ESPN Sunday Night Baseball 2015 schedule

An ESPN2 edition of Sunday Night Baseball sees the first pitch of the 2015 MLB regular season Sunday, April 5, at 8pm ET at historic Wrigley Field (currently under renovation) in Chicago as the Cubs take on the NL Central rival St. Louis Cardinals.

ESPN’s Dan Shulman, analysts Curt Schilling and John Kruk and reporter Buster Olney are the broadcast team. All Sunday Night Baseball games are available online and on mobile devices through WatchESPN.

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball 2015 schedule

All games scheduled for 8pm ET on ESPN unless otherwise noted. Additional games to be announced.



April 5

St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs  (ESPN2)

April 12

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees 

April 19

Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals 

April 26

New York Mets at New York Yankees 

May 3

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox 

May 10

Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers 

May 17

Detroit Tigers at St. Louis Cardinals

May 24

Texas Rangers at New York Yankees 

May 31

Detroit Tigers at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (ESPN2)

July 12

St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates 

July 19

Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 


  1. Cardinals playing the Pirates on 7-12-15 Kurk made the statement that a ball that showed on the strike zone was close enough to be called a strike. I thought if it was a ball it was a ball but on this occasion the ump called it a strike. This was a stupid remark he made.

  2. The Royals were in the world series last year. They have the best record in the American league this year. Stop showing the stupid red sox and Yankee games every week.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Kevin. I am sick of ESPN thinking we all care about east coast baseball. They can keep their washed up steroid users on the Yes network.

  3. These announcers on the Sunday night baseball are ruining the game. SHUT UP!!! It’s you opinion is just that…you’re opinion!

  4. i dont even bother to check the baseball games on espn anymore because i dont want to watch the yankees or boston.

  5. Your frequency of showing Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinal, Tigers, and Red Sox is hard to watch. I stopped even considering watching Sunday Night Baseball shortly after the season began. Same thing, year after year. Sure it might be good for the East Coast, your focus, but for others, Sunday Night Baseball offers baseball fans a chance to see other teams, NOT when they are shown only playing Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Tigers. But you don’t care. Your scheduling proves that.

    • Those are the best teams and the best games. Cardinals are the model franchise in baseball and own best record in baseball. Dodgers are loaded as well, so expect a Dodgers-Cardinals one coming early June. Tigers, Royals, and Yankees are also doing well. Sunday Night Baseball is supposed to showcase the best teams going at it, which the scheduling has done a good job with. One team I would like to see on there is the Nationals.

  6. How come the Yankees get so many Sunday night games this year when they suck and sucked the last few years! The Dodgers deserve games, the Yankees don’t! The old excuse for no Dodgers games were that they weren’t good. It seems there’s a double standard for new York teams. I guess the second biggest market doesn’t deserve the same respect!

  7. Thank you for John Kruk. He is the best commentator since Jon and Joe. Enjoy his humor and knowledge.

  8. It appears as if ESPN thinks only the Cardinals, Yankees, and Redsox play on Sunday. I will be watching another channel. Thanks for nothing again this year.

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