Catfish Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Catfish Gets Catfished

catfish-ep8-nevThis week’s episode of MTV’s Catfish, proves how something as potentially beneficial such as this show can be abused. It’s the first time in the show’s history that someone has catfished the guys behind Catfish. To start this twisted tale, Nev gets an email from Whitney who lives in New York and has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Bre who lives in California. Whitney fell in love with Bre online but the only thing keeping them apart is the distance. Over their four-year relationship, Bre has never been able to video chat or add Whitney as a Facebook friend. Whitney needs to know if there will ever be a real relationship between her and Bre or if it will remain a long-distance friendship.

The guys fly out to New York to chat with Whitney and help her find out the truth behind Bre’s story. Whitney tells the guys that she got to connect with Bre on a deeper level before they ended up in a relationship. They’ve even talked about moving in with each other, requiring one of the two to pack up and move across the country. But money is tight on both sides of the relationship which makes seeing each other even more difficult. Whitney says that Bre was working as an exotic dancer, but quit in order to go back to school. Now Whitney is working almost every day of the week at Wendy’s to support her and her family, but she eventually wants to go to a culinary school. I’m glad both of these girls realize school is just as important as fast  money.

Whitney proceeds to show the guys the only two photos she has of Bre — which have somehow been sufficient enough to keep her interested over the last four years. Max immediately thinks something is wrong. Whitney doesn’t want to believe that she’s being lied to because she cannot stand being lied to. She stresses how much she hates liars — which becomes ironic in the end. She expects that if she’s being genuine with someone she must receive that genuineness back. She’s just digging a bigger hole for herself. You’ll see.

Whitney explains that after she had a death in the family, she logged herself out of the digital world for a while. It just so happened that Bre finally sent her a friend request during that time period. Once Whitney logged back into Facebook, she had so many friend requests that she just accepted everyone. She wasn’t sure which person was Bre because a lot of the profiles didn’t include names. I find it extremely odd that people wouldn’t have their names on their profile — and that she wouldn’t be able to pick out which one was her own girlfriend. The only other things she knows is a phone number for Bre and that she has a tattoo on her leg that says “Luscious.”

With little information — and a ton of justifiable suspicion — Nev and Max head off to investigate.

catfish-ep8-maxThe guys do a phone search and find out that Bre is using an internet-based phone number in the Los Angeles area. It matches up with her living in California, but they catch her lying about not being able to use Wi-Fi to video chat. In fact, Bre has been using Wi-Fi to text Whitney her excuses for not using Wi-Fi. Next they look up Bre’s email and find a Twitter page for a girl living in California; the only problem is that the girl in the photo isn’t the same girl in the two photos Whitney has. Then they image search the two photos Whitney has of Bre and find multiple accounts linked to the photos — but the name on the profiles isn’t Bre. Max thinks the two girls might know each other since they both live in the Los Angeles area.

Smart thinking, Max. I thought the same thing too.

Nev sends a message to Kash, the girl in the photos, letting her know someone is using her photos. The next day Nev gets a reply from Kash telling him to call her to clear things up. When Nev calls, he asks Kash if she knows anyone named Bre. Surprisingly she replies by saying that the two are close friends. Max asks Kash if she’s aware of anyone using her profile pictures, and they get another shocking answer. She lets them know that she allowed Bre to use her photos on the smae site where Whitney had met Bre.

Bre’s explanation for using Kash’s photos was that she wanted to meet new people but not allow them to know what she looked like. I’m not sure lying about the way you look is the best way to start meeting new people, but Kash proceeds to let the guys know that she was aware of Bre being untruthful even after she met someone she liked. She also mentions that she thinks Bre and this other person — Whitney — are friends on Facebook. In order to search for the Facebook account, Kash gives out Bre’s profile name: Luscious B.

Using Kash’s information, Nev searches through Whitney’s Facebook friends to see if she is friends with Bre after all. Turns out the two aren’t friends, but Nev thinks they still could’ve exchanged messages before. A quick search through her messages reveals over 50 pages of conversations between the two. The conversations start in 2011 and some are as recent as the previous week. The messages also reveal that they have indeed video-chatted before. The only reason any of this could make sense is that Whitney is catfishing Nev and Max. They’re not sure what to do, because they don’t want to waste all the time, money and resources they’ve already used up on these two. The producers advise them to keep quiet about knowing the truth and just tell Whitney the facts as if it were a regular episode. They want to see if she’ll squeal or keep the ball rolling with her lies.

When the guys arrive to tell Whitney what they’ve uncovered about Bre using Kash’s photos, Whitney plays it catfish-ep8-whitneyoff pretty well, acting concerned that Bre would lie to her. Nev then tells Whitney that he talked to Kash and got the Facebook profile name for Bre’s account. When Nev said the account name was Luscious B, you could see Whitney start to get uneasy. Nev shows Whitney Bre’s profile and asks if she’s ever seen the person in the profile before, Whitney denies it. Max comments that she’d remember such a unique name if she’d ever heard it before and Whitney agrees. She’s confident that she doesn’t recognize this page but the guys know she’s lying. Nev tells Whitney that they looked through her messages to see if they ever had said anything to each other because even if people unfriend each other, their messages will remain.

You could see the look of shock on Whitney’s face when she heard that news. They show Whitney the messages and she promptly starts denying everything.

Finally, Whtiney confesses that she wasn’t the one who intentionally messed with them. It was actually Bre’s idea to get in contact with the show in order to see Whitney. Bre was the instigator because Whitney didn’t want to lie to the show just to see Bre. Whitney comes clean about her true feelings for Bre. She lets them know that she wants to see Bre to determine that if she does move to California, Bre will be there for her. In order to make their decision, Nev and Max call Bre to hear her side of the story. She gets emotional while talking to them and letting them know her true feelings: She doesn’t seem interested in being on television; she just wants to meet her love.

Though we didn’t get to see her face I truly think Bre meant what she said. Nev and Max also seemed to believe her as they decided to bring the two lovers together.

The whole gang arrives in California to finally unite Bre and Whitney. As they get closer to Bre, she begins to start running towards them and jumps into Whitney’s arms. They both apologize to Nev and Max but also thank them for finally allowing them to be together. The guys leave to allow the two to spend some alone time together.

Two months later, Whitney tells the guys that her financial situation has improved to where she can afford a plane ticket to California. Bre has switched careers to working as a part-time hairstylist’s assistant which also has benefited her financially so she can afford a plane ticket to New York. The two haven’t put a label on their relationship but they undoubtedly love each other. All’s well that ends well …?

What were your thoughts on this role reversal episode of Catfish? Did you see Whitney and Bre’s lie coming? I genuinely thought Whitney was being catfished but once Max mentioned that Bre and Kash could possibly know each other I sensed something was up. Do you think it was wrong for Whitney and Bre to lie about their situation in order to meet each other? I understand they suffered financially but I do think it was wrong for them to involve a whole television show in order to fix their problems. There are couples and families in the military that have to suffer not seeing each other for long periods of time. Fortunately with today’s technology they can video chat and call back home. Do you think Nev and Max made the right decision to help Whitney and Bre after they had been lied to? Leave your thoughts below.

New episodes of Catfish premiere Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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