Jane the Virgin Chapter 17 Recap: #MoveOn

After another long two weeks of not having a Jane fix, The CW’s Jane the Virgin finally returned to premiere Chapter Seventeen.

As we return to the Villanueva family, it’s been a week since Xo moved out with Rogelio. Xo and Alba still haven’t spoken to each other, which really seems childish. Jane and jane-the-virgin-ep17-jane-rafaelRafael stop by to visit the new house so that Jane and Xo can leave for their class. In order to prepare herself on the finer details of having a baby, Jane goes to a lactation class. Soon after the class starts, Jane realizes that she doesn’t know much about the baby world at all. Luckily Xo is there to lend a helping hand and reassure Jane that not everything she hears is what needs to be done. I agree with Xo — there are way too many outrageous contraptions and studies that have somehow “proven” to benefit your baby nowadays that weren’t even a thought ten years ago.

Either way, Jane goes down the rabbit hole of online researching and ends up stressing herself out so much that she envisions her future six-year-old daughter. The little girl ends up confirming how bad of a mother Jane is in the future. but I know it’s really all in Jane’s head. She’ll be a great mother.

Since Jane is so overwhelmed with all this new baby information, she wants to take a shot at babysitting a real baby. She offers to help her writer’s club friend, Andie, while she babysits her sister’s daughter. At first everything is peaceful while the baby is asleep so angelically and quietly. Things quickly change once the baby wakes up screaming and crying, leaving Jane to figure out what to do to end the loud wails. Surprisingly, Jane has a natural way with babies and immediately calms the baby down. Wish I had that charm with babies, I only have a way with dogs.

While Xo has been dropping hints for Rogelio to say the magical three-letter phrase that starts with “I” and ends with “you,” but he still hasn’t got the hint. She ends up getting mad at him and insulting him for being a momma’s boy for the ridiculous amount of photos he has of his mom around the house. After telling his new pal Michael what’s been going on in his love life, Rogelio learns what Xo truly wants to hear. Rogelio then tells Michael to move on from Jane in hopes of keeping Michael’s life sane. Rogelio did the right thing as a friend and father.

Some juicy secrets start to form regarding another connection between Andie and Jane. While we know that both Jane and Andie have dated Michael, it appeared that both girls were unaware of this at the time. Andie was asking Jane for advice on whether or not she should text her ex and what to write to him the whole night they were babysitting together. Once Andie got a call from Michael, she tells him that she’s aware of his recent split from Jane. Now it appears that Andie has the upper hand since she knows this information, while both Jane and Michael are clueless of her knowledge. I don’t think I like where this is headed. If Andie had nothing to hide, she’d obviously talk to Jane about Michael versus keeping him a secret.

Jane-the-virgin-ep17-xo-rogelioRogelio confronts Xo about her wanting to hear him say “I love you” first. She confirms that’s all she wanted to hear and that it was a bit foolish for her to not just say it first. The two sit face to face, holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. Then Xo comes out and says how much she loves Rogelio. Expecting the same response, Rogelio surprises Xo when he tells her he’s “getting there with her.” You bet she’s upset and I would be too! She asks how it was possible for them to make the huge step of moving in together if he doesn’t love her. He tells her that it was a way for him to make love with her in a more private place. Oh yeah, I’d be fuming! Especially when he drops the bomb that his mother is coming to visit so that she and Xo can mend their relationship. Looks like this is the only thing holding Rogelio back from saying he loves Xo.

Aaron and Petra have gotten closer since his arrival. While it seemed that the attraction was coming more from Aaron’s side, Petra has now put herself out there. She says she’s interested in Aaron but he notices her always staring at Rafael. Petra finally admits that she’s not over Rafael but she still tries to hook up with Aaron. This sounds like something Petra would do, but she was actually doing some investigation work of her own while she was getting up close and personal with Aaron. She ends up going to Rafael with her discoveries to let him know that Aaron isn’t really Roman’s twin brother — Roman really is alive and pretending to be his twin brother Aaron. This should be an interesting tale filled with scandal!

What were your thoughts on Chapter Seventeen of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Jane is just freaking herself out with all the new baby information that’s out there? While watching this, I was so thankful that I had dogs and am nowhere near ready to have a baby. Now I really feel bad for Jane because she didn’t ask to have this baby. Do you think Rogelio was right in telling Michael to move on? It’s painful to see Michael still trying to win Jane over. Plus the competition between him and Rafael doesn’t help Jane out. What do you think Andie is hiding by not telling Jane and Michael the truth about how they are all connected? Can you believe Roman is actually alive once again? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8CT on The CW.

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