1. I was stopping by to see if you had updated on last night’s sneak peak.

    Of course I was waiting to see who tonight’s returning queen was but I knew that they would end it on that cliffhanger.

    I’ll be back tonight to read your recap.

    Let it be Trixie.

    • Sorry to disappoint! I’m assuming it’s the same preview they had on LogoTV.com. Yeah, I knew there was no way they would announce who was coming back in a preview. My recap will be up tonight!

      • I knew they wouldn’t show the returning queen on the Sneak Peek but a girl can hope.

  2. Well in the past, when they bring back queens that queen always leaves the same episode (if I remember right, they usually stick them in team challenges with an uncooperative outsider as a partner), sooo…unless some major change happens this season whoever comes back will probably just be gone again by the end of the episode.

  3. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who didn’t get Jaidynn’s staring off in to space routine.

    Max’s meltdown was so strange.

    I’m hoping that they bring Trixie back.

  4. Ruthie!!!!!

    My Maxxy was eliminated?!!??! Ugh…I’m devastated. But like you said…there’s no G rated version of Sharon…she lives on the R to NC-17 range at all times! Although aesthetically she looked like her, we all know it’s not about that. But now I’m confused I don’t know if I want Max of Trixie to come back. I feel like you that technically Max should come back, although she didn’t do well in this challenge, her track record has been great and she didn’t get a chance to have her “a-ha!” moment to really push her outside of the comfort zone like other queens get, I’d like to see her get a 2nd chance BUT then again I did LOVE me some Trixie and truly felt like she got shafted and that’s just not fair, so technically she should get a 2nd chance too…If I was Ru, I’d bring them both back for the Siamese challenge and say that next week is a DOUBLE elimination so if you bring it, you’re cool, if you don’t you out!

    Agreed, if it wasn’t a campy song, it probably wouldn’t be to Max’s benefit BUT it’s up to her to make it her own, but in this case Jaydynn just did better, and it’s probably because she knows she made a foolish mistake in pickin Raven. Like you said…it is season 7…they’ve been doin Snatch Game since season 2…get it together queens. You need to know who you’re doing…and have a back-up person just in case someone else tries to do them too and know how to make them HILARIOUS with either some current relevance or some past notoriety that’s easily recognizable…Raven Symone? She’s famous and I give her props all over the place but she’s not in front of the camera like that, hardly any scandals, the girl just works…not exactly a prime person to pick for the now FAMOUS snatch game.

    Kennedy did do good, BUT I feel a little cheated…I mean I get Little Richard isn’t exactly the pinnacle of HE-MAN Manliness (and that’s no shade) so she did have to transform…but it’s still picking a guy…and you’re suppose to be impersonating a girl, so I feel like she skirted on the lines…like she didn’t violate the rules, just the spirit of the game.

    All the other girls were good, except Fame…like you said, she’s so ready with an answer, she barely even listened to the question, although aesthetically she looked good, she didn’t connect the dots and I feel like she, and a couple of the other girls…mainly Pearl keep getting a chance to do better and other girls with a better track record (i.e. Max and Trixie) haven’t. Not that I want Fame to go home, I like her, she pretty outside and from I can see inside too, but it’s like you wanna take a close-pin to her mouth and be like “girl….LISTEN!”

    Next week should prove interesting, not quite a group challenge, more person to person which will let us see some more personable moments so I’m excited.

    • I have a feeling that if the queen that’s brought back doesn’t win the challenge, she’ll be eliminated. Or it could be that we’ll have a double elimination, since they’re doing a conjoined twin challenge.

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