Recap: Little Women: NY Episode 2, “Moving Out”

It’s only the second episode of Little Women: NY, and Lila’s already apologizing. Last week, when Lila was filling in Little Women: LA’s Elena Gant about her friends, she revealed that Kristin had gone through a messy divorce. And of course, Elena brought it up in front of the group. So now, Lila’s on the “I’m sorry” tour for being a gossipy-goo. FYI- Lila’s terrible at apologizing. Maybe this season she’ll have opportunities to practice.

Jason, Kristin and Jordanna go rock climbing to relieve stress. They lament their shorter arms and legs and weaker hands, but Jason points out that the spend a lot of their time climbing within the average-sized world, so I bet they’ll do better than they expect. It was as much of a challenge as it would be for most people, so props for trying something new.

Little Women: LA Episode 2

But when Kristin tells Jordanna that Lila apologized for sharing personal details of her life, Jordanna says she doesn’t trust Lila. Lila hit on Jordanna’s boyfriend which is mega shady, and Jordanna is a tough enough woman to call her on it. I like feisty Jordanna! Even Jason agrees that an apology and Lila’s alcoholism aren’t free passes to act poorly: “She can’t hide behind her alcoholism to hide behind her mistakes.”

On to Jason… he tells the girls that he wants to tell them something. For a moment I think That Jason is about to do something very brave, but then he reveals something that is only brave-ish: He wants to move out of his parent’s house. Last week he revealed that in the Filipino culture, children live at home until they are married, but he feels that as a 27-year-old, he needs to live an independent life. He wants his friends to be there when he breaks the news to his parents and wants to use them as examples of successful people who live out of their family home.

Later, Lila meets with her lifecoach for an update on her sobriety. She still wants to be the life of the party, but without alcohol. She thinks that she can live a life with a little bit of alcohol. If you are an alcoholic, you can’t drink period. When I interviewed Christy McGinity, she told me she treats her alcoholism like a peanut allergy, one sip of alcohol and she can die. Lila needs to treat alcohol like something that she’s allergic to — booze is not her friend.

Jazmine, meets up with Jordanna and Kristin for advice on how to get into the entertainment industry. Jordanna and Kristin gave her great advice about headshots and seeking out roles that aren’t only for little people. But they’re smoking hookah, and if you want your face to be camera ready, avoid tobacco! Eew, wrinkles!!!

Jordanna meets up with Lila to yell at her for sharing details of Kristin’s messy divorce with Elena. Jordanna says, “When she tells lies about Kristin, she betrays her as a friend.” I love Lila’s confessional, “When you tell someone something on the down-low, you keep it on the down-low.” Lila, do you think Elena has a clue what the down-low is? At the end, Lila non-pologised.

Little Women: NY Episode 2
When Lila says she was “Testing” Anthony, does she mean “Having eye-sex with him?”

But, Jordanna isn’t done. Remember when Jordanna was gonna take Lila to task about flirting with her man Anthony? That time is now. Lila insists that she wasn’t flirting with Anthony, but says she was “Testing him” to see if he has a little people fetish. Which is total B.S., Lila was totally man-hunting. Lila and Jordanna now hate each other.

Jazmine takes Lila to come with her to get her headshots taken. Lila looks beautiful but she feels worried. I’m sure she hears her sister-in-law Dawn’s disapproving voice in her head. Once she learns to relax, her photos reflect her vibrant personality. C’mon Lifetime, post some good pictures on the LW:NY site.

Little Women: NY Episode 2
I would like to be adopted by Jason’s Family.

Now, the moment that Jason has been dreading for the last 10 minutes of TV time, telling his family that he wants to move out. Jason’s entire family is a hoot and his mom Felicidad has prepared the most extensive spread of tasty-looking food I’ve ever seen. Was she prepared to feed an army? She seems like the kind of mo who sends guest home with doggie bags. Can she send appreciative writers doggie bags too? When Jason revealed that he wants to move out, his sweet momma breaks into tears. Poor mommy, don’t cry, your name means “Happiness.” And his dad Romeo is silently supportive but wonders, “Don’t you love us?” And my heart breaks a little because it kills me when dads cry. I hope that I have as strong a relationship with my children as Jason has with his family. I’m going to tell my children that we’re honorary Filipinos and they have to live at home until their children’s children go off to college. Or else, we can move into Jason’s family’s house.

Jason is getting ideas for his future bachelor pad and shopping for a housewarming gift for Kristin and Misty. But instead of buying something in a store where they sell beautiful things for the home, they roll around on a bed, and Lila tells Jason to buy a bottle of wine and throw her name on it. “Um, thanks. I love this wine almost as much as I loved that sequined pillow. Not.”

Little Women: NY Episode 2
set Tazers for fun!

That night, Jason, Dawn and Lila all make comments about Misty and Kristin’s uptown neighborhood. Even if the evening look is a bit “Transitional” the apartment is sweet, and like any smart New Yorker, Kristin reveals that her safety precautions include a Tazer.

Lila is tempted by the alcohol that surrounds her, but she also remembers the bad decisions that she’s made as a result of her drinking. And then Misty decides it’s time for shots. Good decisions are never made after drinking shots.

Dawn spews her anti-little people-acting views in a room filled with Little People actors. While she supports her sister in law, she also believes it’s degrading to all Little People when Little People actors accept roles as elves and leprechauns. Kristin thinks that Dawn judges their occupations and their home because she’s not happy in her own job or her own skin. And she and roomie Misty are drunk and huggy so why not snark on someone acting bitchy in another room?