Dance Moms Season 5 episode 15 recap: MDP-O’d

MDP-message-mirror Lori Acken

Welcome back to sunny L.A., Dance Moms nation. We’re still 3rd Street Dance squatters and this week’s sidewalk discussion is about how pyramid should go well because of last week’s win and how we’re all headed in the right direction. Winning! Videos! Records! Plus we’re getting a visitor! Oh. That’s no visitor. It’s Erin Babbs and the Murrieta Dance Project group, who will be at the same competition this week. They beat us last time we went head-to-head, so oh oh.

Inside the girls are stretching and Kendall gives a little a cappella version of the song from her upcoming video. Left turn, left, strike a poooo-oooose! Uh ohhhhh! Kendall’s glad she’s finally getting to do something cool. Nia just hopes her pal doesn’t see their videos as competing with one another. Doesn’t matter, kid.  Everyone else around you does.

Abby talks about how we won the competition (that wasn’t really a competition) and how winning is everything. Which is why you go to a competition that isn’t one. Bucks your odds righteously.

The pyramid is actually shaped like a pyramid this week.

Bottom row: Nia, Mackenzie, Jo Jo.

Middle two: Maddie first. Whoa. Abby even craps on her technique, which she says has gone all to hell because Maddie’s out there doing all that trippy-dippy undisciplined crap on TV with Sia. Making Abby look bad, that’s what.

Kalani is next. Turns out they were invited to something called the Fifth Quarter Fashion Show (Google, Google, Google. Hey! Fun! Pony Express game on Google! I suck at the Pony Express Game! What was I on Google for in the first place? Oh. Fifth Quarter Fashion Show. Aw! Nice! Benefits Children’s Hospital.) Kalani is going to stay behind and dance. Kira’s headed back to Arizona for the event. Abby splits the difference.

Top: Kendall. Big winner last week. Has to be a mega-major professional this week. In fact, she’s such a professional this week that she requires all the other dancers and mothers to be production assistants on her video, so sayeth Abby, amen. Holly reminds Abby that Nia has a video shoot, too, so she could really use that time to practice and Abby says fine. She can’t count on Nia. Yes, says Holly, but, you know … her own video, and … Abby cuts her off. Holly mutters. Lori posts way too many screen caps of Holly looking like this these days.


This week we are going to World Class Talent Experience in Riverside. In (Google, Google, excuse to play the Pony Express game one more time….). I can’t find any evidence of a WCTE competition in Riverside. Oh. Invitational. Who bets we win everything!

Kalani gets a solo called “Innocent.” Contemporary.
Maddie’s is called “Dreams Come True.” Lyrical.

Group is called “The Rose Garden” Dark and contemporary. The moms cheer. Batting in our wheelhouse this week! Abby says the dance is sharp and precise like a thorn. Maddie won’t be at practice tomorrow though, because Abby is very proud to announce that she will be further assing up her formerly impeccable technique on Ellen.

In the Mom Closet, we talk about the message of the group dance and Holly opines that the thorn in Abby’s side is MDP. Oh, I don’t think so, Holly. But we’ll go with it for now.

Meanwhile, Abby is yelling at everyone, Maddie included. See, you guys? She does not either play favorites.

Then we talk about how Abby is favoring Kendall over Nia and why can’t both videos be equally exciting for cripes sake. Abby comes to get Kendall for a little outdoor, one-on-one confab, which makes poor Kendall look like this:


For good reason. Abby tells the poor kid that, because Holly and Nia made their own opportunity without her overlordship, Kendall must be an agent of Abby’s army and CRUSH THEIR STUPID VIDEO LIKE A BUG! Capiche?!



Time to rehearse Maddie’s solo. Abby tells her that because she was perfect last time, she has nowhere to go but down. Melissa tells the other mothers that she’s surprised Maddie got a solo this week, what with all the other things she has going on. Jill says pffffft! Abby would never set Maddie up to fail. Pfffft!

Also, someone is trying out a fancy Real Housewives of Pittsburgh hairdo!


Cut to Erin Babbs and her dancers. Erin would like us all to know that Obby is ready to get her bett kecked one more time and it’s up to them to prove that Uh-lay is too tough for her, you guys! Totally!

MDP’s group dance is called “Passing Through Time” and it’s about old Hollywood and features chairs. Also, no one here is afraid of Obby. We repeat: Not afraid of Obby.

In the Mom Closet, Jill — who is also trying out a new hairdo —is having the blackouts about how last night went down. Let’s see here. They got home. Wait. No. She got home. And then she waited for the children to get home. And theeeeen … hmmm. Oh. Yes. Abby summoned them and they went. And then they hung out with Todrick, a.k.a. Toddyrockstar (a.k.a. Teddy Ruxspin, because my mind wanders like a toddler these days). Turns out Melissa, Maddie and Mack were there, too. Holly and Nia knew nada about it. Found out when the others slapped it all over social media and Nia cried herself to sleep.


Jess, ever the Zen one, explains to Holly that basically Jill will do anything to keep Kendall in Abby’s favor, even if it’s hurtful to the other kids on the team. Jill insists it’s not her problem if Abby didn’t invite everyone. We agree that someone is missing the point and someone is a coward, but we can’t come to consensus on whom, exactly. Let’s drag Kendall in the middle of it. She’s no help either.

Holly says Abby is evil and using Toddy Rock Star as a minion in her evil plan.




I am a birdie! You are a birdie! We are a leedle flock of birdies!

Abby says Kalani better kick it into gear and get to beating Maddie.

Melissa has gone back to sucking her teeth to pass the time. For the sake of her enamel, let’s revisit the Todrick thing. Melissa says if she had known the details, she would have invited everyone, swear. Oh, me too, says Jill. You didn’t say that yesterday, says Holly.

Jill. Quote:
“That’s because I didn’t say it yesterday.”

Even Holly has to laugh.

Let’s try to salvage this. Looking to heaven for help and manically flapping and folding her hands, Jill says she got all confused because she was being bullied. So you know ….uh … thing.


No? Not working?

Let’s try something else. Jill feels overshadowed by Holly and Nia, so technically it’s all their fault.


Still no? Durn. Maybe third time is the charm. We all know how Abby works so when she’s “givin’ it out, you have to take it.” Er, right? <crickets>


Holly says that Abby is trying to create division in the ranks and Jess opines that they should all stick together and just have a super weekend!



Finally, Holly throws a common enemy into the mix — MDP — and for a minute I think Melissa is hollering for help, but she’s just emphatically agreeing with what Holly says about not letting them beat the ALDC.

Over at the MDP, teeny, adorable Keara is going to be a teeny, adorable Mother Nature and bring a big ol’ raindown of defeat to the ALDC. Erin says she feels sorry for anyone who gets in  Keara’s way. Except that footage was recycled from episode 5 when Erin was sorry for anyone who got in Talia’s way. Erin feels sorry a lot. High five. Good job. Love you.

Oh goodie!


Oh. dance-moms-fake-nailsEnh! Who else used to totally do this with Scotch tape and nail polish in grade school?

The nails are supposed to represent the thorns on the roses and I completely agree with Jo Jo’s hope that no one loses an eyeball during this thing.

Telephone! Erica Taylor, real estate agent, calling! The bad news: Lots of construction in Abby’s future. The good news: It’s because she finally has a dance studio! And apparently if the team loses the studio will implode. So no more losing.

In the get-ready, we discover that the MDP has left us love messages in lipstick on our makeup mirrors .


Also, they are talking smack on social media. So what the hell — let’s go ask them about their questionable behavior. All in good fun, says Erin. Unless the ALDC kids are unconfident ninnies, of course. Are not, says Jill. They are fine young ladies who would never boast on the Twitter.

Somewhere back in Canton, Cathy Stein is having a fine laugh at this Rated G exchange.

When Abby comes in, Jill tries to stir up a discussion about the MDP, but Abby will not let her get past D. If she can’t handle what gets said on social media, she shouldn’t be on social media. Jill says Abby’s cool is a ruse.

Melissa tries to have a little pre-dance snuggle with Maddie, but Maddie is clearly so over this Dance Moms thing that she can’t even muster an expression. Don’t blame you, kid.


Beautiful. Nothing more to say.

Bedazzled Dale Evans Dance Moms Fashion Moment!



Ride ’em, cowgirl.

Keara is next.

Yeah, no way on Earth she is going to beat Maddie and I’m pretty sure Erin knows that. She looks and dances like a very talented little bitty kid. Kira says she’s worried, but I’ll eat my shirt if that’s the truth.

Kalani’s costume appears to be strapless so I spend the first watch having a mild coronary that this isn’t going to end well until I see the clear straps at the end. Start over. Yep, Kalani should always do dances with this much power and flair.

Abby says she has no idea which of her girls will win.

There’s pheasant feathers in the rose garden. Also don’t say, “I heard!” to Abby if you want to live through your video shoot. Stay classy, Abby!


The group dance is lovely. It will do well.

The MDP’s group dance elicits oh so many emotions in the audience.


It, too, is classy and pretty and dramatic and makes good use of dancers of multiple ages and sizes. Should be a shootout.

Results time.

Keara gets fifth overall and collects her prize after establishing that “Resurance” was indeed her dance.
Kalani gets second. Maddie wins. She and Kalani hug it out. Group wins, too. MDP gets robbed third.

Clean sweep for the ALDC. And the Dance Moms Abby Lee Redemption Tour marches onward.

Afterward, Erin busts Abby chatting up the judges and calls shenanigans. She says the ALDC was much better than last time, but their win — and this confab — is questionable.


It all stays very civil. Boring! Let’s put all the mothers in the same room and see what happens there. That stays civil, too. Jill says the MDP was very good but didn’t kick their butts. “Oh, they did,” says Erin cooly.

Little more dust up about doing the same routine with different costumes and slightly different music and Melissa talks about math and then Abby stalks in. “Our kids win because of that lady,” Jill crows, pointing at Abby. “Your kids win despite that lady,” zings an MDP mom. Erin’s over it. She leads her mothers away.

Abby says that the competition was not just an artistic success, but also a business success. Also fun and cool, as well.

But tomorrow is another day and it belongs only to Kendall. Make that KendallK! Oh ho! Who’s clever?! Who’s a clever one! This one right here:


Let the video wars begin.

New episodes of Dance Moms premiere Tuesday night at 9/8CT on Lifetime.


  1. Jill is a sick woman, does anyone recall when she tried to get Abby to take the Rosa Parks dance part away from Nia and give it to Kendall? Jill has no self respect or dignity when it comes to Kendall being center stage. Thank God Miller gave the part rightfully to Nia who did a beautiful job. Jill and the word Solo. Good grief learn a new word, Kendal is a 5th placer, she has two 1st place wins in how many years Jill? Will the ALDC singing girls be trying out for The Voice or American Idol?
    That 400 routines Melissa stated, yes she does need to learn to count are get honest! Another sicko mom!

  2. Been busy all day and didn’t get a chance to read the commentary until after 11 PM. Last night’s show was a new low as far as I’m concerned. Every week Abby reaches in and manages to be more awful than the week before. We all know that Abby has made Nia her new Chloe and her new Brooke and Paige. She must have someone to rag on to make herself seem all powerful. She is a textbook bully. The worst thing is that she lulled Nia into thinking that everything must be OK now by giving her that solo last week after saying that she wouldn’t see another solo for a long time. Well…Kendall got a solo, too so Abby didn’t want the backlash of giving Kendall a solo after Kendall not doing any better than Nia at scoring during that ‘win, or else’ episode. So Nia think’s everything is OK. She and Holly think that if they keep Abby in the loop (at least let her know what they are doing) that it will make a difference. So they tell Abby that Nia is going to make a video of the song she did. Abby could have gotten behind Nia, too but she will NEVER forgive Holly for ‘stabbing her in the back’ by contacting HER FRIEND and arranging for Nia to get to sing. Holly had good reason. Abby was sabatoging Nia whenever Nia would do well with the acting people or with any of the people that Abby wanted to only notice Maddie, Mackenzie and Kendall. That is why Holly did it…remember? Well…Abby will never admit her own culpability, even to herself, so Holly will always be ‘THE BACKSTABBER’ now and worst of all, Abby believes that Nia backstabbed her, too. She will NEVER let it go and NEVER forgive Nia for doing something against Abby’s will. If she did forgive her, it would mean she wouldn’t be able to make nasty remarks about Nia like she has been all season and worst of all…her new all time low…manipulating Kendall into her conspiracy. Kendall’s video must be better than NIA’s or else. Man…I find myself praying that Nia’s video and song does better even though I think both of them are decent singers. It just keeps getting sicker and sicker. Worst of all for me is that despite all of this, Abby continues to get rewarded for her bad behavior, so will continue to see that as support by the network. I am glad the season is almost over. Did anybody else notice how supportive the other dance teacher of MDP was with her girls. Looks like she manages to have successful dancers without all the nastiness and ‘tough love’ (as Abby calls it…’abuse’ as I call it). So Abby saying that she needs to be that way in order for her to have successful dancers. I was sorry to see MDP lower themselves to the pettiness that they displayed. They would have been better to just avoid all the drama. But…I have the feeling that part was scripted.

    I thought Kalani was robbed again, too. I think that once again Abby threw in all the acro that none of the judges really want to see, that Kalani had no chance. She does it well, but /contemporary acro almost never succeeds over lyrical. As soon as Abby said that Maddie got lyrical and Kalani got contemporary, I knew it was another ‘Maddie must win at all costs’. I noticed that the judging was manipulated in that the MC was announcing winners out of order so that all the wins would seem like ‘overall’ wins. I don’t want to take away from the fact that Maddie danced very well, but once again, just like the other group leader said, she’s been dancing that same dance for years. Also, her technique hasn’t really suffered. She is still practicing all the time. Maddie is too much of a perfectionist to let her technique slip. Abby saying all that was meant to lure us into thinking that Maddie has slipped. Thus her place on the pyramid. The critique she got was about stuff that has been her weaknesses all along…her soft knees and her tendency to not finish her moves before moving on to the next move.’ She is still a great little dancer. I just can’t wait until she’s had enough of Abby.

    I have to agree with the other group that our girls have been doing the same dance to slightly different music for the last 5 years, too. They have to. There is absolutely no way that they could learn a new dance in 2 days otherwise and still manage to pull off a win. Maddie and Mackenzie have private lessons all week and learn their dances before any of the others. Now Kendall is in that mix. So Nia is left out of that, too. Abby keeps her the weak link. When Abby complained loudly that she couldn’t stand to sit in front of where Nia was dancing and she called out Nia on her leap, there was nothing wrong with the leap. It was a great leap and well landed. So she perpetuates Nia as the weak link even though Nia has a piece of every one of the wins, just as Chloe, Brooke and Paige did. Nia is in Abby’s gunsights and there is no hope for her. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I wish that Abby would just level with her (and with Kalani, too), and tell them, ‘Sorry…now that you are growing up and bring our collective age closer to the teen catagory than the junior catagory, you will have to leave soon. We must stay the ‘Junior Elite Dance Team.’ Instead she chooses to hurt in every way she can. I bet you money that she got a real thrill over leaving Nia out of the deal that Maddie, Mackenzie and Kendall got to go to. It made me sick to my stomach to hear that Nia cried herself to sleep. So much for her ‘not letting it get to her’. As ‘grown up’ as she and Kalani are starting to look, they are still just kids. To anybody out there that has kids, you know how much of a kid girls still are at that age. This show is doing terrible damage. I have to stop watching. I’ve gone back and forth with continuing to watch because of caring for the dancers, but once Chloe left, I lost my favorite and follow her on her channel on YouTube. I am not interested in the Maddie show anymore and don’t care enough about Kendall. She is a decent dancer, but needs to work on her technique on doing anything else other than turns. Yes, she turns well, but her routines are starting to make me dizzy because Abby keeps emphasizing it so that Kendall’s weaknesses won’t be as obvious. I was stunned that she answered back to Abby like she did, too. Abby’s reply was, as you have all pointed out, so awful that I wondered if it was finally too much for the network. It was for me. I truly am done. I will continue to come here to the commentary and watch the dances on YouTube, but I just can’t bear to see anymore of the destruction of Nia. Thanks for telling it like it is, Lori, and for allowing me to speak my mind about it.

    • It is sad…just downright sad. I was watching some bloggers and they said they don’t think Nia really cried herself to sleep after hearing about Mack, Maddie and Kendall, and felt like Holly was just exaggerating. I was appalled. I had to tell them, although Nia is clearly the strongest of all the girls, she’s still just a GIRL and she does have feelings and they get hurt when someone’s stomping on them s relentlessly like Abby seems to be doing. I have a feeling Nia does save her tears for the pillow-except for that one time when she tried to reasonably talk with abby about leaving the drama between her mother and her between them because no doubt it gets super frustrating-and when you’re winding down from dancing all day and probably just chilled cuz other people had “something to do” or you thought they were just hanging in their rooms too and then you go on social media and see that all your original homegirls are hanging with YT sensation turned producer and director…that hurts! It hurts my feelings and I’m grown. It’s just sad to see, a little good job from Abby would do so much for Nia but she just couldn’t give her that.

  3. I find it irritating that Holly is getting upset with the other mother’s for not going against Abby in support of Nia. When Chloe was being bullied and excluded…she said nothing and did nothing. She was just relieved it wasn’t Nia and said as much. When Abby purposely had Chloe excluded from Todrick’s “Freaks Like Me” video, I don’t recall Holly pulling Nia in support of Chloe…in fact both Nia and Holly appeared in the video. I am sure she knew that Chloe’s feeling were hurt but she didn’t seem to care because it was an opportunity for Nia. Now it is Holly’s turn to feel a bit of what Christi felt when it was Chloe being hurt.

    While I think that it is shameful that the mothers sit by quietly and do nothing when one of the girls gets bullied or excluded, the precedent has been set since season one so it should be no surprise to Holly that Jill kept quiet. Jill has made it clear from day one that she will do what ever she has to for Kendall to be famous. In the end, the mothers only care that their daughters get ahead even if that mean sacrificing one of the other girls.

    • Absolutely agree with you, that’s been my main issue with Holly this entire season, she’s a hypocrite with selective amnesia….sad really, Nia is such a great kid, she doesn’t deserve that.

    • I agree! I want to be in Holly’s corner, but I can’t. She is reaping what she’s sown. Does anyone else remember the episode where Abby made all the dancers and moms vote on whether Maddie or Chloe did a better job? Holly did not stand up against such a mean tactic AND she voted for Maddie. I clearly remember her aside in that episode. Holly is a serious hypocrite.

  4. Sorry, Abs, from the little snippets of Nia’s video (and song) I’ve seen vs. Kendall’s — Nia wins.

    • Yep. Not to mention age appropriate(but not entirely too childish) and Nia seems to be getting the better training and grooming to become a legit singer based on the video from Nia’s Instagram

      • All I hear when I listen to Nia’s song is Auto-Tune. All I’ve heard of Kendall’s are the snippets from the show, but I did see the picture of Kendall in the corset/bustier top with big cups that some of the moms couldn’t fill. Not age appropriate at all and a parent needed to step in. She’s barely 12! From what we’ve heard of the girls singing on the show, the Matty B audition and Kendall again this week I don’t think they should be releasing songs. They have cute little kid voices, but there is no strength behind it whatsoever.

        • I heard that one snippet last week from Kendall’s song – extreme autotune complete with Kanye West warble. The falsies leave me confused as to what they are thinking.

          • I found the military ripoff disrespectful. Insignia on kendall’s shorts, upside down? It was disrespectful and i will never support that.

  5. This was a slow episode for me. Of course Abby had to jazz it up but ignoring Nia’s video and getting “the LOOK” from Holly. And then she re-enforces this with a conversation with Kendall about making her video better than Nia’s. This was one of the sadder advice to an ALDC dancer over the last 5 years. Now you are setting up Kendal and Nia to dislike each other as their videos compete for an audience. I would suggest that there is enough room for success for both girls to succeed. And who is Abby going to back between Kendall and Mack Z with their future videos. If you follow the logic far enough you get to where Abby can only have ONE star at a time, put management skills?????

    I have to admit that I am invested in seeing Maddie win, but on any given day there are several dancers who has the skills to win over Maddie. So, great job to the always beautiful and fluid Kalani. It was close but Maddie gets 1st and Kalani gets 2nd. MDPs’ Keara (I think that was their dancer) was good not great, however the chirography was different and wonderful. This is where I have to put in a plug for Brynn Rumfallo. Please, please bring this star in the making back to the show even if its’ own a guest shot once a month. Brynn has the skills to make you say, “what did I just see” doing any given dance.

    Both group dances were great, so it was just the judges call as to 1st and 2nd place. Did anyone notice that there are no shots of the design/making costumes or doing makeup just before dancing shots anymore. Seems that the show is spending money on costumes and make-up and it shows in the performances. The ALDC girls look great and yes they are dancing at a very high level. Candy Apples served their role as “the little studio in Ohio” for a long time, and now we have MDP taking the role that Studio Blue had earlier in the DM series. Both MDP and Studio Blue have the dancers and chirography to force the ALDC to stay on the top of their game. This is going to be fun!!!!

    • I adore that little Brynn, but I hope she doesn’t come back representing the ALDC, she’s good enough in her own right, and being associated with Abby is only bound to tarnish her reputation. That being said, I’d love it if somewhere down the road we see Brynn or one of those other ones who’s videos were posted a couple weeks back, competing against the ALDC girls, but for another studio. I would hate to see such talented, un-touched-by-the-slime-that-is-ALM get any bad press just because the producers wanted to give the kids some exposure by way of a guest role on the show.

    • Do you really believe that the results are not rigged so that Maddie and the ALDC always win?

        • They would never have a competition showing Maddie not winning on that TV show. After all she as a reputation to uphold now.

          • The entire studio does not revolve around the show, contrary to what AL thinks, all the groups compete throughout the year, check their website, there are plenty of instances that the kids lose.

  6. MDP got third??? If they film twice SOMEBODY must have messed up seriously bad in the judged version, cuz they should have at least gotten 2nd OR I demand to see this 2nd place dance…I demand it Lori! (not from you but from DM and Lifetime) Show me this magical 2nd place dance I say!

    • I, too, thought MDP got robbed. Personally, I thought ALDC shouldn’t have been first, at all. They were not in sync, their lines were not clean, and the dance was boring. It failed to tell any kind of story.

  7. Ugh…I don’t know how I feel about this episode beside the competition, it just made me sad. I hated knowing Nia was devastated at finding her friends doing something she wasn’t invited to, no doubt because she’s at that age where she can fully comprehend that Abby is doing this stuff to her on purpose but I also don’t like that Jill and Holly are goin at it because of a grenade that Abby threw on their friendship. I also didn’t like seeing Kendall snappy but she’s at that age and it reminded me that although a lot of this stuff is fake there are real moments. I mean Jill and Holly have been had a silent rivalry since season 2, and they’ve yelled at each other b4 and have been pitted against each other but I feel like Abby was behind the scenes making a finger pyramid of evil contemplation watching them really go off on each other. They are FRIENDS, and their girls are friends but I really feel like the only reason Abby kick started Kendall’s song and video was because she was pissed Holly had kick started Nia…and it’s whatever because it was Kendall’s time and Nia’s time, they’ve been promised great things besides dancing background for years but it felt like Holly was like Enough and deicided to do something about it and THEN abby was like well I could do better…hmmm who can I turn in2 a popstar rival, the obvious choice would be Kendall since Abby always pits them against each other and unlike Kalani and Jojo who don’t have the voice, Maddie’s already a star and Mack’s already on the music scene she’s like I wanna do something at every step that Holly’s doing, and it just feels vindictive and taking away from the girls moment. Abby’s tryin to pit them against each other but it’s like Christina and Brittney…some loved one, some loved the other. Next week is just gonna have me watching on edge…

    And Lori….I know you loved Maddie’s solo…it ended dramatically on the ground…just the way you like it!

    • See and I LOVE the fact that Kendall stood up and shut her mother down, basically giving her grief for being nasty to Holly, it’s about time did that. Her mother has embarrassed her in front of the other kids and mothers more times than I can count, good for her for saying “No Mom, you were wrong”, I was proud of her.

      And it’s also about time that Abby realized that maybe, just maybe, that little monster that she created (Maddie) isn’t as perfect as she thinks, that all this success is taking away from her dance training. Now maybe if Abby would get out of this competition obsession and got the girls back into class, then ALL of their technique would be on an equal playing field (or at least give them the same amount of class time, save for the extra privates).

      That mother from the other studio finally said what we’ve all been saying for years, every single one of the ALDC’s group dances (except for the odd dramatic piece based on a theme) are exactly the same, but set to different music!!! And btw Melissa, 400 dances in 4 years doesn’t mean that they’re all different, I can recycle tons of stuff 400 times over 4 years if I have the same mediocre, standard jump/turn/roll over/play dead/Maddie is left with the others lying on the floor at her feet “skills” that we’ve been subjected to since this show began.

      • 400 routines my foot. Melissa needs to learn how to count. Must be taking lessons from Jill.

      • See, this shows how perspective works. I felt like Kendall was getting snippy about the situations like “it’s none of Holly’s business!” but if it was truly her saying “Mom, cut it out! then I’m on board! But I think we can both agree this is a situation that Jill instigated…she didn’t have to tell Kendall word-for-word what was said between the ADULTS, I was like geez Jill, is she your kid or your homegirl telling the daily gossip to? Totally unnecessary and starting some friction not just between Kendall and Nia (since that’s her mom) but how Kendall looks at Holly as well. I understand this is intense for Jill cuz she’s finally getting the attention from Abby that she’s never really gotten, just teased with over the years but you did a storm out and tattle with your kid about HOLLY?!?! You two actually were good friends and Abby throws the grenade on the friendship then hides her hands and it’s just sad cuz she knows it’s working. Soon Jill will become Melissa. I honestly think that Jill would have caught less mess from Holly if she seemed at least a LITTLE sympathetic, like Holly just told you her kid (who seems about as tough as nails normally with what she has to deal with ) cried herself to sleep and couldn’t b consoled even after that…maybe an “I’m sorry to hear that, not my intention” rather than a “it’s not my problem” sass would have come off a lot better, I mean she knows Nia, and she doesn’t care? That’s what it seemed like. Holly was still wrong for going off on Jill, but Jill could’ve had some understanding to know that she was just in that position a few months ago…No one’s really had upward mobility in the mom and kid department with Abby, just Mellissa and Jill is kinda the first to cross-over so Holly was looking for a little “I remember what it’s like and that sucks” she knows Jill is all for Kendall, she’s always made that perfectly clear but own it sad to say like Mellissa does, her kids are getting so much stuff she barely talks on the show so as it won’t come off in ANY negative way towards Abby. And I love Kendall and I think she does deserve ALL the attention Abby is giving her but I also think Holly wants Jill to recognize a big contributing factor to Kendall’s start is Abby’s quest for vengeance , Abby wants to outdo Holly and Nia so she can say “see I told you, you should have just kept waiting until I said do something”. I just wish Holly and Jill would be more consciously aware of Abby’s grenade dropping AS it happens so they don’t get into things like this again, I hate seeing these too especially fight cuz they did seem like friends!

        • Plus when asked in interviews both the girls and moms have always claimed that the girls are out of the room and don’t hear any fights. The way we saw Jill reporting to Kendall and Kendall’s casual response that she could guess that there was a spat with Holly shows that the girls know exactly what’s going on. Kendall’s response seemed snippy to me too.

          • If I had a mother who was constantly in other mothers’ faces the way Jill is, and getting her kid in trouble to boot, I’d be a little snippy too. Those girls aren’t in the dark at all, I’m really surprised they haven’t started fighting amongst each other the way the moms have, I bet Paige, Brooke and Chloe could tell a few stories about what really happens when the kids are supposedly “out of the room”.

      • yup, pretty much lol I bet you or I could choreograph something along those lines eh Lori? Those moves are seared into my brain, I can’t imagine how those girls feel…..400 routines, yikes.

  8. I know Abby is supposed to offensive in her role…but making a joke about a child actor getting her head chopped off by a helicopter on the set is a new level for offensive, even for her. A friend of mine was on the set location when Vic Morrow and 2 child actors where beheaded by a helicopter on set.

    • To Whom It May Concern at Lifetime:

      Abby’s joke about Kendall possibly getting her head chopped off by a helicopter on her her video shoot is the most offensive joke I have ever seen on television.

    • On a related note: the former furniture store that Abby’s investors bought for her new studio is about a mile from Nicole Simpson’s condo.

    • I just googled that as I couldn’t remember the specifics…….holy crap, that’s unreal!!!! Absolutely for Abby to do that is disgustingly in bad taste. What do you want to bet that Lifetime won’t do anything about it, or even acknowledge it….wow

      • Truth? I don’t think anyone at the net is paying much attention. Riding the storm out, as it were.

        • This was supposed to seem sarcastic – “To Whom It May Concern at Lifetime (as if!).

          Pretty well known fact that the content of letters to TV networks about a specific show are irrelevant – complaint, or praise, the network simply counts each letter as a plus point that demonstrates viewer interest.

          And besides, the premise of their reality show where artificial situations are manipulated to generate genuine tears from children is more offensive than Abby’s joke.

  9. My comment will be coming tomorrow. Thou has to go to bed because I spent all night typing an AP Psychology paper for school. And, no Miss Acken, it is not due tomorrow. My paper is due a month and a half from now. It’s our final exam.

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