Recap Little Women: LA Reunion Part 2

Last week’s Little Women: LA reunion special was full of rehashing the season’s drama but offered nothing in the sense of reconciling differences. In TV land, the two parts of the special were filmed concurrently, but in the real world, we’ve had to wait an entire week to find out what happens next in the Little Women: LA Reunion Part 2.

Little Women: LA Reunion Part 2

At the end of last week’s Part 1, Lila asked Terra “Do you think [Joe’s] a noble man to be a father?” It’s a low blow since he’s gonna be a father whether Lila wants it or not, but before Lila can reveal any of the juicy deets that we’ve been craving (and hoping for), Terra and Tonya bellow and screech until Lila leaves. But before she does, she calls Tonya “ratchet.”

Little Women: LA Reunion Part 2
Was Tonya bitchy because she was boozy?

Personally, I disagree with this word being used to describe Tonya. She’s been “surly,” “classless” and “rude,” but ratchet is a word you’d use to describe someone who might not know better (i.e. is young.) Lil Boss has been a little extra-angry this year and could have kept some of her actions a little more in check. Is it possible that the break up with Trevore has her still bummed out? And is it me, or did Tonya seem drunk?  I mean, look at what’ behind her.  It’s either a prop, or it’s liquid courage.

Then we got to see a never-before-seen scene. Elena considered getting her breasts enhanced. Earlier in the season, we saw her get her booty injected with belly fat, but she ultimately decided that she doesn’t want a bigger chest…for now. “I don’t want to hear the sound of jiggling going on during the sex.” Oh Elena, you are already beautiful and sweet. Don’t change your body now.

We rehashed Tonya’s fall-apart relationship with Trevore. I liked him when we first met him, but once we had to learn a new way to pronounce his name, I was over him.

Up next, the heartbreaking saga of Briana and Matt. She so desperately wants love and Matt seems like a nice guy who has made mistakes in his past. Her friends are in business that isn’t theirs; a relationship is between two people. Let Briana is an adult: Let her make her choices and if the relationship turns out to be a mistake, let her find that out on her own. Be there to support her, not sabotage her.

After the break, the set gets a lot more crowded. It’s time for the men! (Why is Tony’s boyfriend of 5 minutes sitting in the second row like he’s unwanted? And Preston too? Can’t they fit two more chairs on the set?) Joe still is too immature to apologize for his part in this season’s fights. Todd has apologized to Erik, Terra and Traci but Joe still acts like a brat. I’m so tired of this whole fight, it’s rehashing stuff that happened and can’t be changed. Especially not by yelling.

Finally, we hear about the upcoming season of Little Women: Terra’s Little Family. It will be interesting to learn about the challenges that Terra and Joe are about to undergo. But I don’t think I feel a need to recap this one; I am wishing them a drama-free end of Terra’s pregnancy.

As for the other ladies…

Tonya is about to star in a workout video and make a line of workout wear for little people.

Christy has earned her certification as a recovery coach and also announced that Todd is working towards becoming a life coach. Tanika Ray did a spit take when Christy announced Todd’s new venture. At this point, I would again remind Tanika that the host of a TV show is supposed to be impartial, but at this point she’s hopeless and she hasn’t been listening to me up to this point.

Briana hinted that she as has a “Top Secret Venture” that she’s working on. And I’m totally intrigued.

Little Women: LA Reunion Part 2
What’s next for Traci and Elena?

Elena revealed that she’s still working on her clothing line and is considering opening a beauty salon where she can do hair and makeup. It’s a perfect fit for her and I would love for her to do my makeup. Maybe she’ll get her own show and Lifetime can set up a mini-salon at the Television Critics Association’s Sumer Press Tour and she can give me a smoky eye!

Traci says that Erik gave her a dog and she loves her puppy, but she’s looking forward to becoming the mommy of a human baby. I’ve heard of lots of women who get pregnant as soon as they adopt a pet, so I wish Traci and Erik the best of luck in their adventures.



  1. I started watching this show at the beginning of season 2 & I have no idea how or why I became hooked (lol…smh). I’ve never been much of a “reality” tv fan w/ the exception of Bar Rescue & Dude You’re Screwed. Somehow, here I am watching LWLA like the rest of you. I have my favorites (Elena and Briana) & those I really wish would just get kicked off the show (Christy, Todd and Traci)…& wow that host was inappropriate…even though I don’t care for Christy, host Tanika (is that her name?) really had no business kinda talking at her instead of maintaining a neutral stance while asking questions.

    Ok, here goes, & I hope this comes across as respectful as possible. I do enjoy going online on Thursday mornings and reading recaps and comments. HOWEVER, Kellie, could you please please please proofread your recap and, at least, correct the cast members’ butchered names and/or calling them the wrong names altogether. I mean, if this recap is a hobby of yours, then okay, I appreciate you taking the time to entertain us who like the show & like to discuss with fellow fans (& I humbly take my criticism back). But, If this is your job…well…seriously, if I presented to my boss a report w/ as many critical errors as in your recap above (& your previous ones as well for that matter), I would get fired. Damn, I hope this doesn’t come across as totally bitchy-snobby but it really bugs the hell outta me…
    And, oh Lord I’m ducking in anticipating the backlash of “Who the hell do you think you are, Miss Perfect” comments…yikes : Z

  2. Joe does nothing but call people names. He made everything worse. He acts worse that a 7 year old kid and Terra is no better. And Tracey – not everything is about you.

  3. Tanika Ray is a terrible host. Asks crappy questions. Is not impartial. I’ve never seen where someone begs for people to contact their agent for jobs. She does not appear to even know what she is doing.

    • Worst host ever. Who does she think she is. You are the host. Not part of the casr! You accuse Christy of being an instagater but it seemed to me you were being one yourself. If she host the next reunion I will quit watching the show.

  4. Lol it irritates me that terra and joe and everyone keeps telling Todd he shouldn’t of gone after joe because his wife is pregnant and she would jump in and get in the way? How about you stop calling him out joe because U know your wife would jump in and have your back. Since she is prego you should of just mind your business and stop talking shit that night at the table. Just saying if anyone keeps talking shit an telling me to bring it, u bet your ass I would. Your the one with the prego wife not me, so check yourself and your

  5. I am so sick of hearing about Terra and Joe I dislike each of them. Yes I wish and pray for them the best with their baby. But let’s be real many little people have babies 3 women on the show have had babies . Yes I realize they have serious issues but so does average people also I know many women go through life threatening pregnancies. Both for mom and baby As for this host how one sided she is and to say that Todd has not apologized to Terra lie he did Joe refused to let him do so. As for little boss she is out of control and also Tracy whining because Todd and Christi were thinking about ivf grow up it is not all about you quit being a spoiled brat. Terra is just a rude attention getter. As for jealousy about pregnancy Tracy was so upset about it she was crying because Terra got pregnant before her. So as far as watching a Joe and Terra show nope not interested. Love the show wish Terra and Joe would be gone.

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