Catfish Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Best Friend Betrayal

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Catfish-ep6-guys-drivingThis week on MTV’s Catfish, Max is finally back and the Catfish world is right once again. Nev gets a message from Felipe, a 23-year-old father from Texas who fell head over heels for a 22-year-old named Jasmin. The great thing is that Jasmin is okay with Felipe having a young daughter but that doesn’t cover all the red flags in her story. She’s told Felipe that she’s working to become a model which never brings good news on Catfish. She also happens to live in Texas, only a few hours away from Felipe, but she can never meet up whenever they make a time to meet. The two have never actually had a phone conversation, either, since she doesn’t have a cellphone, so they message each other on Facebook. I don’t understand why this didn’t stand out like a huge yellow caution sign to Felipe, but he continued to keep his relationship with Jasmin. Felipe is going to start basic training in the military and he wants to know that he’ll have someone waiting for him when he gets back.

Once Nev and Max land in Texas, they immediately start their search for Jasmin. They do an image search and find tons of accounts linked to a girl named Paris Roxanne. It seems that Paris has a lot of fake profiles — which would make sense as to why Felipe is talking to a girl named Jasmin and not Paris Roxanne. The guys Skype Paris and she tells them that she’s aware of all the catfishing and fake profiles that are out there using photos of her. At some points she feels like she should just take down her photos, and I don’t blame her. However, she shouldn’t have to suffer because she’s gorgeous and other people are sick in the head enough to fake a profile with her pictures. Especially these days. In the end, Paris records a video for Felipe letting him know that sadly she’s not the girl that he’s been talking to.

The guys show Felipe the video and he’s absolutely crushed. Now he wants answers as to why someone did this and know exactly who this someone is. Nev messages the Jasmin account on Facebook and is surprised to hear a catfish asking for proof from Nev that he’s Nev. She asks for Nev to send a picture of himself to prove it’s actually him, so in order to keep working with whoever it is, Nev sends the photo over. He also lets them know that Felipe already knows they aren’t who they’ve been saying they are. After wondering why Felipe needed Nev and Max’s help, “Jasmin” agrees to meet up with them at a nearby park.

A car arrives at the park and a man and a woman come out of the car and start heading towards the crew. Felipe mentions that he knows who the girl is since they once dated before. I thought I knew where this story was headed — but I was completely wrong. Once the two arrive, the girl introduces herself as Alex and the guy as Luis. Turns out Alex isn’t playing a vengeful ex-girlfriend by making a fake profile. since Catfish-ep6-Max-FelipeLuis is the one behind the Jasmin account. Alex is there because she’s is best friends with Luis and wanted to tell her side of the love triangle. So “Jasmin” had messaged Felipe way before Felipe and Alex had started dating. Once the two did start dating, Alex kept Felipe a secret from her bestie, but noticed that Felipe had been talking to a girl named Jasmin on Facebook. She then ended the relationship because she felt hurt. When Alex finally told Luis who she was dating, he awkwardly came clean and told her all about the Jasmin account and how he was the one talking to Felipe. Alex didn’t say anything because she was worried about what Felipe would do to Luis. Clearly these two have a strong friendship since she’s okay with protecting him.

Luis said that he didn’t use the fake profile to gain relationships with men …or Felipe. He just saw it as a prank because he’s not attracted to men. He then opens up about how he was molested for many years by his male teacher when he was younger. Luis can’t come up with a ultimate answer as to why he made the account but he does say that he blames everything on him being molested. He feels that if this horrific thing didn’t happen to him when he was little he might be different today. It was beyond courageous for Luis to open up about this on national television, but I feel that he’s still hiding something. Luis needs to come clean with himself and accept himself before he can show a true self to anyone else. He cannot hide behind fake online profiles anymore because that only continues to build on the bad memories. As for Felipe, he’s more focused on himself, too, versus finding another person to date online. I’m sure both of these guys will end up being successful.

What were your thoughts on episode six of Catfish? Would you believe someone if they told you they didn’t have a cellphone? I’m pretty sure someone has already made a cellphone for dogs so how would a human, that’s trying to become a model, not have a cellphone? I would at least ask if they could use someone else’s phone so I could hear their voice. Did you see that crazy love triangle twist coming? I thought Alex got her bestie Luis involved in order to get back at Felipe but wow, was I wrong! I still don’t understand how Alex was okay with Luis talking to Felipe since she broke up with him over the two talking. I get it if they’re friends but she didn’t have to keep his lies a secret. What would you have done if Luis was your best friend? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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