Recap: Little Women: NY Episode 4 “Mardi Gras Melee”

Can we all agree that last week’s burlesque performance was a sexy disaster? Not because of what happened onstage — that was fine and fierce — but because of the negativity afterwards. Jordanna got an opportunity to showcase her burlesque troop and invited her friends to join her in a sultry number, and Jazmin got her first taste of the spotlight, but Dawn’s vocal disapproval ruined the entire night. Dawn is extremely outspoken against little people exploiting their height and performing as elves and leprechauns, but I don’t understand why she is such a hater of little people simply performing as dancers and performing artists. But not everyone can have have the same opinion.

Little Women: NY Episode 4

On to Little Women: NY Episode 4. Jordanna, Kristin, Jason, Misty and Lila get together to rehash the events of the night before. We rewatch some of Dawn’s most explosive comments and Jordanna wants to get together with Dawn to talk about what happened. I love that Kristin is clearly drinking in the middle of the day.

Little Women: NY Episode 4
A meeting of the minds is always made better with wine.

The ladies try to figure out a way to come together after last week’s blow-up. And, they want to try to pull the stick out of Dawn’s butt. The solution according to Misty and Kristin: a Mardi Gras party! (Remember how I questioned last week’s plot recycling from Little Women:LA? Ditto here.) No festive occasion is complete with out a LOL-filled trip to the party goods store. Oh Misty, you and your big balls are so goofy, you’re like a modern-day Chrissy Snow. Note to the world: put Misty on a sitcom.

Dawn video chats with he long-distance boyfriend, Keith. They’ve been dating for 5 years and they don’t get to see each other more than every few months. He has a sexy accent and works on private yachts! He’s a catch. We learn that his parents aren’t accepting of Dawn’s short stature. Do you think the fact that she’s not accepted by his family makes her resent that height? It’s possible.

Big news, Lila has a date! But he doesn’t know that she’s  little person. I’m thinking it won’d take him long to figure this out. Lila confides in Jazmin that she’s worried that returning to the dating scene may trigger her to drink. I almost snorted beer out of my nose when she says, “I hope bats don’t fly out of my vagina!” Jazmin is hilarious and so supportive — her reply “If it doesn’t work out, F@#$ him; and if it does, F@#$ him again!”  was pretty genius. See, she’s got comedy chops too!

Little Women: NY Episode 4
David’s not going to let anyone make his wife cry, even his sister, Dawn.

Over at Jazmin’s, she’s still upset and David wants to know why. She finally reveals to him that her first performance was ruined by her sister-in-law, Dawn. David is livid at his sister; no one disrespects his wife and makes her cry. He’s so charming and I hope he tells his sister off; not for her opinion, which she’s entitled to, but for ruining the performance. David heads to Dawn’s house with a headful of steam, and he demands that his sister is more supportive of his wife. I simply adore him!

Jason is finally house hunting. It’s about time that he moves out of his parent’s house so that I can move in for Mama Perez’s fantastic home cooking! I’ve heard that real estate in NYC is expensideBut the place he looks at is cute but costs nearly $3000 per month! Holy cow, I knew that real estate in NYC is expensive, but that’s ridiculous for a place that size!  Jason, forget the city and live in the suburbs!

Little Women: NY Episode 4Lila’s date doesn’t know she’s a little person but when they meet, he seems pretty cool. And he’s pretty attractive, scratch that, he’s hot. And he doesn’t really drink, which would be helpful to newly-sober Lila. But then he gets a little strange-o; he doesn’t have a job. He’s a busker, he performs on the street. Red flag! Oh Lila, Dan is so cute, but you want a man who is a grownup. Starving artists are sexy in their dirty, creative way, but that only works in movies. In the real world, you can’t live on hot sex and glitter, a girl’s gotta eat!

Jordanna meets with Dawn at lunch to talk about what went down at the burlesque show. Dawn has already hinted that Keith’s family isn’t happy that he’s dating a little person. But it gets worse, much, much worse. She reveals that she thought his family liked her, but Keith’s dad sent him a very long email saying some of the most cruel things I’ve already heard. They say that since Dawn’s parents were both little people, she came from a disabled family and that like them, she would be a lifelong burden. OMG, who are these people?!? Thank goodness Keith seems like a good person but not because of his family, but rather in spite of them and their backwards thinking. And bravo to Jordanna for saying what we’re all thinking, “Shame on them.”

Little Women: NY Episode 4
Pucker up, little pecker!

At the bar, Alcohol is a-plenty and soon everyone’s toasting, kissing penis necklaces and dancing on the bar. But when Dawn pulls Jazmin aside and I’m not sure if she is apologizing or not. I don’t think Jaz knows either. Am I drunk? Because suddenly, I’m confused.

The only one who isn’t drinking is Lila, and her sobriety is really tested when she sees the fun time that her friends are having. It’s no fun to be the sober sister, but she’s got to fight the temptation for her health and sanity! Jordanna takes her aside and Lila reveals that she’s frustrated and sad and feeling lonely.

Has anyone else noticed that almost everything that Jordana says is spot-on? She tells her friend, “Love is out there, as long as you believe you’re worthy of it.” It makes me cry that Lila is such a low place that she says, “Noone hates me as much as I hate myself.” I am so sad for her that I want to barf! Her life is in total turmoil: she’s lonely and sober, and the absence of one makes her crave the other.

What do you think? This episode had lots of sadness, despite the party. Dawn revealed the shocking treatment she’s faced, Jazmin and Dawn were/are fighting, Lila is depressed, and even NYC real estate is loco expensive!

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