Recap Dancing With the Stars, “Most Memorable Year” Season 20, Episode 4

In season’s past, the Dancing With the Stars, “Most Memorable Year” episode has been really dramatic and featured heartfelt performances. Tonight, each couple will perform to a song that encompasses an unforgettable time, or truly incredible experience in their life. It’s a night we expect lots of tears in the crowd and lots of high scores from the judges.

Dancing With The Stars, Episode 4
Whose “Most Memorable Year” will touch the judges?

A release from ABC teases that viewers will be privy to celebs reflecting on personal moments such as Willow Shields in the Hunger Games arena, Suzanne Somers paying homage to Three’s Company and Bachelor Chris Soules romantic proposal to his fiancé Whitney Bischoff.

Dancing With The Stars, Episode 4
Bruno, “Why ‘ya gotta be so cruel? Don’cha know she’s human too?”

But before we get to the personal and wonderful moments that will touch us and make us cry, I want to take a moment to address a comment that judge Bruno Tolioli made that I’m sure was meant to be funny, but that ended up sounding mean and thoughtless. During the judging comments after model Charlotte McKinney’s performance, Tonioli made the comment, “You’re never going to win the Nobel Prize for quantum physics, but you are easy on the eyes and you produce wonderful shapes.”

I know that in the heat of the moment of live TV, the judges are trying to boil their critiques down to sound bites, but Charlotte’s pre-dance package had just highlighted her struggles with dyslexia and intense bullying that had forced her to drop out of school. It’s kind of a low blow, Bruno.

Anywho, let’s get going!

Nastia Liukin & Derek Hough 1-855-234-5604
Dancing an Argentine Tango “Variations on Dark Eyes” by Lara St. John
I interviewed Derek after week 1 and he told me about his crazy practice schedule with Nastia. It is truly a testament to Derek’s vision and Nastia’s talent and work ethic that they can pull out such a professional-looking performance in the mere hours they have together. I love that they performed to a piece of music that Nastia used in the 2008 Olympics. Dance is as powerful as music. Nastia’s legs were flawless and she and Derek performed some of the most mind-blowing lifts I’ve eve seen in the tango. Stunning.
Len: That was a fantastic dance. This was clean, this was physical, but it was lacking the character.
Julianne: Girl knows how to take a critique and improve upon it. Your back was so strong.
Bruno: It was a stunner. It was a tango that was full of exhilarating shapes and shades.
Carrie Ann: Len, you are grumpy. And that was incredible!
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 9, Len: 8, Julianne: 9, Bruno: 10, total 36 out of 40.

After the break, three couples waited to hear their fates: Michael & Peta, Allison & Riker and Robert & Kym. Of the three, Only Robert & Kym were safe and Michael and Peta are dancing next.

Michael Sam & Peta Murgatroyd 1-855-234-5603
Dancing a Rhumba to “Not My Father’s Son” from “Kinky Boots”
Michael reveals that his older brother was killed by a gunshot and the stress shattered his family, and his father ultimately left. While he was in college Michael gave his father a second chance but in 2014, when Michael announced that he was proudly homosexual, his father denounced him to The New York Times. The two haven’t spoken since. What a lovely but sad dance and at the end, Michael was visibly moved.
Julianne: What you did tonight was become so vulnerable and trusting of Peta.
Bruno: (crying) it takes an incredible amount of guts to stand for something. Your dancing was the best you’ve ever done.
Carrie Ann: Tonight you understand why all of us dance. You were dancing your soul for us.
Len: Tonight you came out [of a tunnel] and you came into the light.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 7, Len: 7, Julianne: 8, Bruno: 8, total 30 out of 40.

Riker Lynch & Allison Holker 1-855-234-5608
Dancing a tango to “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon
Last week Riker was sexy in his salsa, so I hope that this week we get to see more of this suave guy. Even though Derek and Allison were at the top of the leader board last week, they are in jeopardy. Riker’s most memorable year was 2014 when his band finally got noticed after 7 years of hard work. Derek looked hot in RED, and yes, his hair was tamed!
Bruno: You stand out like a bright neon light.
Carrie Ann: You had more refinement, but you seemed like you were fighting.
Len: IT was a tad on the hectic side, but the ballroom tango is much ore technical than the Argentine Tango. I’m proud of you.
Julianne: In ballroom, focus on your hold. You guys pop like no one else.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 8, Len: 8, Julianne: 9, Bruno: 9, total 34 out of 40.

Dancing With The Stars, Episode 4Robert Herjavec & Kym Johnson
Dancing a waltz to “The Last Waltz” by Engelbert Humperdinck
Robert grew up poor, but well loved; his mom had unconditional love for him. He dances a moving tribute to his mother who died of ovarian cancer in 2006. He used to watch DWTS with his mom when she was undergoing cancer treatment, and agreed to participate on the show because he knows how much she would have loved it. It was a bit hard to watch the beginning of Robert’s dance through my tears, but it was as dreamy and sentimental a dance as your would have hoped. So sweet.
Carrie Ann: That was so sweet. I’m sure your mom is beaming with love and pride.
Len: It was your best dance. Your mom is looking down and cheering and cheering!
Julianne: Your frame was incredible! Kym, your classic dance was beautiful.
Bruno: Your guardian angel is cheering your every move
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 8, Len: 9, Julianne: 8, Bruno: 9, total 34 out of 40

Chris Soules & Witney Carson 1-855-234-5602
Dancing a Rumba “The Book of Love” by Gavin James.
In the last year, Chris’ life was turned upside down. He’s from a town of 400 people where dating doesn’t happen. He was engaged before but his betrothed didn’t want to live on a farm. It was Chris’ sister who submitted him for the Bachelorette and tonight, Chris celebrates in celebration of meeting his fiancé, Whitney. Chris and Witney danced surrounded by beautiful lights and after the dance, Chris rushes to hug his lovely fiancé.
Len: That wasn’t that great.
Julianne: What’s missing is a little bit of connection. It was simplistic elegance.
Bruno: You’re extremely genuine and honest in your performances.
Carrie Ann: There was a moment when it chicked, and you were enjoying yourself.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 7, Len: 6, Julianne: 7, Bruno: 7, total 27 out of 40

Patti LaBelle & Artem Chigvintsev 1-855-234-5606
Dancing Jazz to “Dan Swit Me” by Patti LaBelle
Who doesn’t love this 1977 classic? Patti is celebrating 1973 when her son was born. Pattie performed until she was 9 months pregnant. It’s is so fun and funky. “Shake it, and don’t you dare stop!” I love that Patti finally got a lift!
Julianne: We make me wasn’t to get out there and dance with you!
Bruno: The Belle of New Orleans runs a hot joint and the jazz was hotter!
Carrie Ann: Whoooo hooo!!! That was hot! Your legs are out of control.
Len: It was a cappuccino of a dance. Fun and full of rhythm.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 8, Len: 7, Julianne: 7, Bruno: 8, total 30 out of 40

Rumer Willis & Valentin Chmerkovskiy 1-855-234-5610
Dancing a waltz to “Turning Tables” by Adele
Last week, Rumer’s disco inspired Rhumba had Bruno yelling “Monday night fever starts here!” but can she turn the tables and take it slow in the waltz? 2014 was a great year for Rumer because her because she finally learned to love her body after years of being bullied about her face and body. In 2014, Rumer’s sister Talullah went through rehab and Rumer dedicates her dance to her.
Bruno: This is a reflection of who you are: beautiful, powerful and unique.
Carrie Ann: When you dance, I meld into you. You dance 10 feet beyond where you arm ends.
Len: It’s a great dance, but is it a waltz? No.
Julianne: you are such a beautiful and juxtaposition, you’re so strong and you’re so vulnerable.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 9, Len: 8, Julianne: 9, Bruno: 9, total 35 out of 40

Up next, Noah & Sharna, Suzanne & Tony and Willow & Mark wait to hear if they are safe. WIllor and Mark are in jeopardy and Suzanne & Tony are up next.

Suzanne Somers & Tony Dovolani 1-855-234-5611
Dancing a Foxtrot to “Three’s Company Theme” by Dominik Hauser
In high school, I had a completely choreographed mime routine to the Three’s Company theme song, so I’m dying to see how Suzanne does it. In 1977 Suzanne had struggled as an actress and just as she was giving up on the industry, she got her role on Three’s Company and her life changed. She dances in memory of her good friend John Ritter, whom she still misses thirteen years after his death.
Carrie Ann: Tonight I think you said “Hello!” to the competition.
Len: And you shod us a heel turn. I liked the dance.
Julianne: You were totally in your element. It was fun and charming.
Bruno: That was so sweet and uplifting. It had the evergreen quality of a classic sitcom.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 7, Len: 7, Julianne: 7, Bruno: 7, total 28 out of 40

Willow Shields & Mark Ballas 1-855-234-5612
Dancing a contemporary dance to “Atlas” by Coldplay
In 2011, Willow auditioned for the part of Primrose Everdeen and when she won it as a 10 year old, she knew that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. But she’s learning to accept a challenge and attack it. Once again, Mark’s choreography is astounding.
Len: you are fierce and fearless.
Julianne: That was incredible. I’m so proud.
Bruno: Willow, that was fantastic.
Carrie Ann: Wow! Bravo. That was one of the most difficult dances.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 9, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10, total 39 out of 40

Dancing With The Stars, Episode 4Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess 1-855-234-5605
Dancing Contemporary to “American Soldier” by Toby Keith
Noah’s most memorable year was 2005 when during his second deployment to Iraq. One night, his truck hit a roadside bomb and Noah’s injuries were so catastrophic that he wasn’t expected to survive. He fell into depression and sought solace in alcohol, but eventually he accepted his injury, he got back into the gym and rebuilt his life. His dance represents his journey: who he was, who he is, and who he will be. And incase you didn’t already think that Noah is a badass, this week during rehearsal Sharna accidentally knocked out one of his teeth!! The former soldier took the un-doubtable pain with grit and after a moment, just kept rehearsing. Wow! His dance was another awe-inspiring performance and exemplifies all that Noah can do. He did some incredible one-armed lifts that I can’t imagine were possible for anyone other than superman.
Julianne: There was something different and something that was so free and so beautiful. (Totally crying)
Bruno: Your experiences are unimaginable, but your spirit is unbroken.
Carrie Ann: when you dance, it’s like a haiku. With very few words you say something so profound.
Len: You are an inspiration and I think everyone should stand up and applaud you.
Judges Scores: Carrie Ann: 8, Len: 8, Julianne: 8, Bruno: 8, total 32 out of 40.

Dancing With The Stars, Episode 4After Noah’s moving performance the three teams in jeopardy stand on the stage. Willow & Mark are quickly announced to be safe so it means that either Michael & Peta or Riker an Allison will be going home. Sadly, it is Michael who is going home. Michael, ever the classy champion, thanked everyone for a wonderful experience and thanked and applauded his partner.

Fans can check out 6 live-streaming cameras from locations around the ballroom using the Twiter hashtag #DWTSAllAccess. Check out the behind-the-scenes goings on in the Red Room, Judges’ Table, Sky Box, make-up mirror, a wide shot of the dance floor and an exclusive behind the scenes series hosted by Gethin Jones that will feature exclusive interviews with celebrity couples.

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