays at 10pm ET/PT beginning April 19.

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