• Ginger Minj is a bear – both in the challenge & real life, according to Untucked

  1. OMG – Really, guys, watch Untucked. Let’s just say, Fame didn’t fall far from the tree. There’s some pot-stirring going on.

  2. “Hopefully she’s had that conversation by now and it went well for her.” That line killed me.

    “Hopefully she wanted it, or she can make good money off eBay for it.” You’re killing me. Your recap is funnier then the show.

    I hope Miss Fame steps it up next week.

    Bring on Snatch Game!

    • Thanks SusieQ! It’ll be interesting to see how Fame handles the Snatch Game. She hasn’t shown a lot of improv skills.

      • Fame is great – I love a lot of things about her. But she’s got to learn to listen. We’ll see if Snatch Game is her undoing or if it’s her redemption arc (like Pearl or Kennedy)

  3. THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KANDY IS GONE, GONE, GONE!!!!! I mean I’m sure the girl puts on a good show (although she strikes me as a pageant girl) but she was just not doing it for me on the show in the challenges or the runway so I was not getting why the judges kept givin her a pass. It’s like she’s not like Adore who had charisma coming out of her ass so you kinda get why she kept getting by, Kandy was so over it, I was ready for her to go home…plus I liked Mrs. Kasha Davis so I was sad to see her go. I feel like now it’s a real fair fight of all the girls who want to be there and are ready to truly FIGHT so you know it’s gonna be intense next week, cuz Snatch Game don’t play, and considering it’s season 7 you better bring that A game! I’m so happy, I’m so excited, I’m so ready for next week! Let’s do this Ruth!!!!

    • Kei!

      Next week is definitely going to be interesting. I think most of the girls are going to do great, but I’m concerned for Fame and maybe even Max. Max might not be funny enough since Snatch Game is best when raunchy. Kennedy might be too quiet. Jaidynn needs to stay out of her own way. Check out Untucked – the Best Friends Race is having a bumpy ride.

      • I disagree, while Snatch Game can benefit from some blue humor, raunchy is NOT how you win, it’s how you get put in the bottom 2, look at Kenya Michaels and Detox. Max I think is going to be playing the RPDR version of Sharon Needles, not the real life drugs and racism Sharon Needles. And let’s be honest, I think that’s who we honestly WANT to see, Season 4 Sharon, not cringe-worthy live performance Sharon.

        • True – raunchy isn’t how you win, but if hearing raunchy stuff makes one quiet, as it does Max at this point, then she’s not going to do well in the game. If she can change the subject in a funny way, she should do well. Folks on Reddit are talking about how she’s in one of the ‘winner’s seats’ where folks have typically done well.

      • Ruthie darling!

        Well if Max IS gonna be ms Sharon Needles, then she had better had better bring it, this is more than just a character you’ve seen and can fake it, this is a former contestant, and that’s a lot more pressure, and Sharon wasn’t exactly the cleanest gal, she described herself and sexy, spooky and stupid if memory serves so Maxy better turn it up. As far as looks go though I thought she was spot on, but then again trinity looked amazingly like Niki Minaj last season but did nothing really with the character so it just sailed in the middle which might work for some but you can tell Max wants critiques ya know? Yeah I’m not sure about Kennedy either…I think she thinks she’s funnier than she is at least in challenges…in Untucked with her one-liners she is hilarious, but the challenges…not so much. She’s kinda just lucked up to be in the right group if you ask me cuz that one challenge she did win for, I thought Jaidynn was funnier and should have won, not that Kennedy isn’t funny, it’s just like I said, not as funny as she thinks, so we’ll have to see. I think that’s Fame in the Versace face, and she did LOOK like her, now it’s a question again if she can make her funny, like when Ivy Winters did Marilyn Monroe, she did look like her, but she didn’t know how to make her funny. Untucked is definitely not the best friend race, it’s the shade friend race…I’m still not in love with this “room” they’re in…feels like somebody’s garage with furniture but what’s going on definitely feels real…and darn entertaining!

        • I can’t wait for Snatch Game – most of all at this point to see these queens work independently. We haven’t seen them on their own since the first episode.

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