Jane the Virgin Chapter 18 Recap: Monster-in-Law

On Chapter 18 of Jane the Virgin, Rafael still doesn’t seem to be putting Jane before his hotel, leaving her supported only by a wall at a birthing class. Jane doesn’t need to talk negatively about Rafael to her mother to only further prove Xo is right about Rafael being the wrong guy for Jane. Instead Jane turns to Andie to vent, which might not have been the very best decision. Jane tells Andie the huge doubts she’s been having about Rafael and Andie’s advice is to stay calm because it’s only hormones that are making her feel this way. Yeah, I’m sure Andie would offer this advice in order to keep Jane’s thoughts off her man. Andie is one shady lady.

Jane gets to meet Rogelio’s motherjane-the-virgin-ep18-meet-gma, her “glam-ma” Liliana. Lucky for Jane, things between the two are off to a better start than Liliana and Xo’s relationship. Jane invites Liliana over to the Villanueva house for Easter. making Xo sick to her stomach. Alba makes Xo apologize to Liliana in hopes of getting a fresh start on their relationship. She’s forgiving about some things in the past but she cannot forgive Xo for not telling Rogelio that she was pregnant. Xo is furious because she did tell Rogelio about Jane and knows that he’s just lying to his mother to look like the prefect son. I doubt she’ll be that angry at Rogelio if he just tells the truth.

Petra hasn’t convinced Rafael that Aaron is really Roman, so now the investigating is left up to Petra — forcing her to invade his hotel room. She manages to grab a cup for fingerprints and enlists Michael on the case. Turns out the fingerprints are Roman’s, but it’s too late for Petra. Aaron and Petra had plans for dinner when things took a wild turn. Roman revealed himself and trapped Petra in his car as they raced to an unknown location. He knew Petra was snooping in his room and onto his secret.

jane-the-virgin-ep18-mamaAt Easter dinner, Rogelio finally fesses up to his mamá. He tells her that Xo did tell him that she was pregnant but he told her she should get an abortion. Now Liliana can understand why Xo wouldn’t want to get in touch with Rogelio anymore after he gives her that kind of advice. Rogelio tells his mamá that he didn’t tell her the truth because he never wanted to disappoint her.

I guess I was wrong about how Liliana would react since she told Rogelio that he has disappointed her. Ouch! Although I don’t feel too bad for Rogelio after what he said to Xo and how he lied to his mother.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the holiday or what but Liliana is just full of surprises. She willingly apologizes to Xo for being rude to her and continues the conversation by telling Rogelio and Xo to end their relationship. She thinks they’re both too strong-headed, I agree with that statement. However, Liliana twists things when she starts asking Xo about her age. Liliana is a woman, so she knows that is the one thing you should never ask — clearly it was intentional. Rogelio mentioned that he wanted to raise more children but not for a number of years. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to have Rogelio’s children in the far future, Xo storms out of the house seeing she’s already being pushed out of the picture.

Poor Xo, you know she’s had enough when she doesn’t speak her mind.

Rafael’s private investigator found an email from his mother. After contemplating what he should do with this information, he thought about what Jane said growing up without a father. She was always searching and wondering who he was and where he was out in the world. This pushed Rafael to email his mother and to his surprise, she showed up one night at the hotel.

Rafael learns that his mother is only three hours away and now he’s demanding some answers. She confesses that she fell in love with Rafael’s father right away but eventually cheated on him because she was no longer happy. After discovering what she had done, Rafael’s father wanted her gone. He offered her ten million dollars to leave and never get in touch with Rafael. Sadly, she took the money versus trying to fight for her own son. She’s now remarried and has another son. Poor Rafael thought the worst case scenario here would be not getting a response from his mother, but her story took the cake.

After hearing what his mother had to say, Rafael isn’t in the greatest mood. He feels that he and Jane come from two different worlds. They’re trying to mesh them together in order to make things work but he doesn’t think it’s working. He thinks his family background is too different from Jane’s and he can’t get over all the differences between him and Jane.

Rafael tells Jane that he thinks it would be best that they take a break and just focus on being good parents. Jane is crushed after Rafael breaks up with her because now all her doubts have come true. I know this break won’t last too long since the two can’t keep their eyes off each other for too long. Plus a baby on the way might give them a serious push to get back together.

What were your thoughts on Chapter Eighteen of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Jane’s “glam-ma” Liliana is nice or a real monster-in-law? Even though it was a lie, at least Liliana had a good excuse for being mad at Xo. She felt like both she and her son were denied the experience of raising Jane. What do you think will happen with Petra and Roman? Do you think Roman had his twin brother Aaron killed that night of the party? Do you think Rafael will try to get in contact with his mother again? If this conversation put him in such a bad mood that he broke up with his pregnant girlfriend, I’m not sure why he’d want to speak with her again. Do you think Rafael and Jane will get back together? Leave your thoughts below.

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