Outlander Episode 10 preview: Caitriona Balfe calls Laoghaire a “little wench”


In last week’s episode of Outlander, after Jamie, Dougal and Ned got a tongue-lashing from Colum, Jamie headed out to the creek (his secret place since he was a lad) to clear his mind, which was mainly clouded by his rift with Claire. As he skipped rocks into the stream, the sultry young Laoghaire (Nell Hudson) approached, reminding Jamie that he had promised they would speak about his surprising nuptials.

While Laoghaire told Jamie it was a gallant act of him to marry Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and spare her from the British, she would have none of it: “You don’t look very happy, you look like you’re carrying the world on your back.” Laoghaire started to undress explaining, “[Claire] was married before but I’ve been with no one. I want you to be the first and only one to have me.” And then she grabbed Jamie’s hand and placed it on her breast. But Jamie made a vow and he wasn’t about to break it and pushed Laoghaire away. Crushed she gathered her garments and ran off. But that’s not the end of her. The episode ended with Claire finding a voodoo-like, twig-and-twine wrapping that is meant to bring pain and/or death. Jamie suspects Laoghaire. That’s where Outlander Episode 10 “By the Pricking of My Thumbs” picks up on Saturday, April 11 at 9pmET.

We asked Caitriona Balfe if Claire underestimated the young Laoghaire.

“Oh Laoghaire, that little wench,” Balfe laughs. “I think she has. I think it’s funny. In the beginning she had sort of a — I wouldn’t say a soft spot for Laoghaire — but she definitely sympathized for her. In the beginning when she would try and push Jamie her way, but you know how things change. It’s funny. It’s quite funny to see Claire’s hackles get raised. She’s willing to come down and have a conversation and explain to Laoghaire the error of her ways. Once she gets roused up, she definitely shuts that down and is like, ‘Keep your hands off my man,’ and will pay the price for it later.”

A new episode of Outlander airs on STARZ this Saturday at 9pm ET/PT.