What Happened to Neighbors With Benefits?

Neighbors With Benefits Canceled Channel Guide Staff
I guess the door has swung shut on these swingers.

Wondering what happened to Neighbors With Benefits last night?

In an effort to be a diligent TV recapper, I went to set my DVR yesterday before heading off to my parents’ house for wholesome Easter family fun, and noticed that the not-so-wholesome fun of Neighbors With Benefits wasn’t scheduled in its normal timeslot. Yesterday was a big, BIG TV premiere day, not to mention a holiday, so I assumed A&E was just moving the show from its normal airdate & time as a ratings strategy. But I have access to databases, so I ran a query to see when the show would next air to make sure I wouldn’t miss it, and I came up with zilch.

What Happened To Neighbors With Benefits
I guess the door has swung shut on these swingers.

“Nobody cancels a show after only 2 airings,” I thought. I thought wrong.

I don’t yet have official confirmation from A&E, but some credible sources are reporting that the 9-episode show has been axed already, after episode 2. So if you’re looking for Neighbors With Benefits, look no further, because it has disappeared into the ether.

Of course, if anything changes and the show makes a reappearance, I’ll let you know.

What do you think? Are you a little relieved it’s gone, or were you looking forward to seeing what would happen next?


  1. I really enjoyed this show too, I enjoyed hating Tony, and it did show the down side of this lifestyle, how is it different from Sister Wives? or the Bachelor?

  2. Nooooo!!!! I love the show!! My fiancé and I have explored this lifestyle a couple times and I thought it was crazy but this show really showed us how normal this is!!! If someone is offended then don’t watch!! Please!!!! Put this show back on!!!!! This has been the only show worth watching on a&e in my opinion. That’s stupid marriage show is lame and far more offensive considering marriage is and should be taken seriously. So lame. You lost a viewer.

  3. Man I was excited to watch the next episode, bummed that they canceled. A&E should put it back on.!!!

  4. I found the show very interesting and I am not a swinger. I was not offended in any way extremely bummed that they have been cancelled. If anything A&E should of aired it at a later hour in the day.

    I thought they air polygamy and no one complains. What’s the difference? Nothing, this show wasn’t all about the fun but also consequences. The one gal had to resign from her job for the lifestyle she chose. The couple who separated because he was questioning the lifestyle.

    There were several neighbors who were monogamous and showed that side. Are all these people complaining even watch the show? A&E grow some and put it back on the air.

  5. We are not in the lifestyle, but know people who are. We can’t believe this show is cancelled. As outsiders who have looked in the window, per se, we thought the “reality” was as close to the truth as any reality show can be. This was a program about relationships, not sex. It was about the activities of consenting adults. It showed the good, the bad, the funny and the sad. We enjoyed the show and are offended that a vocal minority has been successful in limiting our entertainment options. The only parties here who should be ashamed are those who made the decision to pull the plug. We are hoping the error is eventually realized and reversed so that we might continue to enjoy the program.

  6. Im disappointed i was actually entertained by it and to see where it was going to go!

  7. I searched on the remote TV guide ahead trying to find it. I’m no swinger but I found it interesting and entertaining the least. I agree that if people complained PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT! But don’t wreck it for the rest of us. I loved the Lying Game show too and after two seasons-cancelled. WTH? I hope they do put the show last seven episodes on for us to see. Would love to see how these adventurous journeys go and lead and still remain solidified with their partners at the same time.

  8. Yeah that’s upsetting.. if ppl don’t want to see it they don’t have to watch it. I thought it was interesting and was actually looking forward to it every week.. so its shocking for it to get cancelled. There’s no other reality show like that one so kinda pisses me off. Ppl who have something against the show, can literally just flip the channel.

  9. wow. Are friends all watched it. My co-workers and members of my salon I work at it. All watched It had to have good ratings! Not everyone likes every show. To bad. Bring it back. Yes, we are in the lifestyle in Ohio. Thx

  10. I really liked the show, found it different from other shows, was looking forward to watching the entire season. Really annoying actually if people dont like it then don’t watch it, to be so uptight and complain to the network and pressure to cancel is crazy and you must not have a life! I really hope another network picks it up preferably HBO or Showtime!

  11. I was glad to see that it was showing the not so exciting parts of living that lifestyle. I was hoping it would stay in the air longer to show those who daydream of swinging what the consequences could be.

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