Shameless Season 5 finale recap: “Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)”

This season has been quite an emotional roller coaster and the finale was no exception. Let’s recap the Shameless Season 5 finale: “Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)”

Frank at peace

Frank and Bianca: Living the dream in Costa Rica, Bianca is still on the high of living a dangerous life, and now clearly in pain from her cancer. With Frank in tow as a partner she professes how they should go out and get drunk and buy a gun. Frank looking a little uneasy about this proposition agrees to the dying hot girls wishes again. Once in town the chicken plucking bartender makes small talk with Frank about how he has a good looking daughter, in return Frank makes small talk about where he can buy a gun. The bartender points him him over to a man sitting at a table and off he goes. Back at their beachside home after a romp  Bianca questions Frank about where he put the gun and he points over to a pot on the floor. Grabbing the gun Frank tells her to be careful and she say that she knows how to shoot one because her father taught her. Removing the bullets she replaces but one, spins the barrel calls for Frank and points it at her head in effort to play a little Russian roulette on her self. First shot, blank, and she gasps at what a high that was so pulls the trigger again, again another blank. At this point Frank is trying to wrangle the gun away from her. The trigger goes off and this time a shot is fired. Freaking out that she may have hit Frank with it, they realize he is ok. He only got grazed by the bullet in his other non shot up arm. Oh the irony of now having 2 scars in the same place on his arm from to crazed women. Later in the night Frank awakens to her moaning on the beach in pain and goes to console her, grabs her pain meds and gives her one. She begs for another and you can see his concern that he fears she is again trying to kill herself but he gives in and gives her one. He then finds the gun laying next to her and she professes she couldn’t do it. Now breaking down she thanks Frank for making her happy and that she has never really been happy. It is now morning and Bianca awakes early and heads off to the beach, takes off all her clothes and walks in to the ocean. It is quite apparant at this point that this is it. She’s calling it an end. Frank awakens walks outside to relieve himself and we see two letters — one addressed to Frank and one to her parents — and almost empty bottle of pills on the table. He notices she isn’t in the house and looks for the gun which he finds in the pot, walking out to the beach he finds her possessions but not her. Realizing she is gone he just cries on the beach. While this whole relationship between the two has been quite confusing, like why would this young beautiful girl put all her trust into Frank? It became clear in the end that it really taught Frank a lesson in humanity and how to care for someone other then himself. Will this carry over next season with him and his family is yet to be seen.

Anything for a “friend”

Fiona: Now that Gus is back and trying to make things work with her, things are quite passionate in the bedroom but is that all they have? The next morning she goes back to the Gallagher house only to get drilled by Debs about where she was, how there is no food in the house. Fiona tells her that Gus is back so Debs drills her about telling Sean. She doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal to tell Sean since they are only friends. After a few more spats she promises to get food for the house she heads off to work. Once at work she tells Sean that Gus is back. Getting a less then cold reception from him, he tells her she’s got tables. Later after seeing him struggling on the phone she goes to console him and he’s wondering what she is doing. She tells him they are friends and he coldly states they are not friends. Even more confused about her feelings now she returns home and after a huge blowout with Debs invites Gus over to talk. After a few beers and spilling everything to him that’s been going on she thanks him and he says that’s what friends are for. Now even more confused that Gus is only seeing them as friends she’s not sure where she stands. Gus calls i a night and asks if she is coming home. Fiona states she needs to be there in the morning for the kids and asks him to spend the night. He politely declines, especially on how much he dislikes her bed, and the truth about it. Not to mention the kids shouldn’t get used to him being there, especially since she hasn’t made up her mind yet about them. The next morning feeling bad she stops by his place with some coffees to chat she comes across his band mate who informs her that he is gone already. He also tells her that Gus is to nice of a guy to break things off and that if she isn’t serious about working things out she needs to be the one to let him go because she is not such a nice guy. Ouch! So since she can’t find her husband she runs to Sean to tell him how she is in love with him and she knows he feels the same way. He is really trying to turn her down because he doesn’t want to be that guy that breaks up a nice guy’s marriage, but alas they end up kissing. She professes how happy he makes her and he states that happiness is over rated and to grow up. Ouch again! Maybe it’s time to find happiness without a guy Fiona.

Lipp: Waking up in Helene’s bed he wakes to find himself tied up with her completely seducing him. He then notices her husband sitting in the corner watching. A little freaked out by this she tells him it’s ok, he’s just waiting for them to be done so he can go to bed. Say what? I knew there was something freaky going on there. Now back in his dorm room he is a little surprised to find Amanda there. Telling Lipp that she needs to hideout form her love crazed lesbian roommate who has be threatening to set her clothes on fire, with her in them. She in return questions him if he’s still with the professor and mentions what trouble he could get in. Lipp blowing her off tells her it’s fine for her to stay there awhile and he’ll be back later. Returing later, Amanda is still in his room and he again is a little surprised by this. She asks where he’s been and says she ordered pizza and has been waiting and asks if he wants her to heat it up. He states he prefers cold pizza and then she starts dilling him about what it is that he likes about the professor. Is it love or just sex? Is she better then her and are there things he can teach her. Upset about how he is ignoring her she leaves to go heat it up. He then grabs her car keys and takes off. The next day she is waiting for him in the library and asks where he went. He said he had something to go take care of. Amanda then goes off on him about how in love with him she is and how hurt she is. Punches him in the face and storms off. The whole library uproars in applause as he spits a blood soaked mouth out onto the floor. Maybe Amanda should have told him of her feelings along time ago.

Meth boyfriend meet my son, son meet my meth boyfriend

Ian: On the road with Monica they get dumped off at a truck stop and she’s rambling on about all this food they should get at the restaurant. Ian informs her that he has no money and she can’t believe that the army would just release him out of jail with no money. Like, why didn’t he get any compensation? So she looks around and sees a couple truck drivers off in the distance and tells Ian to go in and get a table and that she will be right back. After a little convincing he goes in and watches her walk around the side of a truck with a truck driver out of sight. Only gone a minute with him she reappers and comes in. After ordering a ton of food he is questioning her hard if she even has money to pay for this stuff. She assures him she has plenty. Again is questioning her what she did to get the money since she wasn’t gone long enough to to anything in the sexual nature she just says she gave him something and everything is ok. Now finally reaching their destination, home, her boyfriend Walters place. Monica is ecstatic that Walter is there and as he comes comes strolling out and he is this tough, tatted up, young guy. Ian with a look of disgust on his face as to why his mother would be with a guy not much older then him, coldly greets him. Walter is also not looking so happy as to who this guy is with Monica. Monica is talking up how wonderful Walter is to try and smooth out the tension between the two. Back in the trailer, while Monica and Walter are getting reconnected, Ian decides to go through her purse to see what she could have possibly give that truck driver. After discovering a bunch of meth, he walks outside and peers into the other trailer and seems to discover a meth lab. Monica comes out to find him just standing in the middle of the yard and asks what he is doing. Ian claims he is just looking at the stars since you can’t see them in the city. She tries to get him to come back inside but he then digs into her about the meth he found. Walter storms out to see what they are arguing about and Monica tries to get him to go back in and states it’s about nothing, they are just tired. Finally getting Walter to go in, Monica tells Ian she is really happy. That people like them can be happy and be who they are so they hug and cry. Monica going back into the house is fighting with Walter as Ian is still outside just pondering, and again ignoring a call from Mickey. Mickey meanwhile almost giving up on getting ahold of him goes to pick up a one night stand. Finally then the next day Ian decides to reach out to Mickey. Now that finally Ian is reaching out to him he can’t answer the call fast enough.

Please don’t let this be the end

Learning that he is now back at home he races to the house to be with him. Ian tells Mickey that he is who he is and he will not go on meds. Since he can’t put Mickey through the ups and downs of what he is since he doesn’t even know, he breaks up with him. Just as the waterworks are about to be turned on at this sad scene it is broken up by a screaming pistol bearing Sammi. Dang, I knew she wasn’t gone, that was just to easy. Shooting at him the whole way down the street, bullets now flying through the house as Fiona and V are taking cover, Sammi is screaming at him that he tried to kill her. Mickey takes off, with her, and now the cops in chase after them Fiona comes out and realizes that Ian is back. Freaking out that he is back, she asks how Monica is so he tells her she is with a teenage meth dealer, eh, not surprised. Fi’s trying to figure out why Sammi is walking down the street shooting at everything, Ian says something about being locked in a crate for a week. So now we are left wondering if Sammi ended up hunting Mickey down, or if the cops hunted her down. Please, PLEASE let it be her!

Say what?!

Debs: At the house Derek wakes late into the night to leave, she begs him to stay and that everything is ok but he says he needs to get home before his dad wakes up. As he’s getting dressed she tells him she loves him, he comes to kiss her on the cheek and says it back. She is truly amazed by this. In the morning she’s at the local pharmacy and she picks up a pregnancy test and a “oops” pill. At the counter the creepy perv checkout guy keeps hitting on her so she keeps grabbing more stuff to buy to try and get him to back off which is not working at all. Again back at the house Fiona comes home to find Liam up watching zombie flicks and walks up to Deb’s room, knocks and finds Derek in her bed. He hurriedly gets dressed and scrambles out of there while Deb’s is screaming it’s fine for him to stay and why is Fiona embarrassing her. Getting into it more Deb’s tells Fiona that she is pregnant and Fiona flips out asking if she is positive and that she is getting an abortion the next day. Debs is so adamant she is having this baby and that Derek’s parents were there same age and Fiona has no right to tell her what she can do and why can’r she just let her be happy. As a matter of fact she wants it! Again in the morning, Fiona tries to talk to her, at first ignoring her, Debs then tears into Fiona with the faults of her own relationships. She screams to her that it’s her body, her life. That her and Derek will get married and have lots of babies. Later she finally takes the test and there is that oh s**t happy moment, then that really oh s**t moment. Get out that baby name book?

Kev and V: V and Fiona talk about how her and Kev are going to give it another try. V also tells her of all the girls he’s been with and is a little freaked out by the amount and that he could have picked something up. Making him go to a clinic to get checked out, she’s going in the exam room with him. Finding out just how many girls he has been with and is even more freaked out. After Kev gets all sorts of shots she’s now at the Alibi and is talking with her mom about how upset she is. Her mom proclaims how she should have never let such a perfect man off a leash and that it’s her own fault. She tells V that she should go out and buy some younger, sluttier looking clothes if that’s what he’s going for now. Taking her mothers advice, she goes for the hot school girl look wakes Kev up to seduce him and he questions why she is dressed like that. Upset, V starts tearing into him about how the girls must have dressed like that and that must be what he wants. Kev stating that no, not all grils dressed like that and going into mor detail about what they did wear she stormins into the bathroom. Kev chases after her begging to talk things through. Meanwhile the babies start crying and she says just to go get the girls because she knows that really means more to him. He says not this time, I want to talk and plants himself outside the door. With babies still screaming she finally comes out and sees Kev still waiting for her and not running to the precious little angels. He says, lets go get them together. Looks like they just might make it after all.

Scene of things to come?

Towards the end and in the credits Shameless is always good with posting another clip and the finale was no exception. With some brother bonding between Lipp and Ian, Ian asks who punched him. Lipp stating it was a girl and that he is falling in love with a professor, Ian jokes that he most likely deserved. Along comes Frank and partakes in their bonding session and says she’s gone boys. Next up we finally see how Carl and Chuckie are getting along in juvie. Apparantly a little gang war is about to break out amongst the two sides. Looks like Chuckie tends to be a bit of a leader as well. Guess we’ll have to wait til next season to see how that plays out. I was really hoping for a third clip of Shelia coming back in the RV, I really hope she isn’t gone forever!

Overall I thought there were some fun things with this season, some stuff definitely not answered and some plot lines that were just eh. Either way, it’s going to be a long, long wait til January. Cheers!

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