Grimm Recap Season 4 episode 15: “Double Date”

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Last night on Grimm, Captain Renard is dreaming of his own death in a violent loop and wakes up drenched in his own blood. Nick, meanwhile is still trying to reach Juliette on the phone, but after last week’s confrontation it’s obvious why she might not be picking up. She’s a hideous Hexenbeast and it’s her sweethearts job to take them out. That’s a sticky situation.

At a bar, a businessman is striking out in that way only lonely businessmen do. Just as he is about to leave (wisely, I might add, because his game is cringe-worthy) he meets a woman crying at the bar. He throws his creep mojo down because her husband has just left her and she seems to be emotionally frail. She’s conventionally pretty, not quite a stunner, exactly the type who might seek comfort from a shlubby businessman with a weak beard, and she takes his weak bait. But we know better now don’t we.

They go back to her place and dude is playing the crying lady like she’s a sure thing, stripping off his clothes while she’s in the bathroom. Everything looks like a go until the woman’s husband busts in waving a gun around in that annoying sideways 90s way. Shlubby handles the situation as if it happens to him all the time (and for all I know, it does) and hands the guy all his money, grabs his clothes and slinks away from the humiliating confrontation. Unfortunately, he’s lost his phone back in the room.

The woman comes out of the condo with her travel bag so we know, if we hadn’t already, that this is a con. The businessman not realizing that Portland is positively crawling with monsters confronts the woman about his missing phone and the money. He gets angry and she Woges into a slime creature and barfs some burning goo onto the man’s face. A bad ending to a horrible date.

The following morning, our boys are at the crime scene. At first glance, the businessman was killed by some sort of acid. He is/was Cody Carson, a businessman from Maine, who has made his last sale. Back at the station, the ME report comes back that it wasn’t acid but a parasitic enzyme that ate away at his face throat and lungs killing him in a gnarly fashion. The enzyme is similar to ones secreted by a variety of creatures, which means they’re looking for, as Hank so eloquently puts it: A Big Ass Snail.

They track the lost cellphone to a condo that is essentially empty. The owner rents it out but hasn’t been in Portland for a year. The Big Ass Snail is gone without a trace.

Despite waking up covered in blood, Captain Renard gets a clean bill of health from his doctor. Which is a good thing, but has to be a little terrifying even for Renard, who is pretty used to some strange goings on.

Meanwhile, Wu has run the info on the renter of the condo who is a 61 year old woman named Toynbee from Omaha, Nebraska. Not likely to be the suspect. But they did find one set of prints at the empty condo, those of one Linus Balouzin a career petty criminal. They realize that the victim was likely “trick rolled” by Linus and the mystery woman.

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At a new location, Linus is having an argument with Stacy when he Woges into the slime monster. He blames her for the screw up with the dude and basically forces her to go out again for reasons that seem incredibly short sighted. She gets dressed for the evening out.

Rosalee and Monroe are doing their thing at the herb shop when Renard pays them a surprise visit. They have a book that Adalind used to do all the shape shifting voodoo on everyone, but Rosalee and Monroe can’t open the book because they need Hexenbeast blood. They don’t know that there’s a new Hexenbeast in town: Juliette. Renard makes a face and takes the book. Juliette pays Renard a visit at home because she needs a place to stay, with someone who “understands her.” Renard is not pleased.

At the trailer, Nick, Hank and Wu are looking for hints as to what the Big Ass Snail could be. Hank finds it in an old Grimm Medical book. The Wesen in question is a Huntha Lami Muuaji, a kind of “wormy Wesen,” that secrets an enzyme to feed on the victims skin. They always travel in pairs and even Grimm’s consider them highly dangerous. They get the news that Mrs. Toynbee’s stolen credit card was recently used at a local watering hole, the Olive or Twist, a bar that caters to businessmen.

Back at Renard’s he and Juliette reach a tentative understanding about her situation, which Renard exploits to get Juliette to cut her hand in order to open the voodoo book.

At the Apothecary, Nick lays out the story for Rosalee and Monroe. Once again, they need someone to go undercover and Monroe gets the job. He agrees to go to the Olive or Twist, “the price’s will scare the dickens out of you,” quips Monroe, always ready with a pun.

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The sting goes as planned as Stacy, the pretty woman, zeros in on Monroe alone at the bar. She cranks up the sob story and Monroe launches into the exact same spiel that Cody Carson laid down. He buys her a drink, then they head back to her place. She throws poor Monroe down on the bed and does a little strip tease just to get the poor sucker in the mood. Stacy goes into the bathroom and, moments later, Linus bursts into the room brandishing his pistol. Monroe plays it cool, signaling Nick, Hank and Wu from the window in typical Monroe awkward fashion.

The guys get the hint and head in. Linus is pissed because Monroe only has 26 bucks on him. Monroe, sensing the hostility, Woges to bust out of there just as the boys in blue come in. In the confusion, Linus manages to escape out the window with Nick in hot pursuit. Linus gets the drop and ducks out in order to Woge into Stacy. Nick, looking for a man, lets her slip out of his grasp. He does find Linus’s coat, with earrings in the pocket.

Back in the room, there is no sign of Stacy, but Monroe positively IDs the earrings and they all realize that the Wesen in question is BOTH Stacy and Linus. Everyone gets the heebie jeebies.

At the Apothecary, the team hatch their plan to catch Stacy/Linus, but it involves keeping them/it in the Linus incarnation because Stacy doesn’t have a rap sheet. Rosalee comes up with a hormone that will overload the monster with testosterone, which will be delivered via “jumbo” crossbow bolt.

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Meanwhile Adalind, realizing that she is well and truly preggers, tries one last-ditch effort to manufacture a father for her child, because things between her and Nick are never going to work. She decides Viktor is the guy, but, unfortunately for her, the King, Viktor’s dad, informs her that they’re leaving for Vienna without her.

Wu gets the call that Stacy’s car has been spotted and that she’s inside looking for a new trick. On the scene, Wu catches them coming out of the bar on their way to Stacy’s place, so Wu detains the man while Stacy slinks away. Just as she thinks she’s free, she drops her earrings. Nick is there, and Hank is right behind. The two demand to see Linus, and tell her they know what she is. She gets cocky and Woges into the slime creature to attack them so Nick shoots a couple of the special bolts into the creature’s chest. After a moment’s hesitation the hormones kick in and the creature goes down becoming Linus in the process. They make the arrest.

Photo by: Scott Green/NBC

Back at the station, Linus is trying to weasel his way out, blaming the horrible husbands that would stray from their wives, and that he and Stacy are just small-potatoes con men, who became murders by accident. He tries to play his one final card by Woging into Stacy, leaving Nick and Hank without their prime suspect, but it doesn’t work. He is stuck as Linus. He signs the confession.

Case Closed.

Back at home, Nick is ruminating about the Juliette situation over a glass of whiskey….

The End.

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